AD 27


Tony Alexander





Time & Location:

UFCW Local 5

240 S. Market St.
San Jose, CA 95113
Cross streets: W. San Carlos & S. Market
Location Phone: 408-504-7902

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Christina Ramos   Female   I am Director of an educational non-profit serving educationally disadvantaged students in the areas of science and math. I have been an advocate in my local community serving as commissioner for the City of San Jose's Library and Early Child Education Commission and Santa Clara County's Commission on the Status of Women. In addition, I serve on a local bond's oversight committee for Alum Rock School District. I have been a delegate for the past 2 years attending every convention and voting on important matters in which follow important democratic and progressive values. I would be honored to continue to serve in that capacity for the democratic party and for my community.
Kathy Tran   Female    
Claudia Shope   Female   I would be honored to have your vote to be the 27th Assembly District Delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee. I am a Progressive activist within the Democratic Party. I work to further goals, which include Women's rights, Labor issues, senior issues, Environmental issues, as well as other things that lead to a vibrant community. I assist candidate that support these issues by precinct walking, phone banking, interviewing for endorsements, as well as getting others to take support of us. Please vote for me!
Aimee Escobar   Female   I am a committed Democrat currently serving as Chair of the Silicon Valley Latino Democratic Forum (SVLDF) and Vice-Chair of Communications for DAWN (Democratic Activists for Women Now). Voting member of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee (SCCDCC). As a participating member of the party, I have volunteered numerous hours for local, state and federal campaigns whose candidates reflect the values and priorities of the Democratic Party. I am also a former elected staffer and am passionate about serving my community. I am committed to furthering the party's platform and encouraging individuals to vote! As there is so much more work to be done, I would be honored to be elected as a Delegate for AD 27 to ensure that the district is adequately represented and our core values maintained.
Amparo Diaz   Female   My name is Amparo Diaz, I am running for Assembly District Delegate. My interest in politics blossomed over my undergrad years at Sacramento State University. Political involvement in both classes and hands on experience has given me an insight into politics and the powerful role politicians play in creating and implementing change. I have studied and seen the ways in which political decisions affect our society. I want to be an Assembly District Delegate to collaborate with local leaders and community members to move in the right direction of change. This would also be a great opportunity for me to continue to learn about local and state politics.
Alex Wara   Female   I have been involved locally with the Democratic Party since I attended San Jose State. Since graduating, I have worked on campaigns, volunteered for candidates, and have helped shape the Democratic Party platform through various efforts. I currently work for the State Legislature and I am President on the Silicon Valley Young Democrats.
Patricia Marrtinez-Roach   Female   I am proud to run for delegate and share my strong experience in developing policies and advocating for all. I have spent my entire life, fighting for what is right and demanding accountability and guaranteeing access to those who need us the most. I am a public school teacher who is an immigrant and a product of the public school system, affirmative action and bilingual education. I became involved in politics as a single mom of two young boys. I was elected to a school board as the first Mexican-American woman representing over 69% of Latinos in the district. I served 26 years as an elementary and high school board trustee. It would be an honor to represent you as a delegate. For more information, please visit my web site: www.latinasnow.com Thank you!
Maria Garcia   Female    
Hieu Helen Vu   Female    
Angela Nguyen   Female   As a former Youth Commissioner for the City of San Jose and member of the 19th Congressional Student Advisory Board, I have worked on numerous issues in my community in efforts of making a positive difference. Currently, I am a college student and I want to continue my involvement in civic engagement. I want to represent my constituency by exercising my rights of democracy and I will advocate for Democratic values.
Kimberley P. Rocha   Female    
Emilie Gatfield   Female   The California Democratic Party is a powerful force for progress and prosperity, and I am excited to have played a small role in our successes over the past few years. I am currently a member of the California Democratic Party Finance Committee, and an officer in the California Democratic Council. Aside from those roles, I have been an active volunteer with the South Bay Labor Council, and with many campaigns, including Jim Beall for State Senate, Dave Cortese for Mayor of San Jose, Michael Eggman, Ami Bera, and others. Through my work with Teamsters Local 665, I have also been active in internal campaigns to register and engage voters, and in electoral campaigns in San Francisco and the Central Valley. I respectfully ask for your vote, so that I may continue this work.
Melinda Chacon Romayor   Female   I have represented the Democratic party locally and statewide, now is my opportunity to serve nationally.
Sylvia Arenas   Female   I would like to participate as a district delegate in order to assist my community and participate in the democratic process.
Darcie Green   Female   I have been a delegate since 2006. As President of DAWN ( Democratic Activists for Women Now) and as Director of Endorsements for the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, I have been a leader in democratic politics and a champion for our values. It would be an honor to continue to serve our community and as an AD representative.
Monica Kitchiner-Davis   Female   During the last 25 years, the economic security of low income and middle class families has been gradually eroded by a combination of forces affecting the labor market and the economy. Over the same period, these forces have also generated enormous prosperity: corporate profits have risen and the real wealth and assets of the 1% have increased significantly. As a result, the mechanism that once enabled a reasonably equitable distribution of the costs and benefits of economic change no longer exist. If we are serious about restoring broadly shared prosperity in our country, we must take action to reverse the current trend. If elected, I will be the voice of these families. Promote and advocate a Democratic Party agenda that represent my constituents and the State of California./td>
Rose Jaquez   Female    
Danette Green   Female   I am a mother, a democrat and a life long resident of AD 27. I have been active in my community and have supported many democratic candidates over the years. I am excited to deepen my involvement in the Party.
Anna Ko   Female   My name is Anna Ko. I work for the California State Assembly. I have been a State employee for about 5 years with the California State Assembly and the Department of Justice. I was fortunate to have been appointed to and serve on a city commission in 2010. I have always been interested in being engaged civically, politically and with the community. I am on the board of Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democrats and Democratic Activists for Women Now. As the Director of Professional Development for Bay Area Asian Pacific American Legislative Staffers, I organize space and programs for staffers and interns to develop professional skills. I have been a community organizer and activist for many years. It is important to me that people that make decisions in government and in politics be reflective of the community and that they understand the needs of the community it serves. If I am elected, I will work hard to promote the State and 27th Assembly District's democratic party agenda.
Maria Cortes   Female   I would like to represent my community
Nerissa Flandez   Female   I am a Filipina and a residence of City of San Jose since I arrived here in USA which was May 1989. I am a resolute supporter of gender and ethnic equity within our state and Party. I am a mother of three children, which one of them is a Junior High Teacher. I have more than 25 years in a Various Corporate Finance and Logistics and an active Democrat supporter. I am determined to restoring a quality public education system for all. I would be honored to have your support and I ask you for your vote.
Carol Garvey   Female   I am a progressive feminist labor Democrat and wish to continue fighting for a better California with my Democratic brothers and sisters.
Rebecca Gallardo   Female   I have been a life long Democrat, voter and citizen of San Jose California. I am a leader in the community and have served on Boards and Commisions for the last 20+ years. Having most recently served as a member of the Eastside Union Citizens Advisory Board. I served as a Planning Commisioner for the County of Santa Clara for 10 years working on planning and land use. I also served as Chariman on this Commision. I have served in the Real Estate Industry for 22 years both as a Professional and Leader. I served as the Local Government Affairs Committee as Chair previously. I also served as a California Association of Realtors Director. I was privileged to serve as the Chairman of the Board for the National Association of Realtor's Board of Directors working on Housing Policy and Membership Issues. I served on this Board for 10+ years as a Parlimentarian, Secretary and General Board Member. I am a graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration and a minor in Business. I have worked in Private Sector, the Government, and served on numerous Non-Profit Boards and Democratic Campaigns. Thank you for your consideration for this most importan
Christine Pham   Female   I would be honor for your vote as delegate to the California Democratic Party. I am seeking this position in order to continue the hard work that is needed within our state and our party. I hope to provide a dedicated helping hand to ensure that progressive candidates and policies are successful throughout the state. I will continue to be a staunch supportive of ethnic, gender and social economic equality. It would be a privilege to have your support.
Anthony Phan   Male   I hope I can count on your vote for re-election to the Democratic State Central Committee.
Daniel Gutierrez   Male    
Omar Torres   Male   Executive Board member AD 27, California Democratic Party Occupation: Executive Director School Board member, Franklin-McKinley School District former Parliamentarian, CA Young Democrats former Political Director, Silicon Valley Young Democrats Member, former President, Guadalupe/Washington Neighborhood Assoc. Increase involvement/representation of youth/minorities by registering us to vote Register and educate voters about our Democratic Party (especially Decline-to-state voters) Education and Healthcare for all
Jeremy Barousse   Male   It has been an honor representing the California Democratic Party by serving as a CADEM delegate for the last 4 years. I was elected to my first term in 2011, and re-elected in 2013. I have served one term as a member of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee. In addition, I have been a committed member of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats for 6 years, where I have also spent 3 years as an Executive Officer. Through my involvement in the local Democratic Party, I have stood up for working families and our most vulnerable populations by advocating for living wage, affordable health care, immigration reform, and environment. If re-elected, I assure you that I will work with my fellow delegates to continue to advocate for core Democratic values in our state.
Eddie Truong   Male   I have been a Democrat ever since I first registered to vote. As a community organizer and student activist at UC Davis, I have been intimately involved in Democratic and progressive issues. I hope to count on your vote as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee.
Peter Ortiz   Male   I am a progressive Democrat looking to get more involved is our parties initiatives. I plan to recruit new members for our party and assist with electing Democrats to local office.
Thanh Tran   Male   I am honest, hardworking and overall a great guy. I will not disappoint.
Ian Crueldad   Male   I want to be a delegate of the democratic party to help point the party in the right direction.
Christopher Ratana   Male   As a community organizer and former campaign staffer, I have been active in advocating for progressive values that Democratic Party champions. As a young Democrat, I am excited to run to be an Assembly District 27 delegate. I hope to count on your vote.
Edwin Truong   Male    
Mauricio Mejia   Male   As a current Board member of the Silicon Valley Latino Democratic Forum (SVLDF) and PAL (Police Athletic League), it would be an honor to continue serving my community and the Democratic Party as Delegate for AD 27. I am an active member of the Democratic Party and believe in maintaining and promoting the core values of the party and would do so as a Delegate if elected. I am committed to improving the community and have volunteered with numerous campaigns and local causes toward that end. Serving as Delegate for AD 27 will allow me to continue to be of service to my community, the District and the Democratic Party.
khanh tran   Male   I am a strong supporter of Democrat values and a champion for public education. We are a country of difference ethnicity and difference should be seen as an asset. But not everyone share our values but many needs our support as their rights are hindered whether it is a school institution or an individual or groups, all share equal rights and protection. Whether it is a school having to fight to stay open to make education available for everyone, an employee that wants living wage, or a person having the right to choose or choose his or her gender, it is the fabric of Democrat values that can support true democracy and freedom that we all want and value!
Randy Moore   Male   I have been an active Democrat since the age of18 and a supporter of RFK. I am now Vice-Chair of the Calif. Disabilities Caucus. I am a lawyer (over 25 years) and advocate for civil rights, environmental protection and individual rights. If elected I will be a committed Delegate you can depend on.
Jonathan Padilla   Male   My name is Jon Padilla and I'm again asking the voters of the 27th assembly district to send me back to the state party to advocate for progressive values and pragmatic discourse. I'm a lifelong Democrat, former member of the DNC Youth Council and former Young Democrats of America national officer. I have a record of leadership and a record of electing Democrats. Most recently I played a critical role in the election of San Jose's new Mayor, Sam Liccardo. I have the background and the skill set to lead and I humbly ask for your support.
TAM NGUYEN   Male   I am one of the few Democrats among the traditionally conservative Vietnamese-Americans in the San Jose / South Bay area. For the past 22 years, I have been an attorney for the working families and the poor in Santa Clara County. I support the progressive values of the Democrat Party. I have close ties and strong support from my community. I came in first in the June primary election, and won the run-off election in last November to be the new Councilman in District 7, City of San Jose. I will make valuable contribution to the success of the CADEM, and will take leadership role in building the support base for the DEM causes in my community. I will be honored to be elected to the central committee. Thank You. Tam Nguyen, Councilmember-Elect, District 7, City of San Jose.
Xavier Campos   Male    
Joshua Barousse   Male   I am humbled to have served as a Delegate with the California Democratic Party over the past 4 years. I have also served on the Executive Board of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats for 5 years and have continued to support progressive candidates and iniatives in order to enhance the quality of life for all. Thank you for your consideration and I hope I can count on you on Jan 10th.
Andres Quintero   Male    
Domingo Candelas   Male   As a lifelong resident of East San Jose, I have always been active in my community. Either through my occupation with the California State Senate or volunteering through various youth organizations. I would be honored to have your support to help elect democrats.
Paul Escobar   Male   A former campaign staffer and active community member, I am an engaged citizen of San Jose. As a delegate, I would expand this work and continue to advance sensible progressive policies, such as: fighting income inequality, restoring our environment while also promoting resilience planning, and marijuana legalization. I would also be an advocate for fiscal solvency and sustainability. It would be a privilege to serve as one of your next Assembly District delegates.
JASRAJ BHATIA   Male   Vote for me as one of your Delegates! I've lived in California all my life ever since I am in USA, mostly in and around Bay Area. I would like to serve as Assembly District 27 Delegate. As an active volunteer with the Obama Presidential Campaign, I understood the change being talked about was the type of change that requires not one but many. To knock on doors, to call strangers and to connect with friends and family over issues that will strengthen our country, seems like a lot to ask for yet in many ways it is our civic duty to be informed and inform others. As Democrats we must continue to stand up and be counted, stand up and be heard and stand up and participate. I am running for Assembly Delegate because I want to continue to serve. Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of serving local Democrats in Santa Clara County and advocating for Democratic principles throughout a number of service organizations. I have worked as Precinct volunteer and volunteered in the Democratic co-ordinate election campaigns since 2004. I have been a self employed business owner for over 20 years and owned local Taxi Business for 21 years. I worked to organized campaign's for Jerry B
Jimmy Nguyen   Male   In 2012, I ran for San Jose City Council District8/Evergreen and lost to the incumbent by 8%. That year was one of the hardest and eye-opening experiences in my life. Every door I knocked on, every person I spoke with, every problem that a voter shared with me drove me to work harder in order to serve our community. With much discontent and turmoil swirling in our neighborhoods, I look forward to carrying forward my responsibility as a delegate with your support! Fellow democrats of Assembly District 27, please vote for me --Jimmy Nguyen-- and grant me the opportunity to serve our community!
David Jaquez   Male    
Milan Balinton   Male   My name is Milan R. Balinton. As a current resident and servant leader in AD 27, I am inspired to take action by seeking your vote to become one of the Assembly District 27 delegates representing the people's interest and not my own. As a community organizer, mentor, and advocate for seniors and those living with disabilities. I am committed to being the voice for the voiceless. As an African American, I am aware of the disparities as well as the lack of representation of persons of color at various levels of leadership that make decision affecting thousands. Being an Executive Director of a non-profit, it's been my life mission to unify people of all walks of life; to make sure that services and programs exists for anyone seeking "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Your vote matters. I ask and thank you in advance for your vote.
Enrique Arguello   Male    
Atul Kalra   Male   As a graduate of local public school and UCLA, I owe a lot to our public infrastructure and education. Now, as a small business owner, I would like to give back to the Democratic Party and my local community.
Diego Barragan   Male    
Jose Lujano   Male   I have lived in East San JosŽ my whole life, and in 22 years, I have come to the conclusion that we need our voice heard statewide now more than ever. People have been talking about "fixing" the East Side for the past 30 years, promising better social, educational, and economic opportunities but the reality is that none of this matters unless we empower our community to lead. D27 bleeds culture through and through. It is a melting pot of opinions and struggles, both of which have too frequently been forgotten at the State level. Its time we work together to bridge the gap between civic participation and electoral representation by ensuring residents, documented and undocumented, know that their role in mending their community is as much theirs as it is public safety's, elected official's and community leader's. Let's work together to create a party coalition determined to empower communities like those found in AD-27 across this great State. I hope to earn your vote.
Jesus Gomez   Male   I am a young Democrat, trying to spread democratic ideals. These includes but not limited electing candidates with democratic ideals and help grow the party.