AD 25


Tim Orozco





Time & Location:

CSEA Headquarters - Board Room

2045 Lundy Ave.
San Jose, CA 95132
Cross street: Concourse Dr.
Location Phone: 408-473-1000

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 12pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Andrae Macapinlac   Male   -Secretary, Santa Clara County Democratic Party -DSCC Delegate, 25th Assembly District -Executive Board Member, Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club -Executive Board Member, Tri Cities Democratic Forum -Former President, Silicon Valley Young Democrats I'd be honored to represent the 25th Assembly District at the State Democratic Central Committee once again!
Raj Salwan   Male   As a lifelong Democrat, I have been very active in the Democratic Party for as long as I can remeber. I have served as a Delegate for the state party and been elected in this role since 2008. It has been an honor to serve you in the capacity. I have been chair of the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum and Alternate to the Alameda County Central Committee. It has been an honor to support many Democrats in the past fifteen years. I humbly ask you for your vote so that I can continue to represent you. Thank you Raj Salwan
Tejinder Dhami   Male   As a lifelong Democrat, I have been very active in the Democratic Party. I have helped many local, state, and Congressional Candidates in their elections. I have been the National Delegate for the OBAMA campaign.
Dieu Huynh   Male   As a long time resident of San Jose, I find myself invested in the future of the city. As an immigrant to the country 12 years ago, I can relate to the struggles that many go through on a daily basis. It's simply common sense for me to signed up as a Democrat on election year, 2008. Since then, I've wanted to get more involved, to do more good. I ask for your support now to give me that chance. Thank you.
Aref Aziz   Male   It has been my pleasure to spend the last 4 years working with grassroots Democrats across the state, and especially here in the 25th AD.I hope you can do me the honor to electing me to represent you at the California Democratic Party again. As an activist I believe that hard work and dedication to Democratic Causes helps us strengthen our party. I am seeking this position to be that hardworking voice. I also want to continue to represent the South Asian and Young Democrat voices in AD 25 at the state level. I am a proud supporter of the California Democratic Party and have worked with local Democrats in a variety of fields. In 2010 I led the Ohlone UDC and local Democrats to victory after manning our local campaign headquarters, and coordinating with Organizing for America. In 2014, I served as the Data Base Manager for Alameda County's Successful Measure BB. I currently serve as Northern California Chair of the Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus for the California Democratic Party, Chair of the Muslim American Caucus of the California Young Democrats, Fmr. Chair of the South Alameda County Young Democrats, and was awarded Young Democrat of the Year in 2011 from the Ohlone United
rajesh verma   Male   I am a registered Democrate and am a member of Indo American Democratic Forum. I am active and want to contribute for the success of the democratic party.
Chandru Bhambhra   Male   I have been living in this County since 1989. I have been actively helping the community since then. I have been active in the Federation of Indo American of Northern California since 1993. I am the President of HSS Bay Area Chapter since 2013, which has 17 sub chapters in Bay Area.
VINOD KUMAR   Male    
Alex Hilke   Male   I'm a lifelong Democrat, which means I share your values, hopes and dreams. I'm a progressive that has spent my whole career fighting for a more just, equal and prosperous society. I have served as a delegate from the old AD 20 2007-2012, founder and board member of the South Alameda County Young Democrats and campaigned for local. endorsed Democrats every year since 2006. I'd be honored to serve the party from this district.
Dharminder Dewan   Male   I am a long term resident of Fremont with two children studying in the public education system. I serve on the Human Relations Commission for the city of Fremont and also on the Financial Advisory Commission for the FUSD. I also am involved with non-profits promoting literacy, culture and helping the homeless and poor by donating food, providing education, providing winter shelters and volunteering wherever there is a need. I am a current delegate and an e-board member and continue to serve my district to ensure that we continue to get the community involved, engaged, mobilized and organized in the democratic process. I have done numerous voting drives and continuously help the seniors in registering to vote. I have helped the seniors as well as anyone who needs help getting to the polling booth to ensure that everyone can exercise their fundamental right to vote. As a delegate one of the key activities that I will continue to focus on is the Voter Registration and try to get the voter percentage up during the presidential as well as non-presidential elections. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. LETS MOVE FORWARD WITH ONE VOICE LETS REGISTER TO VOTE AND EXERCISE OUR RIGHT.
Dominic Caserta   Male   I am a proud Democrat. I am a teacher and elected City Council Member. I share the progressive values of the Democratic Party. I would be honored to continue to serve as a party delegate.
Jim Canova   Male   I currently serve as a Trustee on the Governing Board of the Santa Clara Unified School District and the MetroEd Governing Board. Many Friends and Supporters have encouraged me to run for this Position including former Assembly Member and recently elected California State Senator (10th District) Bob Wieckowski. It would be an Honor to Serve in this very important and exciting Role! Thank You for Your Kind Consideration!!! Jim Canova Trustee - Governing Board Member Santa Clara Unified School District
romesh japra   Male   i am involved in the democratic party elections. I was an elected delegate last year. I am involved in our community and want to help deserving candidates to win in coming elections. My goal is to get more voters registered and they go an vote.
Mike Bucci   Male   My name is Mike Bucci and I am a lifelong Democrat. I have strong democratic values and am known for being a steadfast supporter of labor and working families. I'm an active member of our state, county and local party and have been an appointed delegate for 2 years. As well as being the democratically endorsed Council Member from Newark, I have also served on the Alameda County Central Committee for 3 years. I was proud to serve as Chair of the Tri-City Democratic Forum in 2013 and was honored as the Ohlone Area UDC outstanding Democrat of the year in 2014. I believe in the importance of the work we do at the Democratic state convention and would be honored to continue to serve our democratic community as our elected delegate. I humbly ask for your support.
Emily Ramos   Female   I am a Fremont native and have lived here all my life. I originally got involved in politics when I worked on the late Mayor Wasserman's successful re-election campaign in 2008. Afterward, I moved on to work at a technology non-profit. I got pulled back in to volunteer with Organizing for America to re-elect President Obama, and politics didn't let me go this time. I continued my involvement by joining the Silicon Valley Young Democrats, of which I have since become an executive board member. In my time with SVYD, I've worked to get good Democrats into office. Through the California Young Democrats, I had the opportunity to attend the state Democratic Convention, where I was inspired to make a deeper commitment to the future of our party. I would be honored to represent Assembly District 25 and push forward progressive policies built on our Democratic values.
Jan Giovannini-Hill   Female   My first call to service was back in the 60's when a high school friend said she knew of someone we needed to help. That someone was Leo J. Ryan. Little did I know then what I was getting myself in to. We stuffed envelopes, put flyers on doorsteps, and made phone calls among other tasks at the Ryan campaign office. I remember Leo J. Ryan for being not only the excellent public servant that he was, but also my substitute Algebra teacher at Mills High School in Millbrae. It has been a couple decades since then, but throughout the years I have helped out whenever and wherever I could on many a political campaign and in many a Democratic office for various local, state and national officeholders. I am a life-long Democrat raised in a union household. I have had the honor to serve as an AD20 Delegate and E-Board Rep for many terms, and was a 2008 CD13 Hillary Alternate to the DNC in Denver. It would be an honor and a privilege to represent and serve the 25th Assembly District at this time. I hope you will consider voting for me as one of your AD25 choices for the 2015-17 term. Thank you!
Cassandra Langer   Female   2014 California Democrat Delegate CLUBS BCAC Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council BNSJ Berryessa North San Jose Democratic Club SVYD Silicon Valley Young Democrats CAMPAIGN(S): Mayor Bill Harrison-Fremont Congressman Mike Honda Assemblymember Bob Wiekowski Teresa Cox for Assembly Mayor-Elect Sam Liccardo-San Jose Councilman Charles "Chappie" Jones-San Jose
Lenine Umali   Female   I have served AD25 as a member of Congressman Mike Honda's office for the past three years, working on a variety of issues important to the district, among them immigration, housing, healthcare, and women's rights. I am proud of my history of progressive public service and political involvement. I first became deeply involved in the community through my work with UC Berkeley's Pilipino Academic Student Services, a student-run organization whose mission is to recruit and retain low-income, under-served Pilipino Americans into institutions of higher education. I also served as the campaign manager for a student senator aligned with the progressive student party, California Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education. After graduating, I served as a community advocate for low-income, under-served Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area and Central California with the Asian Law Caucus. I currently serve as Congressman Honda's Deputy District Director and as Co-Chair of the Legislation Committee of the California Democratic Party. I am running to continue serving in my capacity as Co-Chair of the Legislation Committee and to continue to be an advocate for progressive
Debra Pearson   Female   I'm a proud lifelong democrat and union activist. As a resident of Fremont, I have been active in local democratic politics for years, helping to support and elect progressive democrats that fight for working families and access to opportunity. Professionally, as a court worker, I serve as an active leader in my union. I'm currently the President for the Court Chapter of SEIU 1021, and I serve as the Secretary for the Alameda County SEIU Committee on Political Education. I'm also a delegate to the Alameda County Labor Council. These roles allow me to help lead a movement that fights to protect our courts, access to justice, and rights for workers and their families. I've also been dedicated to our local Democratic Party, serving as the past Vice-President to the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum (TCDF). I'm still an active member of TCDF, and currently serve as an associate to the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. I have been honored, in the past, to serve both as an appointed (and elected) delegate to the California Democratic Party. I am running for 25th Assembly District Delegate to continue my commitment to the Democratic Party, and to continue the fight for our p
Leslie Muniz   Female   I would consider it an honor to represent the Democratic Party. I have been involved in politics since an early age. I was raised by a family that stressed the importance of being involved in my community and standing up for the rights of others. My family were farm workers who believed that education and putting others before self were the most important things a person could do to better our lives and the lives of others. I feel that by being a representative for the Democratic Party,I would best be able to serve others.
Karina Dominguez   Female    
Noelani Sallings   Female   I have brought dynamic leadership to the Bay Area and many cultural communities for over 15 years. My leadership experience includes volunteer work with the Santa Clara Unified School District, public service on various boards and committees, and professional work with various government officials and Bay Area non-profit organizations, most recently as the Director of Business Development for San JosŽ Jazz. I strive for excellence in everything I do, with a level of commitment that is second to none, fueled by a belief in the fundamental right to equality for all. I understand the positive impact that a well-rounded education can have on a community, and strive everyday to ensure that local students receive the education they need and deserve. I have been an advocate for education for more than a decade, serving on the boards of organizations such as the Santa Clara Schools Foundation, the Wilcox Dance Team Boosters, and Next Vista for Learning. I am also a passionate advocate for women's rights, social justice, and the environment, having served on the boards of DAWN (Democratic Activists for Women Now), the Asian Pacific American Democratic Club, and BAYMEC (a local LGBT rights o
Veena Birla   Female   I am resident of Fremont since 1990 &also running my Business . During Election I made calls to encourage to vote,help them to register to vote also make arrangements to give rides to pooling station
Reena Rao   Female   As a long time resident of Fremont, I have been part of the political process, local and national elections for the last few years. As an immigrant, I can relate to the issues and concerns that many go through here in the US. I have served as a PTA president and on various other roles in the local elementary schools and am a board member on the Fremont Art Review Board. It has been my honor to serve as a delegate the last couple of years and willing to do so for the next couple of years. I humbly ask for your support so that I could represent the district with my fellowmen. Thank you.
Manali Brahmbhatt   Female   A life long democrat, like to contribute to the political process and make positive changes.
Betty Cole   Female   I went to the Democratic Convention last year as a delegate for Mike Honda. I belong to the Tri-City Democratic Club in Fremont and would like to be more active in the organization.