AD 26


Dean Singh





Time & Location:

Apple Annie's Restaurant - North Conference Room

1165 N. Blackstone Ave.
Tulare, CA 93274-2347
Cross street: Prosperity Ave.
Location Phone: 559-686-3411

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Annette Guadagnin   Female   I am retired and a dedicated Democrat. In the past I have served as a Treasurer on the Tulare DCC, and assisted in the operation of the office for the past two elections of President Obama. I am very active in the City of Tulare and City of Visalia Clubs an am also an officer in each of the clubs. I was a delegate for the past three years and attended two of the conventions after my appointment and was very active. I was appointed to the Executive Board on the Financial Committee by Hilary but had to withdraw due to an illness. I would be very pleased and proud to be a Delegate to the Assembly and to represent my District at the conventions in the future. Thank you for your consideration. Annette Guadagnin
Suzanna Aguilera-Marrero   Female   My name is Suzanna Aguilera-Marrero, I'm known as SAM ,the achronym for my name. Im a retired State of California Correctional Captain, I am the endorsed state party candidate for California Congressional District 22. I'm a 2013-14 Tulare County Grand Jury member, I am on Crime Victims United of California Executive Board, I'm an advocate for the Developmentally challenged,seniors, veterans and students. I'm a Rotarian, I am an active member of various Womens' Clubs and Community Organizations and Associations. I desire to be on the state E-Board, on a Standing Committee and intend to work diligently and aggressively towards the Democratic platform. I am a strong courageous advocate and look forward to harnessing the energy I have towards the progressive end of Democrats in California.
Susanne Gundy   Female   A group of us Democrats from the Tulare and Visalia Democratic Clubs and the College of Sequoias Young Dems and others are working together to elect Democrats to local, State and National offices, Our mission: fundraising, voter registration and education, precinct organization,recruiting and supporting Democratic candidates for all local, State and Federal races, working with allies to promote progressive causes, increasing visibility of Democrats to turn "red" Tulare County "blue".
Perla Soria   Female   I would appreciate the opportunity to serve and better educate myself about the best choices for our community.
Rosa Munoz   Female   My name is Rosa Munoz, I serve as President of the Tulare Democratic Club. I formerly volunteered as campaign manager for CA22 and gained a wealth of rewarding experiance. I also am a member of the Tulare County Latino Rotary, an executive board member to the Tulare County League of Mexican American Women and Las Campesinas Unidas del San Juaquin Valley. I am a member of several public safety organizations and various community Clubs. I seek to serve the community and its youth in particular in an endeavor to improve the situation of the Central Valley.
Rebecca Quintana   Female   I have been very active in the Democratic Party in Tulare County for the past five years. I have done phone banking, precinct walking, voter registration, fund raising. Also a member of the following organizations in Tulare County: Tulare County Democratic Central Committee, Visalia Democratic Club and Tulare Democratic Club.
Iliana Wadkins   Female   My name is Ilianna Wadkins. I am a retired state peace officer. I have served on state boards for more than a decade as well as other public safety organizations. I volunteered for CA22 candidate as a campaign consultant and enjoyed it so much I am now seeking a delegate position. I believe that education and information are underscored and need to be in the forefront of getting our message out. I continue to volunteer in community clubs, associations and organizations to engage and participate in improving justice. I look forward to representing the district with your vote.
Abigail Solis   Female   I am interested in being an Assembly District Delegate. I currently serve as the President of the Visalia Democratic Club and I am an elected member of the Earlimart School District Board of Trustees. I have worked on several democratic campaigns in the past years. I have a passion and dedication to seeing Democrats elected.
Alice King   Female   My name is Alice King, I am a supervisor with peace officer ranking with the state of California. I have served as a delegate in the past and volunteered at polling sites for various elections. I am the President at a chapter level for the Association of Black Correctional Workers and have served in various offices of other peace officer associations. I am an advocate for public safety and social justice. I am an active member of community clubs and volunteer for several youth causes for the advancement of their academic endeavors. I look forward to representing this district with your vote I am confident I can make a difference.
Priscilla Musgrove   Female   My name is Priscilla Musgrove and I am a retired state peace oficer. I have remained actively involved and engaged with the local schools to ensure my grandchildren recieve a good education. I am a Delta sorority sister and participate in my community through the various awareness programs implemented. I am also a past candidate for the school board locally and look forward to securing a seat in the future. I am an advocate for human rights and social justice and hope you vote me as your delegate. I continue to serve as a volunteer with my local Democratic Club and various sport and community service clubs to motivate our youth and community leaders to continue to pursue excellence through participation.
Tom Chamberlin   Male   I am active in the Visalia and Tulare Democratic Clubs. I volunteered as treasurer for Suzanna Auilera-Marrero's campaign.I have been active in get out the vote efforts and voter registration locally. My goal is to see a more active and stronger Democratic base in Tulare County.
John Coffee   Male    
Brock Neeley   Male    
Ruben Macareno   Male   I am committed to changing our region blue. Chairman of the Tulare County Democratic Central Committee; Founder and President of Latino Democrats of Tulare County, 2014 Assembly Candidate.