AD 36


Diana Love





Time & Location:

International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers Local 725



39047 10th St. East
Palmdale, CA 93550
Cross street: Between Q & P Ave
Location phone:661-273-1433

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
lynne haile   Female   I have been an active Democrat promoting the formation of the Democratic Club in Wrightwood the past 2 years . I have been a member of the Central San Bernardino Democratic Committee representing the 36th Assembly District the past 2 years. Attending the 2013 Convention in Sacramento and the 2014 Convention in Los Angeles as an observer I was thrilled to be surrounded by like minded politically active folks. I would now like to attend the 2015 Convention as a "voting delegate". I will continue to promote the growth of the Wrightwood Democratic Club and the philosophy we all support. I ask for your support as an Assembly District delegate.
Suzann Reina   Female   As a lifelong Democrat, I would love the opportunity to help the community in which I live in be able to bring new and old Democrats together to build a stronger unity within our community and help teach new Dems the importance of the vote. When we work together as a team we can accomplish everything.
Natalie Thomas   Female   I am a lifelong California Democrat and an active member of our local Democratic Club. After graduating from UCLA I spent over 20 years as an Air Force spouse, raising a family and adapting to the challenges of living in many different states and countries. I enjoy volunteering in my community and have worked at making the places I live a little bit better. I have served on boards of community organizations conducting fundraising and events for scholarships, and volunteered as a docent at several large museums. As an Air Force spouse I was involved in helping military families handle the many stresses of military life and deployments. I remain concerned with local veteran issues. I believe we should all work together to make our community, State and country a better place to live, for everybody.
yvonne figueroa   Female   As a young democrat, I want to be involved in the democratic process of the party. I want to be able to help minorities and students to be able to reach their dreams and create more opportunities for the young and old.
Lilia Galindo   Female   Lilia Galindo is the radio hostess of the community oriented radio talk show, "Cafe Con Leche". It has been on the air since October 2010. Lilia was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as a Director of the 50th District Agricultural Association. She has been a member of the Community Advisory Committee of the Palmdale Sheriff Station since 2012, and a member of the A. V. LULAC, since 2010. She received, in 2013, the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Democrat of the Year award and won the Woman of the Year for the 36th District, presented by Assemblyman Steve Fox. In 2014, she and her husband received the Freedom Fighter Award from the Antelope Valley Branch for their dedication to Civil Rights. Mrs. Galindo earned a B. A. Degree in Economics from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico D.F. and a Diploma in Public Finances in Mexico City. She earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from California State University Northridge. Lilia has broad experience working for the Federal Government in Mexico City and in the United States she has worked for several government and social services agencies. Since 2010, she has been involved in registering Latinos to vote.
Maureen Feller   Female   Retired after 30+ years in the communication industry, now active with registration efforts with DCHD (Democrat Club of the High Desert) Also work with the club on candidate promotion, voter education issues, and local election endorsements. I also like dogs! And other various critters! (optional)
Ruth Tinajero   Female   My name is Ruth Tinajero. I have a legal studies degree and have been a paralegal for 15 years. For the last 5 years I have been actively working in the community by bringing the first GED Spanish program in the Antelope Valley. I have worked with the sheriff department to build a bridge of trust between the Latino communities. I have utilized my paralegal skills to help our veterans get the benefits they deserve and need. I am always looking for new ways to help better the community and make the necessary changes.
sheryl "sherryan" lima   Female    
Margaret Finnstrom   Female   Hi, my name is Margaret Finnstrom. I was born and raised in Southern California, and I have a Finance Degree from Cal State Northridge. I have lived in Santa Clarita, and I have been actively involved in Southern California Democratic clubs for the last five years. I care about our community, and I enjoy being involved to help make changes that impact our state and country. I have volunteered to register voters and phone banked for the Democratic candidates. I am passionate on issues such as Income Inequality - fair wages for all workers, the environment, protecting the elderly, improving public schools, and equal rights for everyone. Elect me as your delegate, and I will vote on candidates that share the same values to make our country a better place for everyone.
Connie Slaughter   Female   Today our community faces many challenges. We need leadership that understands our needs and will work tirelessly to find solutions. As a proud labor member with SEIU-ULCTW, I have been actively engaged in meeting the needs of our community and supporting our Democratic leadership. I've worked on several campaign's including re-electing President Obama, helping to inform voters about medical expenses through Obamacare, and countless rallies throughout the State of California. My experience as an avid activist gives me insight into which leadership will best represent us. A vote for ME, is a vote for US. Vote for Connie Slaughter, Democratic State Central Committee Delegate.
Tavia Wooley   Female   I am Long time resident of the 36th Assembly District I am a Community Advocate, I have worked in the Social Services Field for over 12 years. My focus is to ensure the specific needs of the 36th AD are heard through out California and advocate that more services are brought to our area. I am an excellent communicator and believe that in order to advance our needs we must find ways to be strategic in our approach and build coalitions. I am running for E-Board rep.
Veronica Fields   Female   Veronica Fields is a community activist who has led in her community and the Democratic Party. She has fought against electricity rate increases, supported LGBTQ equality, challenged supporters of the Confederate flag bill SB 2444, and stood up against Anti-Semitism. Veronica organized the Hoodie March in 2012 and marched alongside over 1000 residents in protest against stereotypes in search of justice for all. Veronica also marched alongside Andres Chavez and hundreds of youth to commemorate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Cesar Chavez. Veronica has volunteered for numerous local and state campaigns and successfully managed a winning school board candidate, earning her the 2013 Truman Volunteer of the Year Award. Currently, Veronica serves as the 1st Vice President of the Democratic Club of the High Desert, the oldest Democratic club in the Antelope Valley. Fields recently completed her undergraduate studies in November, earning a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Public Policy and Administration from California State University, Bakersfield. Veronica is a current voting state delegate and would love the opportunity to continue serving as a Democratic Sta
Lynda Thompson Taylor   Female   I'm Lynda Thompson Taylor and I'm running to be an ADEM Delegate. I am a middle school teacher. I have been part of the Antelope Valley democratic political landscape for more than 20 years. I am a member of the AV Progressive Democrats, High Desert Democratic Club, founding member of the Antelope Valley Human Relations Commission, and past president of the Antelope Valley NAACP. I'm am a strong advocate of the Democratic Platform and committed, dedicated, and compassionate for making a positive difference in the lives of others...the democratic way. As a delegate, I will work enthusiastically with the California Democratic Party from the top down to put forth our agenda and the promotion of candidates that are good for the people of our state.
Harry Taylor   Female   I am a long term resident of the Antelope Valley and it is my desire to help make a positive difference in our community. I like to think of myself as a supportive "team player" in my community. There are many issues that we must deal with to make our community a better place to live. Having an understanding of the party's issues, platform, and issues is a must for all delegates. As a delegate I will take my duties and responsibilities seriously when representing our concerns.
Novel Carter   Female    
Deborah McAfee   Female   I am currently a member of the Wrightwood Democratic Club and a member of the San Bernardino County Central Committee and have attended all the the meetings in 2014. I worked on the election to re-elect Steve Fox.
Lynette Ganzen-Little   Female    
sheryl "sherryan" lima   Female    
Gary Cohen   Male   As an active Democrat, I intend to support the current as well as the next democratic president continue the progress that has been made during this administration. I also intend to actively and enthusiastically work to elect quality democratic candidates to local, state and federal office.
Bob Forshay   Male   I am proud to be a life long Democrat registering when I turned eighteen. We moved to the Antelope Valley in 1985 and have been active with the local Democrats since our move. We joined and had been active with the Democratic Club of the High Desert in 1997, was elected its president in 2006 through 2008. I left DCHD in 2009 to start the Antelope Valley Progressive Democrats. In the past I was the recipient of the 36AD State Democrat of the year as well as the County Democrat of the year. I was a Hillary delegate at the Denver convention in 2008 until Hillary released us where I cast my delegate vote for Barack Obama.
Darren Parker   Male   Presently serves as a Special Assistant to Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins at the Speaker's Office of Member Services in Los Angeles. He has been married for 31 years, has 5 daughters and 5 granddaughters. While working for ATT; Darren attended the National Labor College in Silver Springs Maryland, where his studies concentrated on US Labor Law. During the same 30 years period with ATT, Darren worked for the Communications Workers of America (CWA) as an International Staff Representative and Political Director serving a three state area representing more than 40,000 employees. After his retirement from ATT, Darren started a political consultant firm before being hired by AFSCME Local 2620 as their CA State Executive Director for more than 4,000 CA State Professional Employees. Darren began working for Speaker John A. Pérez at the Speaker's Office of Member Services in 2013 as a member consultant where he continues to work under Speaker Atkins. Darren presently serves as a member and 36th Assembly secretary of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, State Central Committee, California Democratic Party Executive Board and African American Caucus Chairman, Governors Brown's appoin
Isaac Lieberman   Male   Hi, I'm Isaac. I will fight for environmental, social, and economic justice for all, supporting a progressive agenda. A SoCal native - lived here most of my life. I love to travel and learn, but there is noplace I'd rather live. As a delegate, I'll bring people together, organizing here & nationwide to strengthen our progressive movement as exemplified by Gandhi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, MLK, Prof. Robert Reich, Sen. Bernie Sanders, etc. A long time environmental activist, I became political after discovering how many of our environmental ills' solutions require political involvement. I have received awards from the LACDP and the Sierra Club, I have been a citizen lobbyist for the environment, and I have made calls and canvassed for Democratic candidates from coast to coast. If you share my progressive and liberal values, if you want to see our party live up to the promise of its Democratic wing, if you want the nation to live up to our constitution's promise... then please vote for me on January 10th. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing." - Edmund Burke. Thank you for being involved and for encouraging others, too! Isaac Lieberman
Johnathon Ervin   Male   Johnathon Ervin is the President of the Democratic Club of the High Desert, the oldest and most active Democratic club in the Antelope Valley. In 2013, Ervin was elected 1st Vice-President of the California Democratic Party's Veterans Caucus, the first African-American elected to the caucus' board. Under Ervin's leadership, the Democratic Club of the High Desert has engaged in local, state, and national issues ranging from fighting electricity rate increases, supporting gay rights, supporting labor unions, opposing Walmart and rallying against the Tea Party. The club has raised money, mobilized resources, and successfully advised several Democratic candidates to local and state office. Ervin has served in the United States Air Force for over 17 years and is currently serving as a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves. Professionally, Ervin is an Aerospace Engineer for Raytheon at Palmdale's Plant 42 test facility, working to develop the next generation in defense technology. Ervin graduated from Wayland Baptist University in 2013 with a B.S. in Applied Science.
Darryl Marshall   Male   I believe that our community deserves to be represented by elected officials with integrity, leadership, and an awareness of the issues that we face every day. One of my proudest moments was registering to vote at 18. I recognized at an early age that every vote has a voice. I was eager to exercise my right to vote and if I'm elected Delegate of the Central Committee, I want to make sure our voices are heard. I've had the privilege of volunteering on several campaigns for candidates working to improve our community. Working with them, side by side, I registered and informed voters, I supported initiatives that our community called for, and I gained priceless knowledge of the ins and outs of our political system. A vote for me ensures that your voice will be heard. I am honored to serve and to have your vote on January 10, 2015. Vote Darryl Marshall for California State Delegate Central Committee.
Solomon DeFrancis   Male   A proud Democrat, Solomon DeFrancis is running for ADEM to bring his unique perspective and extensive public education background to the California Democratic Party. Solomon De Francis was born and raised in the Antelope Valley, graduated from Antelope Valley Christian School, and completed his undergraduate program at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, earning a Bachelor's degree in Communication. Solomon went on to earn two Master's degrees from Chapman University one in Administration & Leadership, the other in Special Education. For the last 8 years, Solomon has worked as an educational specialist teacher for the Palmdale School District, educating at-risk students and mentally handicapped students. A firm believer that every child deserves a great education, Solomon DeFrancis invests himself in his students and their potentials. Currently, he is completing his doctoral program from Brandman University in Organizational Leadership and looks forward to one day joining a school district's administration team--working to improve education at the next level--Solomon De Francis embodies millions of American teachers who dedicate themselves to their students and communities
Brandon Zavala   Male   Brandon Zavala is 2nd Vice-President of the Democratic Club of the High Desert, working to grow and advance the reach of the Democratic Party and our ideals into the Antelope Valley. Throughout the last year, Brandon has worked alongside a great group of individuals to register more than 21,000 Democrats to vote in the 36th Assembly District--the largest voter registration effort in Antelope Valley history. In the spring, he worked alongside an insurgent city council candidate to try and reform Lancaster City Hall and end the Republican domination of local municipal offices. During the fall 2014 cycle, Brandon worked as a canvass director for Assemblyman Steve Fox's campaign, leading a team of 8 canvassers to inform and mobilize Democrats to vote. Although the campaigns fell short, Brandon Zavala is proud of all the work he has done, building a Democratic infrastructure for others to stand upon and one day turn the Antelope Valley bright blue. Brandon Zavala's commitment to the Antelope Valley and the Democratic Party is matched only by the great individuals he has had the privilege of meeting since he started volunteering and working for the local Democrat causes.
Paul Scott   Male   As a lifelong Democrat, former California State Democratic Party Region 11 Director, L.A. County Delegate, and former AD 36 State Assembly Delegate, I am experienced and knowledgeable about the issues in the AD 36 and how to best address them.
Jose Ceniceros   Male   I, Jose Ceniceros wish to apply as a delegate for the ADEM and to represent the Antelope Valley area. I have worked as a community volunteer in the Antelope Valley area since 2000 at which time I began working on Immigrant Lobby Day In 2007 which lasted for four years, I worked as a volunteer registering voters for the Presidential campaign. I then began working as a community organizer for for CA State Assembly, Congress and Senate elections, whereby I organized voter registrations. I organized three churches in getting petitions signed on immigration reform. I was campaign manager for Littlerock School District elections in 2013. I am continuing as a community organizer and I am an active member of the High Desert Democratic Club. I am also a member of Local 721 SDIU.
VLADIMIR GOMEZ   Male   Hello Democrats I am sure that you would like to see our district and county become more "blue". As an incumbent Assembly Delegate I know that we need positive energy, enthusiasm, and networking skills to keep growing our Democratic base. We need to meet and reach out to all segments of our diverse district.
Jack Little   Male    
Angel Olvera   Male   The reason for my submission as a delegate is because I've been involved and loyal to the democratic party since i joined the union in 1977. I have participated in many functions around the United States, representing and reaching out to constituents and also congress and senate in support for the working class people. Since I was young I seen my parents struggle to make ends meet . They taught me that everything you earn is with dignity and respect. They also taught me that this country allows us to have a voice and a vote to exercise our rights. All my life I have been for the working class, helping them achieve better wages and benefits along with dignity and respect for others on the job. By being involved made me a better person, that's why I have voted and sided with the democrat views. I have volunteered in my community for the democratic party. I have phone banked, precinct walked, and talked to constituents in regards to supporting democratic issues. I have also volunteered for congressional and general elections for the democratic party. It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider my submission as a delegate for the Democratic Party. Sincerely, Angel Olvera