AD 23


Doug Kessler





Time & Location:

SEIU Local 1000

6725 N. Willow Ave.
Fresno, CA 93710
Cross street: Herndon Ave.
Location Phone: 559-289-7477

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 1pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Dorothy "Dottie" Smith   Female   I believe it is my duty and responsibility, to actively participate in the Democratic process at every level, if/when/where, I am entitled and eligible to do so. I happen to believe, politics is about making decisions, and I have always been interested and committed to being involved in decisions that affect my live, my community and my country. As a lifelong Democrat, I am concerned about the low voter turnout among Democrats. If they were motivated to register, we must reach out to find out, what they need/want to motivate them to vote. I suggest the development of a questionnaire or survey. Having served as an elected community college trustee for 33 years, an elementary school trustee for eight years, and retiring as a public school educator after 37 years, all the while participating as a community servant, I know, I am qualified to serve as a Delegate.
Jeni-Ann Kren   Female   I have been a Democrat for as long as I have been old enough to vote, and have represented the 23rd Assembly district since 2012. I am President of the Clovis Democratic Club, and am active in numerous Democratic clubs. As your AD Delegate, I will continue to work toward progressive principles of equality, social justice and peace. At this time, the State of California is a Democratic bulwark an increasingly conservative nation. We have the opportunity in this state to present a model of successful Democratic governance that champions non carbon-based energy, support of minority, women's, LGBT and labor rights, and disclosure in electoral financial contributions. I have an undergraduate degree in political science and a doctorate in psychology. I have worked as a psychologist licensed in the state of California for over thirty years and have been a resident of Clovis since 1998. I am married and have four adult children.
Judith Hess   Female   I'm Judy Hess, and have served as your Delegate for two terms, attending, advocating, and voting at every convention. I was recently elected Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus for the Central Region of California. I'm Vice President of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club and Founder/Leader of the Fresno Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, and Secretary of the Campaign for a Healthy California. I came to the valley from San Diego where I had served as a 78th AD Delegate, founded the Metro San Diego chapter of PDA, and was a Community Coordinator for the party. As a dedicated progressive, I strongly support and will continue to work for economic justice, the end of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Single Payer Health Care, Renewable Energy, a Living Wage and Workers' Right to Organize, Net Neutrality and Immigration Reform. I am particularly concerned about economic inequality and the effects of the Citizens United case, and will work to end the secrecy in campaign donations, while we move to total Public Campaign Financing. I ask for your vote. You may reach me at judy@pdamerica.org or 559-907-0279.
Donna Macris   Female   I am a third generation progressive Democrat and a committed progressive activist. I came into the fold of the Democratic Party when I attended my first political event: the Presidential Campaign Speech of George McGovern in Seattle in 1972. I believed in his progressive agenda including his anti-war position. Today, as a nearly forty year health care provider, I am committed to a single-payer, universal health care plan as essential for our country. And as a health care provider caring for multilingual, multiethnic women and infants in the San Joaquin Valley, both documented and undocumented, I am committed to comprehensive immigration reform that leaves no one out. Having grown up in northern Montana, I know we must address global warming which will destroy millions of years old glaciers in Glacier Park by 2050 unless we intervene and we must defeat the Keystone Pipeline whether it runs across the Oglala Sioux tribal lands and its aquifers or not. I am committed to all efforts to reverse the injustices of the Supreme Court in Citizens United and in its damage to the Voting Rights Laws. And, we must not fast-track the TPP. VOTE FOR ME and I shall work for these issues.
Susan McCall Carrasco   Female   As a Progressive Democrat/Grassroots Activist, I am excited to work with other California Democrats to help shape our direction forward, to help contribute towards advancing progressive legislation for working Men and Women, good Jobs, protecting Public Education, our Health and Environment and strengthening Social Security/Medicare. I belong to progressive organizations/clubs, including the Fresno County Democratic Women's Club, San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club, worked several elections from trenches to fundraisers, Ballot Measures to Congressional campaigns. 2014 has shown us Democrats that we have much work ahead of us and the Democratic message is powerful! Our country was built by the hard work of the American people; our Values and our Futures, and our Vote, are more powerful than money. I would love to represent you as a Convention Delegate and I hope you will not only Vote for me to be a Delegate but also Vote for me, Susan McCall Carrasco, to be our 23rd Assembly District Executive Board Representative. Feel free to contact me with any questions at susanmccall10@hotmail.com or 559-439-6533/C 703-309-4600. To 2015 and beyond, Thank You for your Vote!
Margaret Shaeffer   Female   I would like the opportunity to be an active participant in the Democratic Party. I feel I am representative of many who want the best for our neighborhoods and families.
Alexia Baca Morgan   Female   I am Alexia Baca Morgan and I have been a Democrat for forty years. For the past six years I have been an officer for the Clovis Democratic Club. I am a Progressive and will work for you for economic justice, including income equality, economic justice, jobs, affordable housing and education and fair rates for student loans. I am opposed to unjust wars, and especially opposed to drones. I want a single payor health system, and a clean and safe environment, with clean air and water. Global climate change and voter rights are very important to me. As Vice President of the Clovis Club, I have brought in many Speakers to inform us on these important issues. I would be a great representative. Vote for my slate and you will be glad you did.
carole laval   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat. I am serving my second term as president of the Fresno County Democratic Women's Club (FCDWC). The FCDWC was founded in 1932: it is the oldest and largest club in our area. Just prior to being elected president, I served two terms as club vice president. I also serve as treasurer for two other Fresno County clubs: the West Fresno Democratic Club and the San Joaquin Valley Club. I personally and through the local clubs actively support our Democratic principles and candidates. I would be proud to represent our local Democrats at the state level.
Judith Lund-Bell   Female   AD 23 JUDITH LUND-BELL I am a proud, lifelong Democrat and worked for JFK during his 1060 campaign. I worked for other Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana, including Birch Bayh in 1962. Since moving to California in 1966, I have worked for many candidates, beginning with George Zenovich in 1970 to recently hosting a "Ready for Hillary" party on March 22 of this year, a fundraiser for Rachel Hill, and housing a Renteria volunteer for a month prior to the Nov. election. I am an attorney and my hobbies are gourmet cooking and flying. We flew a single-engine plane to China in 1987 and a twin-engine plane around the world across Russia in 1992. I have been an advocate for women's issues; Union causes including donating hours of legal services to the UFW in the late 70s; free speech issues, including organizing 30 defense attorneys to donate time to represent the Occupy Fresno protesters; and other progressive causes. I would be honored to use my knowledge and experience political, vocational and personal-to represent the 23rd District as an advocate for our Democratic values.
Rosalee Leone   Female   This is the most critical time in Democratic Politics. The Great President Obama who has fought for the 98% of our country's population faces adverse situations to bring about change and equality. Not only as a parent and an educator I have been fighting to insure every person in our nation is able to enjoy "Liberty and Justice for all!" We in California have lead the United States in what we envision for justice, growth, jobs, equality, humanity, and health care. I would like to contribute to these causes in California and the World. I support our Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. Thank You!
Mary Beth Carter   Female   I am excited to run for one of the ADEM delegate positions for 2015 & 2016 and would be honored to receive your vote. My background is in physical therapy, in which I have a master's degree. I'm interested in supporting and improving upon the Affordable Care Act set forth by President Obama. For the last 10 yrs, I have stayed home to dedicate myself to raising my children. During that time I have contributed to my community through numerous volunteer activities. Now that my kids are older, I find myself wanting to expand my contributions beyond the needs of local schools and help to influence decisions made by local, state and federal government leaders. I'm proud to be a democrat. I believe we are the thoughtful, insightful, and compassionate party. I hope to further the democratic vision by participating as a delegate. Thank you for your consideration.
Eleanor Garabedian   Female   Being a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee is important for many reasons. Losing in recent elections, both statewide and nationally, tells me that it is of utmost importance to pay attention, be creative, practical and productive in all future efforts to elect good Democratic candidates to office. There is a great need in the Central Valley for Democratic leadership, and, as the current local Coordinator of the California Disclose Act, soon to be resurrected, I can tell you that there are many interested voters in creating a political atmosphere that serves Democratic principals well.
Chasitie Neal   Female   As member of the Chamber of Commerce and Champion of small businesses I believe they are the back bone to economic development and the engine to revive our local economy and bring more jobs. I hope to serve as a first time Delegate for ADEM 31 and look forward to your partnership to move this party forward.
LINDA HAYES   Female   I would like to become a member of the Assembly District Committee to broaden my knowledge of the Democrat Party. I currently serve on the Central California Democrat Committee. I have the opportunity to vote on issues that affect the Central Valley. I also am able to be kept abreast of the Democrat issue locally and nationally. I work closely with a committee who is active in trying to recruit Democratic voters and candidates. During the last local elections, I was the Treasure for Debbie Darden who ran for the Fresno Unified School District, also she did not win her race, it was an awesome leaning experience. I would be honored to be a ADEM delegate and ask for your vote at the caucus in January.
Christine Conley   Female   As the eldest of 4 children in a Democratic household, I learned early on the importance of caring for family, friends, and strangers. I have chosen the path of volunteering to elect those persons that can uphold the values of the Democratic Party. I have been involved in both Obama campaigns; Krystal Ball for Congress 2010; Soria for Fresno City Council 2014. In 2010, I was one of five nominees for Grassroots Volunteer of the Year, in Virginia. Since returning to California to be with my father prior to his passing, I also became a caregiver for my aunt and became involved through IHSS and SEIU-UHW. I am a member of the Fresno County Democratic Women's Party Club. I am the mother of 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. I consider this to be the time in my life that I am able to devout as much time and energy to the Democratic Party.
Gloria Cantu   Female   My name is Gloria Cantu. I come from a large Democratic family here in the Central Valley. I retired from Superior Court and from SEIU. I have always been active in my community, serving on various Community based organizations because I care about helping others towards a quality of life. I am currently the Secretary to the Democratic Women's Club in Fresno and am also serving as a member of the Fresno County Grand Jury. I continue to stay involved because I'm a strong advocate for fairness and equality. Having been a Union Representative/Organizer, I realized that campaigns and voting really matters and that everyday people effectuate change. If elected as a delegate, I hope to continue to work to motivate, inspire and educate others about how vital voting is and how it directly impacts them from the national level, to state and to the local level. We Democrats must support our candidates to ensure our community needs are met today, tomorrow and into the future of our families. Thank you for your consideration.
Sophia DeWitt   Female   I am running because I believe strongly in progressive values: freedom, equality, community, care for neighbor, small "d" democracy. These values are what make our country great. I want to see a nation that lives up to its best values, and uses these values to guide its decision making on the big issues of our time: economic inequality, environmental stewardship, racial equality, women's rights and reproductive freedom, GLBT rights, diplomacy and a compassionate foreign policy.
Victor Pasnick   Male   My goal is to help steer our party toward more equitable benefits for the common citizen. Corporate influences need to be taken out of the equation. Especially the huge cost overruns by the pentagon and their contractors, such as items like the $150 BILLION cost of developing one war plane. Savings from this pointless expense could go to the states for better health care, lower college tuition, (in Europe college tuition is FREE), job creation, cleaner air, and water infrastructure, including desalination plants to prevent drought. We need better trade policies. If we buy something abroad, the seller should get a "credit card" instead of cash, which could only be used to buy USA goods and services. It's a shame that the most productive agricultural country in the world has 1 in 7 Americans going hungry. There are so many things that need fixed, that it's impossible to fit them in this space. I am a lifelong Democrat and my goal is to make California and the USA better for the ordinary people.
Philip Traynor MPA   Male   I am eager to serve you again as an AD Delegate. In 2012, I introduced a proposal at the 2012 Democratic Convention to include Early Childhood Education in our platform, and it passed. I have been politically involved since the early 60s. While in graduate school in DC I first started "walking the talk" by demonstrating in Cambridge Md with the black community when the city was under martial law. From there I went to St Louis University and began working in opposition the Vietnam War. From St Louis I moved to San Francisco in the late 60s and joined a collective to organize GIs against the Vietnam War in San Francisco, Berkley, Monterey, and San Diego. After the war ended I worked with the United Farm Workers Union, setting up health centers for farm workers, first on the border in Mexicali and Calexico, and then in Parlier, Sanger, and San Joaquin. In the early 80s I was involved in training farm workers to become family farmers. In the late 80s I was Director of St. Agnes Hospice and at the turn of the century, I was a fundraiser first for National Latino Public Radio then for Early Childhood Education Centers. I oppose unjust wars and favor single payer health care.
Larry Moore   Male   My name is Larry Moore. I strongly support and will work for policies that will "level the playing field" for the American people. I am a liberal and proud of it. Prior to retiring as a Fresno teacher I was fortunate to serve for eight years as President of the Fresno Teachers Association. After retirement I served for four years as a member of the Fresno Unified School Board. I have been a strong progressive advocate for children and teachers rights. I believe in providing every child with the opportunity for a quality public education. Education is one of the building blocks for a healthy democracy. I also believe in teachers. A teachers working conditions are our children's learning conditions. Like many I am very concerned with the widening gap between the Very Rich and the rest of us in America especially as it impacts public education. I believe privatizing of education through charter schools and vouchers exacerbates inequality and is destructive to our democracy. I would appreciate your vote. You may reach me at larrymoore6@gmail.com or 559-274-6887.v
Bruce Jewell   Male   My name is Rev. Soshin Bruce Jewell. I have been a representative to the Democratic state convention for District 23 for the past two years gaining experience as I go. I have worked in the Democratic party since the 1970's on numerous issues but most particularly on issues concerning the gay rights. I am a member of the Stonewall Democrats in Fresno. I also belong to the Progressive Democrats of America and am currently participating in the PDA Global Climate Change Conference Calls. I have been and continue to be a progressive. I strongly support and work for equal rights for all people and economic justice including a single payer health system, living wages and the right of workers to organize. I am deeply concerned that the Citizens United case will distort our democracy and may destroy it. Moreover, any attack on net neutrality will be a further blow to democratic institutions and the flow of information necessary to a democracy. I consider these two issues to be of profound import. Lastly, the conditions wrought by global climate change, such as we are experiencing here in California, may be the most important issue of all as in touches upon our very survival. I ask
James Kratzer   Male   I am Jim Kratzer, a native of Davis, California, and have lived in Fresno since 1979. I am a local pediatrician, having gotten my BS from Stanford, MD at UCSD, pediatrics residency at San Francisco, and Masters in Public Health at Berkeley. I've been politically active, helping with GOTV, walking precincts, and poll watching for many years. I am a member of Physicians for a National Health Program, Physicians for Social Responsibility, National Public Health Association, and Progressive Democrats of America, and as such, strongly support a Medicare-type single payer health care system. As a physician, I am very concerned about the quality of our air and water, and am very concerned about global climate change. I will work for economic justice, renewable energy, jobs, especially green jobs. I am against unjust wars. The Citizens United decision and those which have followed chill democracy and we must work for a constitutional amendment to reverse it, as well as other campaign finance reform. I will work to help our district by addressing these issues. I ask for your vote. Contact: kratzer@webtv.net
Ivo Foster   Male   I would like to represent the 23rd Assembly District of California. I have had the opportunity to be a Democratic Delegate and aspire to be an asset to this district. I want to make a meaningful difference in my community and to inform and unite people on issues we face that are quite alarming. I strongly feel that there is a need for us to focus on how the old secure methods of living a decent respectable life are now in jeopardy and in need of serious attention and consideration. The food we eat, the water we drink, our jobs and the infrastructure of our society is being threatened by our collective inaction. Scientists have conclusively found we have man-made global warming. Gone is the era of free or inexpensive colleges. Student loans have become a profit center for financial institutions. Income inequality has created a vast divide with the profits going to Wall Street and the risks to Main Street. Our republic needs proven progressive liberal policies to combat this consuming risk of today. I will work for economic reform, renewable energy, clean air and water, and quality of life for our District. Contact me at: ivofoster@comcast.net or 559-441-3790
Barigye McCoy   Male   It would be an honor to accept the position of. I have had strong ties to my faith and community and strongly believe that it is time for change-in a positive direction. I have served as an assistant on various political campaigns thought out the Central Valley. And was recently appointed to the City of Fresno Region 3 Planning Commission;as well as being a very active leader within my union, SEIU LOCAL 521. It is my deepest desire to see our communities thrive and to serve to lower class and minorities of the Central Valley