AD 18


Gray Harris





Time & Location:

Teamsters Local 70

400 Roland Way
Oakland, CA 94621
Cross street: Edgewater Dr.
Location Phone: 510-552-6521

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 11am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Karl Debro   Male   I have consistently fought for democratic values, mostly by creating exceptional educational opportunities for marginalized youth. I created a high school program that recruited and assisted low income, immigrant, first generation to college, African American and Latino eighth graders with low grades and prepared them to gain admission to four-year colleges. And 95% were admitted. I currently lead a program that helps high school drop outs earn their diplomas while simultaneously taking community college classes. I organized high school teachers and staff to reduce homophobia on campus, twice leading students to take part in Lobby Day in Sacramento, where we lobbied for "Dignity for All Students Act," which ultimately passed. My efforts also led to Districtwide K-12 training for students on anti-bullying, anti-homophobia, and anti-racism. For these actions I have been recognized by San Leandro Unified School District, the California State Assembly, the US Congress, the US Senate, PFLAG, and GLSEN. I hold a doctorate in Education (Mills College), a teaching credential, an administrative credential, and a BA in Philosophy from Cal. I married my high school sweetheart. She and I own a home in Oakland, where we have lived for the last 30 years. We have two beautiful children.
Sean Sullivan   Male   Sean has been a lifelong advocate for youth and those who have faced discrimination, and has worked to bridge divides to create tangible solutions that build strong, vibrant communities. Sean has served as a delegate to the California Democratic Party since 201. Sean is the founder of the Oakland Rainbow PAC which seeks to increase LGBT elected and appointed representation in Oakland. The Oakland Rainbow PAC was active in election of Vicky Kolakowski to the Alameda County Superior Court, the appointment of of the first gay port commissioner and an increase of lgbt commissioners in Oakland. Seanwas a candidate for Oakland City Council in District 3 in 2012 and 2008. For over ten years, Sean worked at Covenant House, the nation's leading agency serving homeless youth. Sean has been active in fighting discrimination and challenging prejudice, serving as a former board member of the Oakland Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and leading the fundraising efforts for No on 8-Equality California raising $14 million to fight this discriminatory amendment. Living in West Oakland, Sean is a strong advocate for the neighborhood and is the founder and Co-Chair of the Dogtown Neighborhood Association
Douglas Jones   Male   I have served as a Delegate since 2009, elected three times by Party members in our Assembly District. I have been generally pleased by our CDP's performance under Chairman Burton's leadership, and by the successful stabilization of our State budget during that time. The Legislative Caucus and Governor each deserve credit for restoring revenue streams, reviving our economy, and implementing the Affordable Care Act. Yet, there remains much damage to repair from the horror that was the Schwarzenegger years. In addition, successful health care reform in California is being undermined by our Medicaid reimbursement rates, which are dead last in the United States. It has also been very disappointing to see President Obama's national security agencies and Defense Department bring great shame upon our nation and conduct counterproductive operations. The next Presidential election will take place during the next CDP Delegate term, and we need to elect a strong President, Congress and Legislature in 2016. I'm committed to helping the CDP do just that.
Diego Gonzalez   Male   My name is Diego Gonzalez and I am a resident of Oakland. I am a graduate of the UC Davis with a degree in Political Science. I am the son of a single mother, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico. I began my interest in political activism when I was young, my mom and I marched for environmental justice with the Environmental Health Coalition. Later, I became involved in political campaigns and social justice movements. I am currently a Senior Field Representative for Assemblymember Rob Bonta in Oakland. Some of my top concerns are: Education: Improving the quality of education for all Californians, starting with universal access to pre-school to keeping college affordable for everyone. Immigrant Rights: It's imperative we provide them with the tools and services they deserve as to build generations of successful Americans, by proving them a pathway to citizenship. The Environment: We need to fight the urban effects of toxic pollution, discriminatory land use, and unsustainable energy policies to improve the health of children, families, neighborhoods and the natural environment in California.
Mike Heneberry   Male  
Mike Katz-Lacabe   Male   I served on the San Leandro School Board from 2006-2014 and have been active in politics as a Democrat all of my life. My interests include human rights, civil liberties, education, and environmental issue. I am an activist against surveillance and police militarization.
Sokhom Mao   Male   As a former foster youth and an advocate for progressive values, I understand the mission of the Democratic Party which is to strengthen policies for working families/children, alleviate poverty, educational opportunities, woman equality, civil justice, cutting waste, create a strong economy, and end war abroad. Being raised in America's broken public child welfare system; I understand what it takes to fight tough obstacles that lie ahead. Growing up was not the easiest task, in fact, it was a challenging task. I grew up with no parents or family support--living in foster care system allowed me to realize the American dream and opportunity. And that dream is "if you work hard, you will succeed." That value has taught me look out for people who cannot look out for themselves, an advocate for the voiceless. I am the best qualified person to represent the democratic party because the values of the party helped me become who the leader I am today. It would be a great honor to represent the democratic values and principles that we all so seamlessly enjoy. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully, Sokhom Mao
Jahaziel Bonilla   Male   My name is Jazy Bonilla, Business Representative Painters & Allied Trades, District Council 16. I am on the Alameda Labor Council Executive Committee and a Planning Commissioner for the City of Oakland. The Alameda Labor Council is composed of 27 leaders from different unions from Alameda County, elected by delegates. In my role as a Business Representative I represent and advocate for members through the Collective bargaining process. As an Executive Committee member of the Alameda Labor Council I adhere to a progressive vision framed by principles and values to advocate on behalf of working families. Comprehensive immigration reform, respect, decent wages with benefits and on the job safety are some of my priorities. As a Planning Commissioner for the City of Oakland the decisions made on that commission affect directly or indirectly the citizens and need to be studied carefully and wisely in order to advance and balance the needs of the many communities that make the City. My vision as a delegate is to educate and help elect leaders that practice the values of true democracy.
Guillermo Elenes   Male   Rents are out of control,wages have stagnated. as democrats have a responsibility to fight for the people, and to make sure California is affordable for all. As a delegate I will strongly. Advocate for repeal of regulations that benefit slumlords and hurts seniors and children. If you believe that people who pay their rent and follow the rules should not be evicted, vote for Me.
Sean Donahoe   Male   My name is Sean Donahoe and I ask for your vote. My roots here in Oakland and Alameda stretch back three generations and I have lived and travelled the world over and returned to Oakland. I have dedicated my life towards positive, impactful progressive change. I served on the Executive Board of the CDP and its Voter Services Committee and as the Campaign Services chair of Sacramento County Democrats, running endorsements and the coordinated campaign for our endorsed statewide and local candidates. Previously I travelled to the Iowa and Nevada caucuses in 2008 and worked on the campaigns of Congressmen Garamendi and Bera, and for the CDP and others on targeted voter registration. I have also worked on successful local candidate, environmental justice, redistricting, voting rights, and school finance campaigns. Previously I served on the organizing team of the East Bay for Democracy meetup group. Presently I serve as Membership Director for the Alameda County Brownie Mary Democratic Club and on the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, the organization leading 50,000+ Californians towards a responsible, regulated legal cannabis market for adults in 2016.
Gilbert Dong   Male   Please consider me as one your seven male delegates. With 32 years of service as a firefighter and emergency medical services professional serving the East Bay; and as a former local union president and statewide representative for firefighters; and as a three-time DNCC delegate to the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Democratic National Conventions, I would be honored to represent you and the 18th assembly district to voice support for working families and smart growth that considers education, public safety, and affordable housing as key elements of our community. As a delegate, I pledge to help support the drive to improve voter turnout and ensure that the 18th assembly district voters will be considered rock stars for the 2016 Primary and General elections.
Matt Hummel   Male    
Sandra Johnson   Female   I, Sandra J. Johnson, want to be a 2015 ADEM Delegate. My political experience includes being the Correspondence Secretary and Membership Chairperson for the John George Democratic Club, Currently I am the temporary Co Chair for the John George Democratic Club. I am a Community Activist involved in nonprofit and civic organizations. The following are some of the Boards and Commissions in the East Bay that I actively participate in: Vice Chair Alameda County Advisory Commission, Downtown and West Oakland Senior Center Advisory Councils, Past President and current Treasurer for United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County, NAACP, Alameda County/Oakland Community Action Partnership Board, Fannie Wall Children's Home, Past President Sojourner Truth Manor Housing Board, Past President National Association of Active and Retired Employees in Oakland, CA and Alameda County Public Authority for In Home Supportive Services. It is time for me to become more politically active in the Democratic process. By becoming a Delegate; I will be able to do that.
Brendalynn Goodall   Female   My social and political roots are anchored in the EastBay as a native of Oakland. For the past two years, I have served as a CADEM delegate for AD18. I am a lifelong Democrat and social activist. I earned by B.A. in Psychology & MSW from Bay Area Institutions. Recently retired, I want to utilize my skills and assets to continue making a difference in my community. I'm an accomplished administrator and social worker with more than 27 years in the field of aging and workforce development. In addition, I have been active in previous elections by phone banking, precinct walking and fundraising. I have expertise in planning, community organization, personnel and budget management and advocacy. I joined the Board of East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club in 1996. As a BoardMember, I have held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President. Currently, as the Club President, I have increased partnerships and alliances with our LGBT community and allies. As an African American Lesbian and baby boomer, I am dedicated to achieving equality for all and advancing progressive values through the Democratic Party. It would be my honor to represent EVERYONE in the 18th Assembly District.
Lena Tam   Female   I am running for re-election as a Delegate from Assembly District 18. I am honored to be part of diverse group of Democrats supported by Assemblymember Rob Bonta. I was chosen to be a member of this slate through my proven record in elected office as an Alameda City Councilmember, promoting environmental values and giving voice to the rights and safety of working families. As our AD 18 Delegate, I participated in the CDP conventions at my own expense and worked on several campaigns. I also ran for the BART Board of Directors with the encouragement of the Alameda County Democratic Party and Labor Council to highlight the rights of workers. I have been a registered civil and environmental engineer for over 25 years promoting transit-oriented projects as an Alameda County Planning Commissioner. I have worked to protect the environment at EBMUD, while providing a safe and reliable water supply during the drought. As president of the Alameda Healthcare District, I promoted health care access for all, working to keep Alameda Hospital financially sustainable, saving over 600 jobs. I will work to advance the progressive values of AD 18. I would be honored to earn your vote.
Pheleta Santos   Female   I would be honored to serve the people of the 18th District as your AD. I was raised in Oakland and have resided in San Leandro for the past 14 years. I am very aware of the issues our communities face and as such I am committed to the education of our youth, the preservation of our families and making California "Golden" once again for all our citizens. No longer can we accept a High School dropout rate of 40% (OAKLAND). This is simply UNACCEPTABLE! This means that our teachers, parents, business leaders and elected officials have to form a coalition that shapes and executes concrete policies and solutions. This means prosecuting predatory lenders who have robbed our citizens of their AMERICAN DREAM. This means electing officials who will uphold and push our Democratic ideals. As your AD, I pledge to give 110% to the realization of the Democratic agenda. I come from a long line of political activists and as such I was a member of the NAACP Youth branch at the age of eight. I have served the Democratic Party tirelessly through fundraising for the Primary and General Elections, poll monitoring, phone banking and facilitating forums for local city elections. I also serve on Rob Bonta
Malia Vella   Female   I'm proud to be running for re-election as a delegate from AD18 after serving as an elected delegate in 2013 and 2014. As a life-long Democrat and a business representative and staff attorney for the Teamsters I will continue to represent the values of our progressive Asssembly District at our state conventions and regional meetings. Prior to joining the Teamsters, I worked as a political compliance attorney advising Union and democrat clients on compliance with state and federal campaign and election laws. In 2012, I served as the executive director of the Eden Area United Democratic Campaign where I led the field campaign to elect candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party. This past election cycle, I worked as a political organizer with the Alameda Labor Council to ensure that candidates who support working families were elected.
Meriam Reynosa   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat and would be honored to serve as a delegate to the 18th AD. I was born and raised in San Leandro, a city I still call home. I currently work as a District Aide for State Senator Bob Wieckowski . I serve as an alternate and recording secretary to the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. I was elected as the 18th AD Delegate from 2008-2014. I have volunteered on democratic campaigns in Alameda County and Statewide. I am on the board of Southern Alameda County Young Democrats , have served on the East Bay Young Dems, currently serve on Asian Pacific-American Dem Caucus of Alameda County, CDP-Filipino Democratic Caucus and Co-Chair KAYA Filipinos for Progress Bay Area. Rep. Pete Stark appointed me to serve as a Presidential Elector for the 2012 Electoral College & I was proud to cast my vote for President Obama. As a young democrat, I am an ideal candidate for this delegation because I have a deep passion for and belief in a fair, transparent and diverse democratic political process. I will continue to further the positive changes our State needs and will work to help strengthen our Democratic endeavors
Elizabeth Ortega   Female   As a lifelong democrat, community advocate and thirty-year resident of Assembly District 18, I am excited to run as a 2015 Delegate. My commitment towards social and economic justice flourished as an immigrant child growing up and witnessing the needs of a struggling community. My values are reflected in my professional and personal commitments, as I strive daily to ensure that working families are represented and have a voice. Whether it's through my position as AFSCME 3299's Political Director, over sixteen years in the Labor movement or as a lifelong advocate for the plight of the underserved, I am able to identify the needs of our communities that can be addressed and alleviated through public policy and service.
Leslie Robertson   Female   I believe if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Inspired by the 2008 Presidential election, I successfully ran and became a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Since then, I've focused on local politics, notably working on the Bryan Parker Oakland Mayoral campaign. I have worked for Alameda County for 20+ years (Social Services and Public Works) and am dedicated to providing excellent service to the citizens of Alameda County. In that same vein, I would be honored to represent Californians as a State Delegate for the Democratic Party. My husband Keith and I have been married for 20 years and are parents to two great kids - Jordan, a recent graduate of the University of Oregon and Travis, a senior at Bishop O'Dowd HS. I would appreciate your support to be one of the next CA State Delegates for the Democratic Party.
Donna Murphy   Female   My name is Donna Griggs Murphy. I am a lifelong Democrat and have been a grassroots advocate for many years. Growing up in Berkeley Ca, my family home was a polling place and at an early age was taught to be active in the democratic process. I currently work as a social worker in affordable senior housing. I have created affordable housing lobby day where over 100 seniors and disabled residents meet with elected officials in Sacramento to tell their stories. I chair the Golden Gate Region of Leading Age CA where they lobby for affordable housing legislation both state and federal. I also sit on the homes and community based services subcommittee. I am the chair of the legislative advocacy committee of Alameda County Commission on Aging. I am also 3rd vice president of BWOPA(Black Women Organized for Political Action) It would be an honor to serve as an AD 18 Delegate
Sabrina Ramirez   Female   As a lifelong Democrat and a 30 year public school teacher, I have dedicated my life as a advocate for social justice. I served as President of the San Leandro Teachers' Association, as well as Bargaining Chair. I believe that all Americans have the right to a free quality public education, health care, and a safe place to live. I believe that workers have a right to a living wage and that Congress must stop funding Corporate Welfare. I am a mother of three and am working to improve the lives of our youth and community members. Please elect me to work for ALL members of our Assembly District as a Delegate. I am dedicated to working for the Progressive Principles of our Party.
Marlene Hurd   Female   Marlene Christine Hurd. I'm running to be 2015 CADEM Delegate. I'm looking forward to supporting the Democratic Party. Been active in my community for 14 years serving on various boards and commissions in Alameda County and Oakland Ca. . Graduated from Mills College where I studied Ethic Studies, Public Policy and at U C Berkeley's Goldman's School of Public Policy. Graduate from Laney College with a Labor Studies Degree,2012 Fellow Graduate Urban Habitat Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute , My accomplishments: Currently, I am a 2014-2015 Fellow with the Women's Foundation of California Women's Policy Institute. Certified Commissioner, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials NAHRO Vice Chair Commissioner on the Oakland Housing Authority , Member, Resident Advisory Board Oakland Housing Authority Director for the California Affordable Housing Initiatives, Director, Tassafaronga Housing Corporation, Served two terms as Chair of the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission Commissioner, Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities, City of Oakland Board member Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency BOSS Served 3 terms as President
Lynette Gailord   Female   Because of my desire to make a difference in the community, I'm seeking re-election as Assembly District 18 Delegate. For the past two years Assemble District (Assemblyman Bonta) 18 has made an impact in the City of Oakland, County of Alameda and the State of California. There remains a need for a voice for the least, the lost and the left out. I would like to continue to be one of the voices by endorsing and supporting the legislation that will make a difference in the community and the state.