AD 35


Debra Broner





Time & Location:

San Luis Obispo Democratic Party Office

3592 Broad St., Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Landmark: Next to Blackhorse Espresso & Bakery
Location Phone: 760-244-2239

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Jon-Erik Storm   Male   As the top vote getter in November's election for Los Osos CSD, I have demonstrated that I am a capable political organizer. I successfully recruited and organized over a dozen volunteers, conducted two town-wide canvasses, developed a formula for identifying priority voters, and raised more money than any other candidate. I did my own web, IT, and database programming. Many of these skills I learned from decades of volunteering for Democratic campaigns across California and beyond. I am running for AD delegate because I can bring these valuable and proven skills to bear on bringing larger and broader success to the Democratic Party in SLO County and beyond. My top priority will be working on improving turnout in mid-term, primary, and special elections where, in addition to control of Congress, crucial matters of state and local importance are decided by a shrinking electorate. I respectfully ask for your support this January for AD delegate.
Michael Heyl   Male    
Stephen Penn   Male   I was a union sheet metal worker for fifty years in the HVAC field and had my own business for thirty years. I belonged to SMACNA a national PAC and as a board member served on the Legislative Committee. Besides attending local campaign fund raisers I would make a yearly trip to DC and meet with my local Congress members to discuss local issues. In 2012 I volunteered at the Paso Robles Democratic Headquarters, became a member and was elected as Executive VP. Later in 2013 took over as President and will continue through 2015. I have attended two state conventions as alternate delegate with the Central Committee.
Joe Gibson   Male   Parent, Democrat, environmentalist, middle-class government worker, elected local union officer, labor council E-Board member, incumbent AD 35 delegate. I was honored to be elected by AD35 two years ago, and I hope felow Democrats again vote for me as one of their delegates to the SLOCDP and State Convention.
Jim Conway   Male   Currently I am a Central Committee Member and have been for several years. I am Chair of the Community Outreach Committee and I also serve on the Endorsements Committee of the SLOCDP. I am a member of the California Faculty Association, the union that represents the CSU faculty, coaches, librarians and counselors. I have been a union activist since 1981 and have held both state and local offices. For ten years I was head grievance rep. I have served as assembly rep for four years and have attended all state e-board meetings during that time. I have attended all state conventions for the past six years. I am a member of the labor, progressive and senior caucuses. I am a progressive Democrat and would appreciate your vote.
Laurence Houlgate   Male   My first vote as a Democrat was for John F. Kennedy for president in 1960. I have been an active member of the party ever since and have worked on many Democratic campaigns. I am a past president of the SLO County Democratic Central Committee, was a co-founder of the San Luis Obispo Democratic Party headquarters and have twice been the party's nominee for State Assembly.
Erik Howell   Male   i have been active in the Democratic Party and have worked collaborately to elect Democrats throughout the State and District. I am an elected council member in the City of Pismo Beach and Governor Brown's appointee to the Coastal Commission from our region. If elected as an ADEM I will continue to work hard for our party.
David Baldwin   Male   I would like to continue to serve the party. ThankYou
Mary Strobridge   Female   I would be honored to once again represent SLO County as an Assembly District Delegate. It's important to be active in the Democratic Party so that we stand together in solidarity not only in the good times but also in the tough times we're experiencing in our State and Country. Being a Delegate is a great responsibility as we continue working together to be the best Democratic Party for all the People. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.
Mona Jennings   Female   I come from lifelong Democratic stock. I love this party, and believe in its progressive ideals. It would be my privilege to serve as a delegate.
Michelle Shoresman   Female   I am honored to have served the last two years as an AD Delegate to the San Luis Obispo County Central Committee. I ask for your support now, so I can again fill this role for a second term. Since elected in 2012, I have been actively involved in The Committee. I attended both State Conventions during my term and participated in the Events Committee to plan Dining with the Stars and two consecutive, successful Labor Day Picnics. I have also represented a small, but growing contingency of politically active County residents aged 45 and younger who need to start getting involved now, so we can keep our local Democratic Party going strong into the future. I'd like to help keep this momentum going, by serving another term as delegate and hope to recruit more people to become involved. Thank you for coming out to vote. Again, I would appreciate your support.
Gayle Bilek   Female   I have been a representative for San Luis Obispo County and would like to continue to bring my political knowledge and contacts to San Luis Obispo County. As an educator involved in local and state politics, I believe I can help our district by being involved.
Mary Ellen Maldonado   Female   I am currently AD 35 representative. I have been active in the Democratic Party at every level and attend Central Committee meetings and volunteer in our local SLODEMS office. I believe I can continue to have a lot to give to the party locally and at the state level and hope to continue as an AD 35 representative.
Kara Woodruff   Female   Greetings, Democrats. I am applying for this position because of my interest in politics and policy, the Democrat party, my devotion to conservation and the environment, and my enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States. I have extensive experience that I can bring to the position. First, I'm a licensed attorney, financial planner, and the Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of the local investing firm, Blakeslee & Blakeslee. As a former employee of The Nature Conservancy and American Land Conservancy (ALC), I have extensive land use and conservation experience, and have been directly involved in the protection of over 100,000 acres in San Luis Obispo. I was a former director and Chair of ALC, and currently serve as a director of the SLO Land Conservancy. As the former spouse of an Assemblyman and State Senator, I also bring with me more experience and knowledge about the political world that I'd ever hoped to have. It will be very refreshing to bring my own -- Democratic perspective -- to the political and policy issues with which I am significantly familiar. I would be honored by your support -- I will bring all my enthusiasm, hard wo
Allene Villa   Female   My name is Allene Villa and I am a home-care provider in the county of San Luis Obispo and also the United Domestic Workers District Chair for that county. I am a San Luis Obispo county native and have been a home-care provider for 9 years. I got involved with the union because I believe in improving home-care working conditions and helping empower these workers so that they can improve their lives and in turn also improve the quality of care they provide for their clients. I am a strong believer in our democratic system and am passionate about educating individuals about the importance of participating in political systems and in this way also bring about change to improve working conditions and our community. I also do a lot of outreach to hispanics and educate them on the importance of getting involved in union and the importance of participating in political elections. As as UDW District Chair, I have done precinct walks and also have been involved with our Central Labor Council along with other unions members to help make a positive change in our local and statewide elections. I am strong believer that education and participation unions can help not only improve of home-car
Elva Munoz   Female   As a mother and 33yr. member of my community I feel that it is important to be involved in my community and the democratic process. As a District V.P. of my union I represent nearly 2,400 Homecare Providers in Santa Barbara County and we advocate for their rights as a worker and the rights of the our clients, the elderly and disabled. Being an activist in my community has given me a sense of ownership and empowerment, because I know that I have a voice and I can make a difference.
Michelle Turner   Female