AD 32


Doug Kessler





Time & Location:

Old Hanford Courthouse - 3rd Floor


113 Court St.
Hanford, CA 93230
Landmarks: Across from the Civic Center Building
Location Phone: 559-313-4072

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 1pm  




Paul Linfesty   Male   I am interested in representing you for another term on the California State Democratic Party Central Committee. I have worked hard to help elect local leaders at the state and local levels in the southern portion of the San Joaquin Valley. I am a member of the Progressive, LGBT and Environmental Caucuses.
Bradley Hancock   Male   My name is Bradley Hancock. I'm a member and co-founder of a young democrats group based in Kings County known as the Blue Wave. We have worked and volunteered with dems all around the valley and I have personally worked on the Luis Chavez and the Amanda Renteria campaigns. Born and raised in Kings County, it's clear as crystal to see that democrats are outnumbered here. We've been pushing harder and harder every year to get voters out the door and into the ballot. The youth in this county are vital to our success. We target them now, get them on our side and they're more likely to vote in non-presidential years than anyone else. We need democrats in this valley, and I help out whenever I can. Our progress hasn't gone unnoticed. I want change in the valley. I want to be able to see a better future not only for myself, but for everyone in this state, in this country!
Deidrick Avila   Male   For years, Kings county has been in desperate need of a change from the norm. I'm a politically active youth in the Kings county area who has worked with the Luis Chavez campaign in an effort to bring our county and the rest of the central valley further towards the political left. We are tired of the needs and interests of the few being prioritized in our county at the expense of the well being of the majority of our constituents. I firmly believe that the mobilization of our youth in these areas can be the key to change in democratic favor in the upcoming 2016 and 2018 elections. Working with a local progressive group I helped co-found, the Blue Wave, we are beginning to make a meaningful effort to reach out to local high schools, especially in Hanford to find youth that might be willing to actively participate in the political process that might not have known how to up until now.
Richard Valle   Male   I have worked as the District Director for the 18th Assembly District in the past. I have worked on many local and national campaigns both as a volunteer and paid staff. I have run for office successfully at the City Council and County level. I am a Vietnam Veteran and strongly believe in the ideals and platform of the Democratic Party.
Peter Rivera   Male    
dameane douglas   Male    
Rozell Douglas   Male  
Bobby Salas   Male    
Rudy Salas   Male    
Keri Kline   Female   My name is Keri Kline, I reside in District AD32, and an active Democrat registered voter. I am a Member Leader/Organizer with SEIU1000, a Delegate for Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings County Central Labor Council, and Recording Secretary for Greater Fresno Area Coalition of Labor for Women. I participate in many political Labor issues and come with experience as a Member Political Organizer with SEIU1000 as well. It is my firm belief that it is time for change in Kings County. Let's get busy and make it happen.
Ruth Lopez   Female   I am from Armona,CA, a small town in Kings County. Although I left Kings County for almost a decade to attend UC Berkeley and then work in Washington, D.C. I returned to my hometown last fall and have since become involved with local politics. I not only volunteered with the 21st District Congressional campaign and served as supportive housing for DCCC field organizers, but I also ran for school board and helped two others win elected office in Armona (one for school board, other for water board). I have been an active member of the Kings County Central Committee and am also a founding member of a Democratic club in Kings County that was active during the 2014 election cycle which helped increase democratic registration in the county. I am passionate about increasing political involvement such as voter registration and turnout throughout the region and hope to continue this work. I understand the responsibility that comes with being a delegate and hope to be able to represent my community proudly.
Betty Sanchez-Mallory   Female   My name is Betty Sanchez-Mallory and I am a registered Dem in Kings County. I am a new member to the Democratic Club, Blue Wave. I am excited to see a change in this county and I am stepping up to help make that happen.
Alicia Ramirez   Female    
Toni Vasquez   Female