AD 38


Richard Mathews





Time & Location:

Valencia Hills Clubhouse


24060 Oak Vale Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
Cross street: One block east of Tournament Rd
Location Phone: 818-625-8506

Sunday Jan., 11
Registration begins:12pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Jodie Cooper   Female   I was an elected delegate for AD45 for the last two years. Recently, I moved to Simi Valley in Ventura County and would like to help make this county Blue! I have been actively involved, attending both State conventions and an E-Board meeting. In addition, I was an alternate to the Los Angeles County Committee. During this time, I also assisted with getting a resolution passed at the Convention. It was extremely exciting to be a part of this process. I am really hoping to be able to be just as involved with Ventura County, as I have been in Los Angeles County. I enjoyed learning the political system, of which I know I have a lot more to learn, and being involved with making changes in California, which impacts our country. During the time I have been involved here in California, I feel that I have made many positive relationships with elected officials of all levels in the Democratic Party. I am a special education teacher, but have worked in other careers. This wide breadth of experiences helps me understand most sides of issues. I would like to help out in this political system as much as possible.
Barbara wilson   Female   As an enthusiastic supporter of health care reform, I am passionate about protecting parity and the Affordable Care Act. Women's Rights, protecting our environment before it becomes too late, labor rights & protection of elders from fiduciary abuse. If selected to be a delegate, i would be honored to continue to join with the other delegates to represent the Democrats in the 38th A.D. Barbara B Wilson
Lysa Simon   Female   A Lysa Simon, I have lived most of my life in the northern San Fernando Valley. I have been a registered Democrat since I was eighteen years old. I have always been a person who likes to get things done behind the scene. I am not normally one for the spotlight. Prior to 2004, I always voted and made donations to individual candidates. When Kerry loss to Bush, I realized I could not sit on the sidelines any more. I became a progressive grassroots activist. As an activist, I have worked phone banks, organized letter writing campaigns, registered voters, door knocked, arranged for debates between candidates, arranged for a booth at the Granada Hills Street Fair, etc. I joined clubs, became involved, more informed and have been doing what I could to make a difference. I have been a Delegate for the 38th to the Democratic Party since 2005, I am a member of the DPSFV E-Board, the Vice President of the North Valley Democratic Club, I have for the last 2 years been the 38th AD E-Board Delegate to the CDP. I think that Democrats need to stop running away for the principals that make us strong, protect people and the land. We need to get back to basics so that we can grow the Democratic Party because of what we stand for: i.e., social justice, protecting the environment, protecting our elderly, improving public schools, and make sure that the promise of an affordable college education is available to all, etc. As a Delegate to the CDP I have made
krisna crawford-velasco   Female   Born and raised in Los Angeles Ca. A proud Democrat. Founder of the United Chicano & Latino Democratic Club of Los Angeles County. Community Activist from the age of 12. Budget Advocate for LA City Neighborhood Council. Political Consultant/Volunteer. Mother of 2 beautiful Children and 2 Beautiful grandchildren. Ready For Hillary dedicated to keeping The White House Blue and bringing back our Congress & Senate. Totally Supportive of Immigrant reform and Immigrant rights as citizens of the world. Looking forward to electing the next great leader of the Greatest Nation in the world.
Michelle Elmer   Female   My name is Michelle Elmer, and I'm running for re-election as a DSCC delegate for the 38th AD. In a district that's normally seen as "red" and a difficult climate for a Democrat, I'm running to provide a progressive, young female voice to the state party as a representative from a district where there are few of us. My list of credentials are long and strong, ranging from my first involvement with my college YD chapter CSUN Young Dems, to currently serving with San Fernando Valley Young Dems, DPSFV, and others. In addition, I'm also heavily involved with other diverse and progressive organizations such as Planned Parenthood, New Leaders Council, and Bend the Arc as well. As a member of the CA. Young Democrats of America delegation and an officer in the YDA Jewish Caucus, I was instrumental in bringing the YDA National Convention to Los Angeles this year, an event which will be most young Democrats in the area's first experience with YDA. I would be honored to have your support and vote at this year's ADEM, thank you.
Juanita Watson   Female   In an endeavor to work with the California Democratic Party to see necessary changes in our policies which will directly impact our communities, it would be an honor to serve as a delegate in the upcoming 2015 and 2016 Democratic Party conventions. Please consider and approve my application.
Adriana Serrano   Female   As a potential delegate I will be given an opportunity to play a part in ensuring our constituents best interest are represented. I have been very involved with community outreach with different organizations and with my grassroot ideas have been able to make progress. My strong ideas, beliefs and dedication will be an asset to this party.
Jerry Danielsen   Male   Hi, my name is Jerry Danielsen, and I'm a delegate in the 38th Assembly district, where I have lived since 1973. I have been a registered Democrat my whole adult life. As a composer, music teacher, producer and poet, my work has been published locally, nationally and internationally. I've proudly promoted progressive/liberal causes in radio and newspaper interviews, and donated time and money to the Democratic Party, because it promotes solutions to the communities needs. I sincerely care about the community, and I'm anxious to become more involved. Civil rights, gun control, a woman's right to chose, protecting the environment, marriage equality and more - are a few prominent issues I want to advance. We should have a balanced approach to healing our economy - as well as preserving, strengthening and improving education, Social Security and Medicare.
Braddon Mendelson   Male   How fortunate we are to live in California, the country's stronghold of progressivism. Although I am proud that all of our statewide elected officials are currently Democrats, I know that we cannot take this status for granted. If we want to keep moving forward, protect our state's environment, champion equal rights, control the use of firearms, and protect the right to vote for everyone, we must be vigilant and work hard to assure that we continue to elect citizens who embrace our shared liberal values. As a second-term delegate, I pledge my efforts toward this goal.
Noel Pacheco Arroyo   Male   As a resident of a traditionally Republican district, I am convinced that the Democratic Party must put more resources to re-energize Democrats in my district; I would like to be part of this opportunity. I am a 7-year resident of the City of Santa Clarita; a proud Latino Democrat with a Master's Degree in Public Administration. I work as a Global Environmental Engineer for a multi-national Aerospace corporation. If given the opportunity, I would like to work with the Democratic Party in California to bring resources to energize the good size Democratic leaning population in this district to increase voter registration and participation in all elections (i.e. Local, mid-term, and general elections). We should not only concentrate our efforts in the areas that we Democrats know we can win. We must also work hard to ensure that the traditionally Republican dominated districts are well aware of our presence. It would be an honor to be part of this movement.
Arleigh Kidd   Male   As a former School Board Member in Simi Valley and as a former teacher and current staff person for the California Teachers Association, I believe I am well qualified for this position. I have actively worked in campaigns for democrats in Ventura County for many years and have built a solid reputation as a democrat. I would be honored to have your vote.
Jim Dantona Sr.   Male   I bring with me a record of solid achievement within the Democratic Party and a network of important political relationships. My record demonstrates extraordinary leadership skills, creative strategies and dedicated effort in organizing and mobilizing support for the Democratic Party and its Candidates. As Chief of Staff (COS) to both the former President Pro Tem of the California State Senate David Roberti (1976-1986) and to the former California State Controller Gray Davis (1990-1993), I had a large number of important functions. I served as a leader to labor unions. Frequent travel to Washington DC to meet with congressional and senate leaders was very common. At my own company, Capitol Strategies & Solutions, I utilize the experience and skills I honed in my previous years.
Rob Collins   Male   I am a long time teacher and School Board Member. I am currently on the Simi Valley Unified School Board and also teach at College of the Canyons.
Evan Koplin   Male    
Allan Cameron   Male   Candidate Statement: I pledge to make the convention delegate position a conduit for everyone to be part of Our Party. Our Party needs a simple statement of our values that we can use as an action blueprint. Action is what I offer. Along with 15 others, I founded the largest City at the time of its formation in United States History. (Santa Clarita). I charter/founded the Democratic Club of Santa Clarita in 1977, and am its immediate past president. At this moment, 16 years of my work fighting the largest sand and gravel mine ever proposed to the Federal Bureau of Land Management is facing its final moments on the floor of the US House. My work has resulted in nearly 2 billion dollars of public infrastructure, such as libraries and schools being built by developers, not tax payers, state wide. Before 11/2016, there are local elections we must win. As your delegate, it will be as if you were at the convention with me. Please give us both that chance. Vote Allan Cameron.