AD 34


John Sims





Time & Location:

The Garden Spot

3320 Truxton Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Cross street: Oak St.
Location Phone: 661-323-3236

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 9am




Renee Westa-Lusk   Female   I have been involved in California Democratic Party Politics since 1992. I have been going to California Democratic Party Conventions since 1992. I have served the State Party as: 1)a Delegate since 1993, 2) E-Board Rep sometimes, 3) served on the Voter Services Standing Committee since 1998 and 4) been a member of the following State Party Caucuses at various times: African American, Business and Professional, Environmental and Women's Caucus. I am ready and willing to serve again. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve and represent the Democrats from Kern County.
Helen W Collins   Female   I am a retired teacher who believes in the rights and liberty of all. I am a life time member of the Calif.Teachers Association and the NEA. I have been trained by CTA and NEA. I am an active member of the Kern Council Democratic Central Committee and the Democratic Women of Kern County.
Lisa Buckner   Female   It would be my honor to represent AD 34. I would appreciate your vote.
Cheryl Tierce   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat. I vote. I have always been interested in politics, writing my first letter to the president as a 7th grader and I became more active once I had children. I have been on the boards of parent clubs at my children's schools and once they were grown, I turned my attention to local and national races. I have worked on many campaigns and I am involved with several Democratic Clubs and organizations promoting progressive ideals. I am currently an alternate on the Kern County Democratic Party and I am a delegate from that organization. This is my third year serving on the board of Democratic Women of Kern. I will represent you at Convention. I appreciate your support.
mary alice parra   Female    
Danielle Mouw   Female   Hi, I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls. I work in an after school program. I have been a registered democrat and voting democrat since the day I registered. I was on the PTO for my kids school. I am interested in making this place a better place for everyone.
Cathee Romley   Female   I am a life long Democrat, active in the Democratic Party and am currently serving on the Kern County Democratic Central Committee. I am the past President od Democratic Women of Kern (2013-2014). Serving as a delegate is the next logical step in service to my party. ~ Cathee Romley
Jesse Aguilar   Male   It has been my sincere pleasure to serve as an Assembly District Delegate for the 34th Assembly District these last two years. It would be my great honor to continue in that work. I currently sit as a member of the Finance Committee of the California Democratic Party where I've served for two years and am a member of the Chicano/Latino Caucus and the Labor Caucus of the California Democratic Party. I am a Visual Arts teacher at East Bakersfield High School; the Vice President of the Kern High School Teachers Association; and a California Teachers Association Liaison to the California State Board of Education. I've been a proud Democrat all of my life and have fought hard for the principles that Democrats value by advocating for kids and their right to a free, public education. I've advocated in school board rooms, in legislator offices and in the streets of Sacramento. Please allow me to continue to represent the Democrats of the 34th AD by electing me to another term. Thank you.
Donny Williams   Male    
William Winter   Male   I have been a delegate and attended/participated in the last four State Conventions.
David Lollar   Male   As an advocate for justice, I wish to play a role in the direction we take as a party by being involved with the leaders who set the tone for our future. As a strong voice for the people, I have a deep understanding of their concerns both locally and statewide. As a teacher, I see the needs of our children, and I hope to represent them all, as their voice, as an ADEM delegate. Thank you for your consideration.
Librado Vasquez   Male   It would be an honor to serve as an Assembly District Delegate for the 34th Assembly District.
Malcolm Johnson   Male   Please allow me to serve as delegate for the 34th Assembly District. I have been a lifelong Democrat and come from an organizing background. Access to affordable education and health care are two issues that are very important to me. I spent the last two years advocating against fee increases at CSU, Bakersfield on the local and state level. Presently, I work as a Field Representative for the State Assembly, where I regularly interact with residents of Kern County and strive to make their lives better. Thank you for your support.