AD 21


Joe A. Souza





Time & Location:

IBEW Local 684

519 12th St.
Modesto, CA 95354
Cross streets: Between E & F St.
Location Phone: 209-485-3522

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 11am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Brad Peltier   Male   Being a registered and active Democrat I believe in the role of the government to prevent injustice and support positive social change. I actively supported a candidates's campaign during our last mayoral race and also worked with the Merced County Democratic Party during the last election. I volunteered as a poll worker in November as I believe that the right to vote is the most important tool citizens have in our Democracy. I believe that all of the recent nationwide efforts to create obstacles in an effort to prevent people from voting are wrong as well as very illegal. It is up to the Democrats of California to get the representatives elected that have our progressve intrerests in mind and in turn keeping Republicans and their beliefs and polices out of office and out of the state.
Channce Condit   Male    
Domenic Longarini   Male   I am a UC Merced graduate and I have been an active member in the Merced Democratic community. I served as Vice President of the Democrats at UC Merced as well as a volunteer on several Democratic campaigns going back to 2010. The campaign with Adam Gray introduced me to many Merced community Democrats and the club taught me important leadership skills which I hope to share with the state party. I am excited to participate as a delegate at the State convention, looking at important platform issues and supporting Democratic clubs and local activists. Thank you for your consideration.
Daniel Martinez   Male    
Matthew Wainwright   Male    
Dennis Brazil   Male   As a Democrat, I truly believe that our core beliefs support a vast majority of the American people. Our Democratic party continues to create positive change for our state, as well as our country. As a lifelong Democrat it would not only be an honor to be an Assembly District Delegate, but a privilege to represent our great Democratic party. Sincerely, Gustine Mayor, Dennis Brazil
Frank Damrell   Male    
Rosalinda L. Vierra   Female   I am running for re-election as one of Assembly District 21 (AD21) delegates to the California State Democratic Party. Since my election as an AD 21 delegate in Jan. 2013, I have represented you at every party convention. If re-elected, I will continue to do so in the future. In addition to being one of you AD21 delegates, I am a member of the State Party's Latino Caucus. I am a Community advising member of the Young Democratic Club and serve as the Secretary of the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee.
Margaret Souza   Female   As a lifelong Democrat, I hold true to our party's values and principles. I wish to continue to participate in the course of the California Democratic Party's future.
Astrid Zuniga   Female   As a mother, and community activist, I feel that it is necessary to have a voice and be that voice for those who have none. As one of the current ADEM delegates and executive board members I have been actively participating in all elections as well as an active member of my Union . I have been a voice for the elderly, disabled, working class families and last but not least women's rights.
Marit Medefind   Female   As a young democrat in Merced County, I am passionate about supporting and building our community through advocacy and action. I hope to help address issues relevant to the citizens of Merced and the surrounding areas, including water, agriculture, healthcare, unemployment, and education--to this end, my background in healthcare, non-profits, and education advocacy will prove beneficial. I appreciate your consideration and support.
Candice Adam-Medefind   Female   I am a non-profit Executive Director, and have been a community organizer in Merced for the past 40 years.
Kathryn Adam   Female   I am a long time Democrat in the Central Valley. I want to see Democratic candidates elected to office from the San Joaquin Valley. I intend to work tirelessly to that end. The Northern San Joaquin Valley needs leadership and representatives who will work to create good jobs and a better living for many of our residents.
Jessica Self   Female    
Chinyere Nnodim Jack   Female   My name is Chinyere Nnodim Jack (Chichi Jack) from Patterson, California and I am running for AD delegate for District 25. This will be my 3rd time around if I have the opportunity of winning your vote. My reason for running is very simple; we need people around Central Valley who are willing to help turn the area Blue. I am a truly Democrat who is ready to work towards getting our candidates elected to various offices. My passion for community services is why am always available for candidate canvassing and phone banking for all Democratic Candidates. I believe everyone is responsible for passing along a message of hope for the accomplishment made by our current President. As an elected district delegate, we should be involved in our local communities by hosting events to help raise awareness why voting is an obligation every citizen. Taking back Congress and Senate can only happen if we are engaging voters early ahead of scheduled elections. I am ready to do this once elected and home will always remain open as a venue to use in delivering the Democratic message to all in my area. Quote: ~The only way to gain a votes respect is by showing them how much you care for their well
Martha O Acevedo   Female   I am a life long Democrat and adhere to the party's platform especially that of support of education opportunities for all, healthcare for citizens and elders and sustaining the environment. I have been a member of the Voter Services Committee of the Democratic Party, a member of the Merced County Central Committee. I am proud to have represented the 16th CD at the National Convention of 2012. And I am a member of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the Democratic Party. I am willing and able to represent the 21st AD as a representative.