AD 31


Michael D. Evans





Time & Location:

Democratic Party Headquarters

1035 U St.
Fresno, CA 93721
Landmark: Across from Office Depot
Location Phone: 310-493-3472

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Abel Parra-Guti_rrez   Male   I would like to become a member of this Assembly District Committee to improve ways in betterment the Democrat Party.
Matt Rogers   Male   I have had the privilege of serving as an ADEM delegate for nearly a decade. During that time, I have been active in numerous Democratic campaigns in the Central Valley at the Federal, State and Local levels. I traveled the country in 2008, working for then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's historic bid for the White House. Upon returning to Fresno, I served as a Consultant to Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (ret.) I served as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in both 2008 & 2012. I currently serve as a Political & Community Organizer for SEIU Local 1000, I am Chairman of the Fresno County Young Democrats and am a member of the Fresno County Democratic Women's Club. I would be honored to once again serve as an ADEM delegate and humbly ask for your vote at the caucus in January. Please email me at: mattrogers08@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you.
Gilbert Felix   Male    
Michael Rivera   Male   I am a long-time resident of the district and have worked at different levels of government representing the people. My experience has taken me from the City of Fresno to getting to know the vast and diverse needs of D31 - from walking precincts in the challenged portions of the district from as far as Coalinga to Orange Cove. I see the need to have a unified goal in mind as a delegation and wish to be part of that momentum!
Eric Payne   Male   With your support I was elected to the Community Board of Trustees in 2012 prior to that I served as a 16th Congressional District Delegate for the Democratic National Convention and as a Delegate for the 31st Assembly District. I have enjoyed my service to the Democratic Central Committee, West Fresno Democratic Club, and Executive Board Member to Fresno County Young Dems and as the California State Director for the Young Elected Officials Network. I hope we can continue to make History together and continue the good work towards 2016. Thank You !
Jesse Andrews   Male   I have been a community leader and resident of West Fresno for over 10 years. I have worked to be an advocate and champion causes of inequality in this distressed and overlooked community. Since my development at Morehouse College, I have adopted the mantra of being a renaissance man in the 21st century with a social conscious and a global perspective for the betterment of all people of color.
Mark Castro   Male   Mark Castro was born and raised in the city of Fresno, California. His family has resided within Fresno County for nearly three generations. Mark is a small business owner he owns and operates a small family run trucking company, Castro & Castro. Additionally, he is a lawyer, runs his own full service law firm, Castro Law Group, PC. The Castro's have been Fresno County residents for over three generations. The Castro's migrated from Kansas to Fresno County California where their story began as pioneers who spurred growth within the Westside of the Valley. David Castro, Marks grandfather, worked in the fields along his two sons Louie and Robert. Louie, Mark's father, picked cotton around the age of five years old to help provide a living for his family. After working day and night in the fields of Fresno County during the 1950's David Castro saved up enough money to buy his first truck, and the family trucking company was born. Since then until today, Castro trucking has been one of the most reputable and reliable agriculture transportation companies out on the Westside of Fresno County. Mark learned his hard work and passion by becoming actively engaged with his family's b
Earl Brown   Male   I am a life-long democrat. I have participated in local, state and national campaigns since the 1960's. I have never ran for a public office, but I have managed campaigns for City Council, School Board and County Board of Supervisors candidates.
Rene Plata   Male   Growing up in the 31st. Assembly District has allowed me to understand my community in great depth. Being a lifelong Democrat has taught me to respect others and help those who are in need of assistance. With both combination of being a Democratic and someone who understands the Valley; should represent the interest of this community. So please select me as the next Assembly District Delegate.
Preston Daniels   Male   I believe that my long standing commitment to the Democratic Party and my support for Democratic candidates for over 40 years, and my status as a Viet Nam Era Veteran qualifies me as a candidate with experience and vision.
Carol Mills   Female   As a member of the Fresno Unified Board for several years, and someone who won my last election with nearly 62% of the vote in a 3 way race, I know Democrats can get elected to local office. We have a voter registration advantage, but here in the Central Valley we still need to do more to recruit Democratic candidates that voters will elect and work to elect those candidates. 2016 will be an important election year and we need to be prepared locally. I'd appreciate your vote.
Elaine Rogers   Female   I have served as a teacher in the 31st Assembly District for over twenty years. I am proud of our Democratic Party and have volunteered on the campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Fran Florez, Leticia Perez and Amanda Renteria. This would be my first opportunity to serve as a delegate and I would be honored to have your support.
Jasmine Neal   Female   I am Jasmine Neal and I'll be honored to earn your vote. As a college student I understand the value of civic engagement. Being a Young woman of color I have supported many outstanding Democrats for wonderful leaders such as Controller Betty Yee, Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Congressman Jim Costa. I will work to make sure our message reaches the voters across the district so that they will turn out to vote in 2016. When we all show up to vote, we win. As a Mother of two, I want to make sure that they will have outstanding role models- to realize that anything is possible. I'm Jasmine Neal and I am ready, Together we will make a difference to be victorious in 2016 I look forward to serving as your next AD 31 Assembly Delegate
Ivana Ford-Neal   Female   As a 1st grade teacher, I understand the importance of having high quality leaders who serve our community each and every day because I see it first hand every day in the classroom with the students I work with who need good role models and I believe our elected leaders should reflect that. As a long time community advocate for equity and hardworking families, my life's work has been to ensure a quality education for our babies. It is my hope you will elect me to serve as your next Assembly Delegate for AD 31 as we create a better Fresno together.
astor price   Female   As a retired educator and long time community advocate I believe our elected leaders should embody a heart of service if selected to serve as a Assembly Delegate for the 31st District I will uphold the strong democratic values that support our children and families that will enable us to have safe and healthy neighborhoods and I will work to identify leaders that share those values.
Elna Dee Barnes   Female   As a life-long Democrat who is passionate about social justice and economic equality, I want to serve as an Assembly District Delegate. I have lived in the same neighborhood in central Fresno for 35 years and believe we bring about change by participating in the political process and actively working in our community with individuals and organization that believe in social & economic justice. As President of the Fresno City Employees Association, I was one of the individuals instrumental in gathering enough signatures to force ballot Measure G, which overturned the City Council's decision to privatize residential trash service. Elected officials should believe in social justice & economic equality & represent all citizens. They need to work for good jobs with decent wages & safe working conditions; quality public education; single payer healthcare; good air quality & safe drinking water; good public transportation & infrastructure; solutions that include diplomacy & negotiations before turning to military action; permanent immigration reform; reforms to our legal system & mental healthcare that will decrease homelessness, lower prison population, and provide quality life for al
Sandra Garcia   Female   In applying for the delegate position I believe that I would be a great asset to represent the constituents of District 31. Living all my life in District 31 I have grown to understand what the needs are for our communities.
Ashley Werner   Female   As an attorney based in Fresno, I work intensively at the local and regional level to improve the lives of low-income residents by ensuring that local government comply with environmental, housing, and civil rights laws, direct resources to disadvantaged communities that need them most, and develop and implement sound policy that will expand opportunity for all. I know well the importance -- and urgent need for -- strong and smart political leadership for our communities. I am applying to be an Assembly District Delegate in order to bring my understanding and passion for the issues confronting Fresno and the Central Valley to bear at the state level. I will contribute to candidate, resolution, and ballot measure endorsements through my on-the-ground perspective of the social, economic, political, and environmental realities of the San Joaquin Valley. My service as an ADEM Delegate will also give me added tools, insight, and connections to better serve my own constituencies at home in Fresno and is the logical next step in my quest for the promotion and realization of Democratic Party ideals.
Lisa Flores   Female    
Rebeca Rangel   Female    
Sandra Celedon-Castro   Female   I believe I am a great candidate for Assembly District Delegate. As a resident of Fresno I have worked tirelessly to make sure everyone in our county has access to the resources necessary for success. My work focuses on ensuring access to health care, creating environmentally clean and healthy neighborhoods, increase access to education and jobs that pay a livable wage. I embody the democratic values of respect, justice, and equality for all. Vote for Sandra!
Lynne Jones   Female   Becoming a Delegate would give me the opportunity to become more involved in my community and the state of California. I would like the opportunity to represent my district and be your voice to help elect candidates that will be supportive of the views of our party. In my profession, I work to support poor and middle class families and I wish to build a party that works to support policies to create opportunities and reduce barriers for all California residents.
LaTisha James   Female   I am a 31 year old mother of three, that has experienced first hand the inustice of this current system. My educational background along with my experience in labor and politics, I vow to strengthen our communities, which will transcend into our Valley and our State. It is timeout for the politicians with their self-interests; who no longer have a commitment to better the lives of those that really matter the voters that have elected them.
Esmeralda Soria   Female   I am running to be a Delagate because I want to represent our community's interest. I was recently elected to serve as the only woman in the Fresno City Council, have worked at the state level advocating for our community and I'm a professor at our local community college. Vote for a voice that will represent our community.
Rose Ann Martinez   Female   I, Rose Ann Martinez would like to be a ADEM Representative of Sanger, CA. I believe that I would be an excellent choice. I qualify to represent my community with excellence. If I am elected to hold the post of ADEM, I will dedicate myself to ADEM. I am qualified for this position. I would like to be considered to be a Delegate. I request consideration to also be a Assembly District Exective Board Representative. I have been self employed for over twenty years. I am the sole owner of my business. My business is "International Immigration INC". I have been nominated for business of the year three (3) times by the Better Business Bureau. I have been on the Lao Hmong board of directors in Fresno,CA. My responsibility was to represent and keep the minutes of the meetings. I am associated with the following, Catholic Daughters of America, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Altar Society. I have been an active member and currently. Please consider me in your positions. I will be a dedicated member. Dated: 11/25/2014 Rose Ann Martinez Certified Paralegal in Immigration Law