AD 19


Hene Kelly





Time & Location:

Pacelli Event Center - Merced Room

145 Lake Merced Blvd
Daly City, CA 94015
Landmark: Westlake Park
Location Phone: 650-991-8001 or 650-991-8021

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 11:30am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Kate MacKay   Female   As a former soldier, I understand the importance of civic engagement. Since being released from active duty, I have served my city in the capacity of Housing Commissioner, served my county as an LGBTQ Commissioner, and served the veterans of the state as both the Secretary and subsequently the Chair of the Organizational Development Committee of the Veterans' Caucus. I am currently enrolled as a graduate student at San Francisco State's prestigious Sustainability MBA program. My 35 year work history also includes being a union carpenter and business owner. In addition, I hold a contractor's license in the State of California. I want to serve as a delegate to bring my moderate voice to the table. I believe in: 1. Giving people a hand up and removing the barriers to success, while being fiscally conservative. Our current system is set up to be a hand out and penalizes those that make efforts toward self-sufficiency. 2. Protecting both people and the planet, while allowing businesses the opportunity to make profits. 3. Expanding veterans' benefits to both ensure proper and timely care for our wounded and increase incentives for Californians to serve.
Belinda Robinson   Female    
Susan Pfeifer   Female   I have been an elected delegate to the California Democratic Convention for the past 8 years, as well a delegate from the 12th Congressional District to the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions. I was active in both Barack Obama campaigns, the 2004 John Kerry campaign, the 2006, 2010, and 2014 California and national mid-term elections, recently leading local phone banks to Keep The Senate Blue in the 2014 mid-term election. I have registered hundreds of voters. I have worked on national issues such as the passage of "Obamacare" in 2009, and am now a Certified Enrollment Counselor for Covered California. I am currently an officer and active member of the FDR Democratic Club for Seniors and People with Disabilities. The San Francisco Democratic Party awarded me the 2008 Sue Bierman award as Grass Roots Volunteer of the Year for my volunteer activities and was honored to receive California Democratic Party Volunteer of the Year from Region 4 at the 2012 Convention. I believe being a Democrat is not a spectator sport so as a Delegate to the 2015-2016 California Democratic Party, I will continue to get out there and make things happen.
Amy Bacharach   Female   Now more than ever we all must work together to educate people about why democratic values are important to a developed and progressive society. I have dedicated my personal and professional life to analyzing, educating, and informing sound, evidence-based policies that will benefit our community. I have done this through my work with influencing court and justice policy and my leadership with the San Francisco Women's Political Committee, the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, National Council of Jewish Women, Richmond District Neighborhood Center, and Emerge California. I was also recently elected to City College's Board of Trustees and am a new mom. I hold a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology and a certificate in Organizational Development. In my free time, I bake cupcakes. I hope to continue working to improve California and District 19.
Wendy Aragon   Female   Raised in a labor family, which fostered strong progressive values, I know the important role that civic engagement and social justice play in creating a stronger Democratic Party. I've been a long time community activist working on local campaigns/issues, and a former organizer for The Courage Campaign and Organizing for America. I currently serve as President of the Richmond District Democratic Club, where I've taken on the mantle of leadership for a younger generation of Democrats to affect change in our community, our city, and our State. We engage our neighbors in the political process, address public policy on both a state and local level, and endorse candidates and measures that reflect our values. As both the first woman and person of color to Chair of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's Citizen's Advisory Committee, I've worked to recruit new membership that is more reflective of the San Francisco's diversity. Together, we've championed issues such as CleanPowerSF, workforce development, and environmental justice for low income communities. I look forward to bringing this experience to the table and It would be an honor to serve as an Assembly Delegate in AD1
Cecilia Chung   Female   Cecilia Chung is nationally recognized as a civil rights leader, advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness and care, LGBT equality, social justice and human rights. Cecilia works as the Senior Strategist of the Transgender Law Center. She is currently a Health Commissioner in San Francisco. Prior to joining the Health Commission, Cecilia served on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission where she was the first trans woman and first person living openly with HIV elected Chair. An immigrant from Hong Kong, Cecilia has lived in San Francisco for over 20 years where she has worked locally and internationally to advance equality and justice.
Sally Stephens   Female   I turned 18 the first year that 18-year-olds were allowed to vote, and I voted that year (for George McGovern and local Democratic candidates) and in every election since then. I have attended Assembly District Meetings for a number of years to elect people to represent me on the DSCC. Now I would like the chance to be among those selected to represent my district on the DSCC. I want to help promote the ideals of the Democratic Party, even as those ideals are under attack elsewhere in the country, and to help ensure California remains solidly Democratic, both in candidates and elected officials as well as in statewide and local policies. I hope you will vote to send me as one of your representatives to the DSCC.
Heather Carroll-Fisher   Female   I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate because I want to make sure to represent the interests of public school families from my area. In addition, I hope to speak on behalf of women and working people. In no way could I speak for everyone in this vastly diverse District, but I will try to speak for as many as I can. Being a representative is an important role. One that requires respecting all opinions and perspectives. I vow to do just that while maintaining my belief in core Democratic values. Thank you, Heather Carroll-Fisher
Suzy Loftus   Female   Please support my candidacy for Delegate for AD17. I'm a lifelong Democrat who has helped elect Democrats at all levels of government. I'm deeply committed to our shared values and will continue to fight for them as your delegate.
Leah LaCroix   Female   For the past two years, I have proudly served as an appointed delegate to the California Democratic Party convention. With the support of our Asm. Phil Ting, and my fellow democrats, I hope to be continue serving our community, AD 19, as an elected delegate. As a delegate, I am committed to advocating for the needs of young people, low-income communities. and communities of color. Additionally, my advocacy extend to promoting equity, sustainable development, renters rights, and prioritizing public transportation. I am currently pursuing Bachelors of Arts degrees in Urban Studies & Planning and Political Science at San Francisco State University, where I am a member of College Dems at SFSU, and an officer with Student for Planning & Urban Affairs, and the Political Science Students Association. I'm my community, I serve as the Vice President of Programs for the Black Young Democrats of San Francisco, and as a member of San Francisco Young Democrats. In 2012, I had the honor of representing the 12th Congressional District as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Come January 11, I hope to count on your support.
Perla Ibarrientos   Female   I've been an activist in Daly City since 1983 and would love the opportunity to continue serve people of our community.
Brigitte Davila   Female   For many years, I have advocated for accessible quality public education at the local, state and national level. As a first generation Latina student, I benefited from access to UC Berkeley for both my undergraduate degree and my graduate degree. I have now taught U.S. government & policy classes for over 20 years in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University and I am a proud member of the California Faculty Association. I am running because I want to ensure that the Democratic Party supports policies that further access to education, affordable housing, voting, civil rights and, generally to ensure socio-economic justice for all residents. I was just elected to the Board of Trustees for City College of San Francisco. I hold leadership positions in the District 11 Democratic Club and Latino Democratic Club and I am an alumna of EMERGE. I am a member of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club and sit on the board of Coleman Advocates for Youth and Children. I take my advocacy roles very seriously and it is my goal to support democratic principles for all. I would appreciate your vote.
Michelle Parker   Female   I respectfully ask for your vote to become an elected delegate for the 19th Assembly District so that I may effectively place my efforts and passion toward building a vibrant Democratic Party that supports policies positively impacting K12 and higher education, and ALL children and youth. A mother of three children in San Francisco public schools, I have been an education advocate for many years and have put much time and successful effort into supporting and advocating for more family-friendly policies in San Francisco. As Legislative Chair and then President of the San Francisco PTA, I created a legislative program from the ground up, training and recruiting leaders from 65 schools, and deepened its culture of advocacy. I co-founded SF Parent PAC, successfully supporting candidates and policies that would create a better quality of life for middle class families. I have volunteered on numerous local and state ballot initiative and Democratic candidate campaigns. I have sat on many local and state education-related committees and commissions including an appointment by Assembly Speaker John Perez to the CA Statewide Pupil Assessment Review Panel. Thanks very much for your vote.
Lola Preza   Female   My advocacy has always been about protecting and reinforcing human rights and combating human trafficking, including assisting victims through social services, shelter programs, and non-profits. I received my BA in Media Communications from San Francisco State University. I am the Director of Social Events for the Latino Democratic Club and a member of both the Women's Caucus and the Chicano Latino Democratic Caucus. Professionally, I work for the Employment Development Department. I am a SEIU Local 1000 Job Steward and Secretary for the District Labor Council, Coastal Region. I am a twice delegate for CSEA General Council and a delegate for the San Francisco Labor Council. I have been a resident of AD 19 for over 8 years and I am ready to work hard for the Democratic Party. I would love the opportunity to serve as an AD 19 delegate so that I can continue working with communities, local leaders and organizations to improve the quality of life for all. The most important action we can take is to run for positions of leadership and create a dialogue between the citizens and civic leaders so that we can work together to create real effective change. I appreciate your vote!
Jeffery Woo   Male   It has been a great pleasure serving as an Assembly District Delegae for AD 19 for the past 2 years and working with Assemblymember Ting. I look forward to continuing to serve as a delegate in service to the State Democratic party.
Basem (Sam) Manneh   Male   As a two time Assembly Delegate and a National Elected Delegate, I am looking forward to represent my district, the neighborhood that I live in and continue to work on issues that affect our community, if given the opportunity again. It is critical in these times that we continue to grow in the Democratic Party, and make as much difference as possible. If I am elected as an Assembly Delegate, I will continue to work with my elected officials. My involvement as a member of the San Mateo Central Committee, and being a Senior Union Steward as well as the Political Director in my union has given me an upper hand in understanding how we must fight for issues. I look forward to working with you all.
Jonathan Lyens   Male   I am a lifelong Democrat, who grew up in a union household and had a passion for Democratic causes instilled in me from a young age. As a person with a disability who leads a successful professional and personal life, I have fought to break down the barriers to full inclusion for all people to pursue the American dream. I am currently a delegate to the CA Democratic Party, and I am honored to have the support of Assemblyman Phil Ting during this election. I was twice appointed by Chairman John Burton to serve on the Affirmative Action Committee and I am an active member of the Disability Caucus. Locally, I am the President of the FDR Democratic Club of San Francisco, a group dedicated to enfranchising seniors and people with disabilities in all aspects of the democratic process. During the past three elections, I led the Club's "Get Out the Vote" effort that included distributing more than 50,000 slate cards in AD19, hours of phone calls, and neighborhood canvassing to elect Democrats and support democratic causes. I have worked on Democratic campaigns on both the East and West Coasts, serving in nearly every role from volunteer to campaign manager. As an ADem, I will continue
MIchael Sweet   Male   I am a native San Franciscan and father of two. I have had the privilege of serving as an elected member of the State Democratic Central Committee for the past twelve years. Over the past four years I have also served as a member of the State Democratic Party's Platform Committee. I am grateful that Assembly-member Ting has asked me to serve as a member of his slate to represent District 19. Over the coming term I hope to continue to work to promote San Francisco Values among Democrats at the state and national levels. As we are entering a Presidential election cycle I will also work to ensure that we nominate a candidate for President who can retain the White House for the Democrats. I hope I can count on your support.
Joel Engardio   Male   The rest of America calls me a liberal. I believe health care is a right, climate change must be addressed and we should spend more on education than the military. But I'm still not blue enough for the "progressive" label in San Francisco. That's because I also want a common sense government that is willing to shut down boondoggles and fund only what's necessary and effective. Potholes must be filled and buses and trains need to run on time. We need to acknowledge our supply-and-demand problem and make it easy to build housing of all types. An adequate supply even if it means some added height and density near transit -- would actually help the middle class afford to live here. I see incoming tech workers not as the enemy, but as creators and innovators who continue a long history of newcomers transforming San Francisco for the better. I'm for schools that families can walk to, which will strengthen communities, reduce traffic congestion and give families additional time together. That's why I'm a moderate. A socially liberal and fiscally responsible moderate who is opened-minded and imaginative enough to understand that no revolution is San Francisco's best or last.
Lee Hsu   Male   I've been active as a volunteer and advocate in my school and neighborhood communities. I'd like to do more. As a father of two young kids, I see our party's work as essential in passing on a strong and equitable nation for the next generation to inherit and lead. As president of the Greater West Portal Neighborhood in San Francisco, I've led efforts on playground improvements and commercial district revitalization. As a public school volunteer while we lived in South San Francisco, I built an after-school enrichment program from the ground up. Our work has delivered results in a way that has brought people together and strengthened community. This year, I was a candidate in a citywide election for the San Francisco Board of Education. It was a terrific experience that reinforced to me the importance of encouraging more people to vote and get involved in civic work and Democratic goals. I currently work as a computer consultant and instructor for a SF public school. I have a background in economics and law and have experience in tech startups, finance and law. Democracy works better when more people are engaged. I would be honored to be a delegate to the California Democratic P
Kevin Bard   Male   Most of my adult life has been spent advancing Democratic causes. From volunteering on Congresswoman Lois Capp's first election campaign back in the late 90's to helping Phil Ting win his first election, I was there doing the grassroots work. In between, I was a staffer for the California Democratic Party in San Francisco during the 2008 presidential election, training countless interns, volunteers, phone bankers, door knockers, and future Democratic activists. While serving on the boards of two Democratic Clubs in San Francisco, I also ran for our county's Democratic Central Committee, earning 7,035 Democratic votes out here on the Westside. Now although I did not win that race, my commitment to common-sense, progressive Democratic values is as strong as ever. And as CDP Delegate, I will work to ensure that our party endorses any and all progressive statewide measures placed on the ballot. I look forward to meeting with y'all next month on Election Day.
Michael Pangilinan   Male   As a resident of San Francisco since kindergarten, the son of immigrants from the Philippines and after acquiring multiple law degrees, I understand the value of hard work and the importance of fairness and equality. Currently, I am the SF-Bay Area Co-Chair of KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress and Chairman of the Filipino American Democratic Club of San Francisco. Key components to prosperity in any community are safety, jobs and education. Without safe neighborhoods, decent paying jobs and quality education, families will be hard pressed to provide for themselves while securing a better future. I stand by the communities which have made San Francisco such a desirable global destination. We must ensure that San Francisco's economic growth is shared by everyone. I believe in a strong Democratic Party that allows each individual the opportunity to better herself or himself and in turn contribute positively to the fabric of our community. I respectfully ask for your vote to represent our district.
Alex Walker   Male   It has been my honor to serve as a delegate and as the Executive Board member from Assembly District 19 for the last two years. In those two years, I have been active in the LGBT, Progressive and Environmental Caucuses as well as on the Voter Services Committee and in the California Young Democrats. Locally, I'm a board member of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and active with clubs including the SF Young Democrats, District 11 Democratic Club, Irish American Democratic Club and others. I am honored to have Assemblymember Ting's support for a second two-year term, and I would greatly appreciate your vote.
Matt Tuchow   Male   I am eager to continue to represent our district at the State Party level. I have served for years as a member of the State Platform Committee and in this capacity have served as chair of the Sustainable Communities and Environmental planks. As a former San Francisco Commissioner and President of the Commission on the Environment, I believe we can take some of the great work we are doing locally on the environment to scale at the state level. I enjoy building consensus with other Democrats statewide and working to assure that the party supports great candidates and initiatives at the state level. I would be honored by your support.
Sam Rodriguez   Male   I have over 20 years of service working in Democratic elections and politics. Moreover, these past several years I've been invloved in developing policies and strategy to pass paid sick days for workers statewide and a retail bill of rights with predictable pay for working families in San Francisco. In addition, my spouse and I continue to invlove ourselves deeper into combating domestic violence, ending human trafficing and strengthening the laws to protect women and girls in the city, at the state and national levels. Now is the time to move an active democratic program that immediiately deploy all of us to inform, educate and guide thousands eligible immigrants to gain access to legal residency under the new executive order announced by President Barack Obama. I look forward in working with my friends and local leaders - Senator Mark Leno, Assembly Member Phil Ting and newly elected Assembly Member David Chiu to develop and launch an aggressive outreach campaign to our diverse and multi-ethnic communities of color. I ask for your continued support, encouragement and vote. Adelante Siempre! In Unity Sam Rodriguez
Jose Torres   Male   Lifelong Democrat. Campaigned for Bobby Kennedy to Barack Obama. Progressive Democrat. Believe in social justice, equity for all and support of democratic values. Active in San Francisco politics and community affairs for 30 years. Active in District 11 Democrat Club and served as Treasurer. Active in SF Latino Democratic Club. Active supporter of John Avalos and Phil Ting.
Shaun Haines   Male   As a San Francisco native, I have been a resident of AD 19 for majority of my years. I am Black and identify as Gay. I want to work with you to preserve and advance our principles and to increase diversity among our elected officials. I pledge to uphold and defend our values and I am asking for your support. I am focused on equality and strengthening disproportionately disadvantaged communities by becoming a resource and creating supportive structures. I am proud of my service to the Democratic Party; thus far, through Alice B. Toklas, the Bayard Rustin Coalition and beyond. I have volunteered heavily in the community, and on several campaigns -- inspiring hundreds to become involved in significant issues and to vote. I have prepared to become our Assembly Delegate by seeking out every opportunity to learn and get involved in the issues that affect our society. Through activism, advocacy, community organizing and leadership, I positively effect change. My motivation as a public servant stems from my experiences as a private citizen. I have been challenged by and persevered through disadvantages and overcome a great many adversities. My maxim is: "the greatest route to failure
Gabriel Medina   Male   As a native San Franciscan, I've been shocked by the changes that have pushed families out, made homeownership unattainable, and closed our longtime community businesses. As a product of San Francisco Public schools Hillcrest Elementary, Aptos Middle, and Lowell High School I've been disappointed that so many of our students have been unable to connect to all the new high paying jobs. These are the issues our Democratic Party needs to focus on. That is why I would like your vote. I am a lifelong dedicated Democrat - former CalDem at UC Berkeley, former President of the San Francisco Young Democrats, current President of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club and Executive Board Member of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party. I left my job of 4 years at a San Francisco tech company to work as a Deputy Field Organizer for Barack Obama in 2008, helping to win North Carolina by 10,000 votes. My background from working in the California State Assembly, successful Campaign Manager and position as a Public Policy advocate for San Francisco's low and moderate income community will help me champion policies to keep our families together. I ask for your vote.