AD 24


Alyson L Abramowitz





Time & Location:

Los Altos Youth Center, Multiuse Room

1 North San Antonio Rd
Los Altos, CA 94022
Cross street: Hillview Ave.
Location Phone: 4085-942-889

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 11:30am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Lorri Holzberg   Female   I want to uphold the integrity of the elected Democratic officials in San Mateo County and help them in the legislation which they sponsor and support. I have a strong health care background as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and I strongly support the efforts of Covered California in implementing the Affordable Care Act.
Ellen Kamei   Female   I am a committed and passionate public servant. For the last two years, I have been serving as an ADEM Delegate, which has been an honor and privilege. As an ADEM Delegate, I have had the support of our local legislators including Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Senator Jerry Hill, and Assemblymember Rich Gordon. I am a third generation Mountain View resident and serve as the Vice Chair of the City of Mountain View's Environmental Planning Commission. Currently, I am a Policy Aide to Supervisor Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, District 5. Prior to the County, I worked for the City of Fremont as an International City/County Management Association Local Government Management Fellow and the federal government for Congresswomen Anna G. Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren. I have a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Certificate in Politics from the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government and attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where I received a B.A. in English. It would be an honor to serve as your ADEM Delegate once again.
Jennifer Thomas   Female   As president of 1,714 teachers in the San Jose Teachers Association, I know the value of an informed and energized electorate. A big part of my job necessitates both action and advocacy- discussing the impact of reduced funding on teacher expenditures in their own classrooms, the impact of our five furlough days, and local awareness campaigns during our state union's campaign to raise awareness about the funding crisis in California's public education. My greatest opportunity to be a public voice for education has come from my invitations to appear on the NBC show, Class Action. This show brings together local, state, and national figures in education to discuss the issues facing our nation and our communities. We heatedly discuss the issues of tenure, seniority, layoffs, and budget cuts, testing, funding, evaluation, cameras in the classroom, and Michelle Rhee. My colleagues tell me that I am doing a good job and that I represent them with clarity and passion. It is with this experience in public advocacy and knowledge of multiple contexts in both policy and politics, that I submit my application.
Carolyn Curtis   Female   Democratic activist since 1968, really learned organizing as aide in congr.campaign 1979-80. Have run 6 precincting operations & 2 large-scale petition drives. Napa & San Mateo county cmte member & CDP delegate 1970s & 1990s. Reactivated 2003 by Howard Dean campaign; CDP delegate ever since, appointed by Ira Ruskin 2005-10 partly because my precincting lead activity was significant in his close win 2004; appointed 2011-14 by Rich Gordon. Elected CDP e-board 2005-8, co-chaired Voter Reg subcmte 2007-8. Santa Clara co. cmte e-board 2003-7; delegate (CD18 top vote-getter) 2012 National Convention. Details at https://sites.google.com/site/carolynlcurtis/blog Besides ringing countless doorbells for McNerney, Bera, Eggman, Beall, Laird, Gordon, etc. I've helped raise many thousands for these and more. I have worked within the party for greater openness and especially to win elections, and continue deep involvement in the excellent activist, nonideological Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, which I co-founded 10 years ago. I will be a yellow dog Democrat till the day I die. Want an activist who's seen a lot & knows what organizing is? Vote for me.
Alice Smith   Female   I am co-chair of the Dean Democratic Club, Chair of the local chapter of the ACLU, active in Human Rights Watch. I speak out against injustice; worked hard to end the death penalty and am an advocate for the rights of the homeless and other underserved in our society. I hold fund-raisers for candidates such as Ami Bera and Jerry McNerney. I housed a staffer for Mike Honda's campaign for 15 months as my contribution to his campaign. I am proud to be a progressive democrat. If I am not successful in this election, I will ask to work on one of the standing committees as an appointee for the party. I have done voter legal protection in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections in NM, OH and NV, respectively, have reviewed 1000s of provisional ballots for Charlie Brown and Kamela Harris and consider myself knowledgeable about voting rights and access. I am a grandmother to 5, a bird-watcher and an avid bridge player as well. I would welcome your vote.
Margaret Okuzumi   Female   Six years ago when you elected me as delegate to what was then AD 22, I promised to help build the Democratic Party. I quickly delivered, launching the Democratic Club of Sunnyvale in my living room. Last May, the Santa Clara County Democratic Party chose me as Madge Overhouse Volunteer of the Year (a prestigious award given to only one grassroots volunteer per year from a highly competitive field of nominations) for my work organizing a field campaign to elect Democrats and pass a set of gun safety regulations in Sunnyvale. In 2013, the Santa Clara County Democratic Club honored me as 1 of 7 "Women Making a Difference" to recognize my leadership and advocacy work for the environment and public transportation. Last summer, I helped to defeat a bad bill in the state legislature, AB 2145, that would have made it harder for communities to obtain cheaper, cleaner & greener energy. It's important that we elect delegates to the state party who support stronger action on climate, campaign finance reform, disclosure and transparency in elections, who work to advance a progressive agenda/build a movement, and who follow state politics. I'd be honored to continue my service with your vo
Karen Porter   Female   I am running to help elect progressive candidates especially those who support election integrity and clean money, environmental protection, universal healthcare, ethics and transparency in government, and policies that promote peace, social justice and tax fairness. As a life-long resident of the Bay Area, I appreciate the opportunities and resources we enjoy, but realize that there is much more we can and should do to improve our communities and civic well-being. I have been a Democratic grassroots activist and volunteer for many years walking precincts, registering voters, monitoring polls and voting, among other efforts to help promote our democratic ideals. I currently serve on the Steering Committee of the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley. A graduate of Santa Clara University with degrees in political science and law, I am employed as an attorney for a high-technology company.
Nancy Smith   Female   I started the Democratic Club of Sunnyvale (DCS) while holding down a full-time job and serving in several community leadership positions such as member of the Santa Clara County Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee and as chair of the Santa Clara Valley Water District Environmental and Water Resources Committee. As president of DCS, I serve as the club representative on the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee. At my urging, SCDCC adopted an emergency resolution opposing the extension of the Bush tax cuts. I have worked on and contributed to many state and local campaigns for Democrats aspiring to hold office and I have recruited a very talented and dedicated Executive Committee for DCS. Many Sunnyvale Democrats now have a place to get plugged into the Party and to feel they can contribute time and talent to help the Party. I am proud to call myself a Democrat and believe in the Party values of fairness, economic justice, and putting people first. I would be honored to continue my service as a representative for Assembly District 24 as your delegate at the State Democratic Party Convention.
Amy Pearl   Female   A lifelong Democrat, I believe in protecting the needs of the country as a whole and the needs of the many against the special interests of the entitled few. We must educate and engage people to have an informed, engaged electorate. As President of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition (Northern CA's largest Democratic Club), as a member of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee, and as Member/Past Chair, Santa Clara County Advisory Commission on Elections, I work to elect Democrats throughout California and educate and engage our local citizens. We need the talent of all our citizens, and as a field organizer for Hillary Clinton in 2008, as a fundraiser for individual candidates, and as a National Board Member of Emerge America, I work to recruit, develop, support and elect qualified women to elected office. I share what I learn in my political travels through the PDC newsletter and social media (see www.amypearl.com for info and to sign up or follow). With the disappointing 2014 Election, we must protect Democracy by defending electoral processes and strengthening campaign finance reform. Please support me, Amy Pearl, candidate for Assembly District Delegate.
Abigail Longcor   Female   I have lived in the district most of my life, am a proud life-long Democrat, an active member of the Young Democrats, and a member of the League of Women Voters. I was instrumental in the campaign committee for the top vote getter in the last City Council race in Mountain View and have volunteered for numerous campaigns over the years including Kerry and Obama. I am a former High School Math Teacher and educational grant manager. In both of these roles the majority of my students were low-income and Latino. I have spent my career in education teaching and advocating for underserved students. In my current position, I run an engineering program for a diverse group of over 2,000 4th-12th grade students and train K-12 educators on how to incorporate engineering into their classrooms and educational programs. I believe strongly in progressive values and would be honored to represent my district.
Jackie Wheeler   Female   Proud to be a native Californian, I have been involved in the election process since walking precincts as a child with my mother. My first connection with the Democratic Party was supporting JFK while in college before I was able to vote. I helped start a League of Women Voters in Texas in the mid-sixties. Returning to California I continued to be a part of the League and have worked on every election since then. I am passionate about the Progressive values of the Democratic Party and currently volunteer with close the gap CA recruiting progressive women to run for State Assembly and Senate seats. I have hosted successful campaign fundraiser and campaign kick off events for progressive Democratic candidates in my home. We need to support and encourage demand! that our legislators turn progressive values and ideas into accomplishments. I would be honored to be an Assembly District 24 Delegate to the 2015 and 2016 Conventions.
Laura Martinez   Female   It has been an honor to serve as a delegate representing the 24th AD for the past 2 years. As a native of East Palo Alto and long-time activist, I believe the Democratic Party can be a tool for improving our community by advocating for quality education, affordable housing and safe neighborhoods. In the past I've worked to engage the Latino community at the Democratic Volunteer Center in Menlo Park. Professionally, I have worked in education and the non-profit sector for 10+ years. I am the youngest council member and mayor to be elected to the East Palo Alto City Council. I am also the first Latina mayor to serve on the East Palo Alto City Council. I represent the City of East Palo on the following boards: City/County Association of Governments for San Mateo County (C/CAG), San Mateo County Library JPA, San Mateo County Emergency Services Council and Commute.org. As a 12 year Democrat I believe in ensuring safety and quality of life, access to higher education and standing up for women's rights. It would be a privilege to continue the hard work of moving our Party and our state forward. Thank you for your consideration.
Elspeth Farmer   Female   I have been a delegate for the past eight years and served on the Platform Committee and 2 terms on E-board. In the past two years I worked to re-elect the President by raising money through the DNC Finance Committee of which I am a member. I also worked to help pass Prop 36 and Prop 47. I am very active in efforts to end the Death Penalty and am assisting in a death penalty appeal. I have also been very active in voter protection efforts in both state and federal elections. If re-elected, I will continue to focus on juvenile justice issues in California through my work on the Platform Committee. Please vote for me!
Andrew Heaton   Male   Since moving to California, I have worked hard to be an active and contributing member of the CDP and affiliate clubs here in Silicon Valley. In 2012, I moved to Cupertino, CA. Before the end of the year, I had joined the Silicon Valley Young Democrats. In 2013, I moved to Mountain View, and quickly joined the Peninsula Democrat Coalition and the Peninsula Young Dems. I have since become Treasurer of PYD and have joined the Board of Directors of the PDC. In the recent election cycle, I devoted time and energy to help both local and national Democrats win their races. I served as treasurer on a City Council candidate's campaign. I walked precincts for other local candidates. I spent time at the Democratic Volunteer Center making calls for congressional candidates here in CA as well as in other states. Working hard to advance Democratic causes and candidates has become a mission for me. I am a 2009 graduate of Indiana University's McKinney School of Law and Kelley School of Business, earning a JD/MBA. I am a Business Development Analyst at the law firm of Fenwick & West. I look forward to the chance to work hard to keep the momentum of the California Democratic Party moving forward.
Lucas Ramirez   Male   I'm truly grateful for having the opportunity to serve as an elected delegate representing the 24th Assembly District. Over the past two years, I've volunteered extensively for many Democratic candidates in both San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. With the help and advice of many Democratic activists, I wrote a resolution calling for reform of the UC Regents and CSU Trustees that the Resolutions Committee adopted during the 2013 CDP Convention. I also submitted a suggestion to the Platform Committee that was accepted, again with your help and encouragement, during the 2014 Convention. To help local Democratic elected officials and candidates understand our values and priorities, I served on the committee that wrote the Santa Clara County Democratic Party platform. As an active member of several local Democratic clubs, I will continue to work hard to elect Democrats and strengthen the Party. I respectfully ask for your support.
Otto Lee   Male   I am Otto Lee and I'll be honored to earn your vote. 2014 was not a good year for Democrats and we need to work harder to ensure 2016 is Ready for Hillary. I served two terms on the Sunnyvale City Council and a yearlong tour in Iraq. More recently I have supported many outstanding Democrats and hosted events for wonderful leaders such as Controller Betty Yee, Treasurer John Chiang, Congressmembers Ami Bera and Mike Honda, Democratic Congressional candidates Michael Eggman and Amanda Renteria in Central Valley. We made great strides in many of these races, but lost a few, and we have a lot more to do. We will need to make sure our message reaches the voters across the district so that they will turn out to vote in 2016. When we all show up to vote, we win. As a father of three young daughters, I want to make sure that they will have outstanding role models - from Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, Senators Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Hillary Clinton - to realize that anything is possible. I'm Otto Lee and I am ready Together we will make a difference to be victorious in 2016.
Steve Chessin   Male   I am running for re-election to the DSCC and to the Executive Board. I would be honored to have your support. I've been a DSCC member since 1986 and on the E-Board since 1993, Secretary of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party for 8 years, and producer of its public access cable television show for 14 years. I was a founder of the CDP Children's Caucus. I've attended every Convention and actively participated in every E-Board meeting during my terms. I've also served on the Voter Services committee, helped elect Democrats to office at all levels, and worked on electoral reform. I mentor new people and help them come up to speed on the intricate workings of the California Democratic Party, including navigating the Resolutions, Rules, and Caucus processes. I've been endorsed by both State Senator Jerry Hill and Assemblymember Rich Gordon. You will find a more complete statement, including my complete political resume and (at some point) a more complete list of endorsers, at http://chessin24-2015.blogspot.com/2014/12/my-campaign-statement.html
Jonathan Kessler   Male   My name is Jon Kessler, and I am running to represent AD24 as a delegate to the State Democratic Party. I have a considerable background in Democratic Party activities, at the local, state and national levels. While 2014 was not a banner year for Democrats, it just means that we have a tremendous amount of work to accomplish for 2016. I am ready to help get that work done, both in the local and statewide arenas, as well as re-capturing both houses of Congress. With the change in term limits for our state legislators, it is imperative that AD24 send an individual who can understand, create and implement sound policy for our state. I would be honored and grateful to have your support.
Ray Mueller   Male   I humbly offer myself for re-election to serve as an Assembly District Delegate for the Democratic party. This past year I as honored to serve as the Mayor of Menlo Park, where I built of record of improving services to provide for the safety and welfare of Menlo Park working families. I also fought for progressive policies on the environment, and for the protection of privacy rights. Separate from my Council work, I also serve on the Board of charity that provide housing to the homeless. I would appreciate your vote.
Jerry Wright   Male   I am a lifelong Democrat trying to be more involved in the political process, especially as it pertains to individuals with disabilities and other under-represented groups. I work at a public hospital where I've spent my career trying to improve quality of life for individuals that have had brain and/or spinal cord injuries.
Gilbert Wong   Male   My name is Gilbert Wong and currently a Cupertino Council Member since 2007. I have been Mayor for my city twice in 2011 and 2014. My priorities this year for the party are 1) to get more of our residents to registrar to vote 2) to find qualified residents and mentor them in our district to run for local office like school boards, city council council or special districts and 3) to engage voters to come out and vote for our Democratic Party principals. I would be humble and honor to ask for your vote as your ADEM delegate.
Mehdi Alhassani   Male   I humbly ask for your vote to serve as a delegate representing the 24th Assembly District. I am deeply passionate about civic engagement; as the son of immigrant parents, I count my blessings each day to be born in the land of opportunity. I want to serve as a delegate because I want to continue helping the CDP promote policies that make California such a wonderful place to call home strengthening our schools to give students the best chance to succeed in their endeavors, strong environmental policies that make this state clean and beautiful (I've hiked more in the past two years than the rest of my years combined!), and pragmatic economic policies that support hard work and allows entrepreneurs of the 24th assembly district to continue building companies that change the world. I also believe I have some unique experiences that would help me be a strong delegate. As an early Field Organizer for the 2008 Obama for America campaign I traveled across the country from cornfields in Iowa to predominantly African American churches in North Carolina I witnessed firsthand how the everyday values we live by come together to make such a great place. I want to continue being a part of that
David Joki   Male    
Jim Griffith   Male   My name is Jim Griffith, and I currently serve as Mayor of the City of Sunnyvale. I am a lifetime Democrat, twice endorsed for election by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, the Sierra Club, the California League of Conservation Voters, BAYMEC, and multiple Democratic clubs. I've spent much of my life supporting progressive causes, organizations, and candidates. In just the past year, I've worked to pass Sunnyvale's minimum wage increase, dramatically increase funding for affordable housing, kill an anti-environment bill in AB 2145, and champion Sunnyvale's efforts to implement Community Choice Aggregation. I've received the League of Conservation Voters' 2013 Legislator of the Year and Human Agenda's 2013 Human Rights Award. This year, Working Partnerships is honoring me as a Minimum Wage Warrior. I hope that my record demonstrates my commitment to progressive, Democratic principles. More than ever, we need strong delegates, so we can elect effective candidates to defend and champion our progressive agenda. I've been such an advocate as an elected official. I hope to be such an advocate as your CDP delegate for the next year. I ask for your support and your vote.
Matt Savage   Male   I was born a Democrat. As a young child I watched my mother run for school board and work for amazing local politicians who are still changing our world. Given that people under 35 are 50 percent more likely to vote Democrat, the party must engage and rely on its younger members everyday--not just every four years. I am running as a leader of the new generation. Following in the footsteps of my mother, I have worked in politics for the better half of my life. As a college student in Oregon, I was a student organizer and College Democrats leader. After college I worked for labor, the backbone of the Democratic Party. At UFCW 5, I led campaign operations in Santa Clara County, helping defeat Prop 32 while raising the minimum wage. This fall I left labor to be the Field Director for Raul Peralez, a young progressive who won a City Council seat in San Jose. As a delegate to the California Democratic Party, I will continue fighting for social and economic justice and engage a new generation of progressive activists. I hope you will join me in this fight.