AD 29


Glen Schaller





Time & Location:

SEIU Local 521

517 Mission St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Cross streets: Locust & Mission
Location Phone: 831-325-8575

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Sandra Keblbeck   Female   I have been a democrat all my life. I believe in what the Democratic party stands for and would like to be part of the change to strengthen our party. I'm very passionate about the middle class American and am proud to be in that group. The middle class represents all that is good and strong in America. For too long we have been called upon to bail out America because of bad decisions made by our leaders. I want to be your voice, I need your vote!
Rachel Bickert   Female   I was an observer at the 2013 CDP convention, and I would like to be a delegate for 2015 and 2016. I am an alternate for the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee, and I would like to attend the state convention to meet other Democrats, network, and learn more about what is going on statewide. I am also a member of both the Environmental Caucus and the Disabilities Caucus, and I would like to attend those meetings. I'm a young Democrat a graduate student getting my Masters of Public Administration and I have experience working in Democratic legislative offices and running a water district campaign in which I got two candidates elected in a very tough election. I believe I will be an asset to the California Democratic Party in the future, and attending these conventions will allow me to grow and develop my network.
Deborah Luhrman   Female   Please consider my candidacy to be an AD 29 delegate. I'm currently Chair of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee and served for the past two years as Vice-Chair. I've been a Central Committee delegate to CDP for the past four years, but stepped aside this time to allow our new members a chance to get involved. I attend the conventions, CDP eboard and chairs meetings, so it would be useful to be an official delegate. I pledge to put what I learn at CDP to work in guiding the county central committee and in communications with local Democrats through our activities and monthly newsletter.
Thomas Diggins   Male   Please continue to support my activities with the Democratic Party. I have served for 8 years as President of the Democratic Club of the Monterey Peninsula; 8 years as a member and officer of the MCDCC; and 8 years as a delegate to the CDP. Help me build on our success in California,and help spread the Blue Tide across the entire country.
Scott Dick   Male   I had the privilege to serve the last two years as an Assembly District Delegate and as the 29th AD E-Board representative. I worked for two years on the Voter Services Committee and the Veterans Caucus legislative subcommittee. I would like an opportunity to remain a delegate and continue to work with the State party to keep California blue. I attended both state conventions, the national convention in NC and all of the E-board meetings held during this term. As a member of the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee and Vice President of the Democratic Club of the Monterey Peninsula, I bring grassroots activism to the state party. I have had the opportunity to network at the state level so the interests of the Central Coast are not forgotten. I look forward to supporting our Regional Director and our elected officials as we work to make California a better place to live, work and play.
Brian O'Neill   Male   I have been a resident of Assembly District 29 since 1985 or 30 years. I have been involved with my Democratic Club called D10 (which means District 10 of San Jose City Districts). I have helped many democrats in their campaigns throughout the county, region and nationally. I walked for President Obama in 2008 in Tuscon Arizona. Please elect me as your representative for District 29. I believe in democratic values and campaigning to help stop income inequality. Vote for Brian O'Neill.