AD 17


Paul Hogarth





Time & Location:

African American Art & Culture Complex

762 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Cross street: Webster St.
Location Phone: 415-922-2049

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Matt Haney   Male   I currently serve as a Commissioner on the SFUSD Board of Education and Policy Director for Rebuild the Dream. I am also the former Executive Director of the UC Student Association. I have been a lifelong Democrat, and served in 2012 as a member of the DNC Party Platform Committee. I would be honored to represent AD 17 as a delegate, where I will advocate for Democratic policies and priorities around fully funding K-12 schools, ensuring access and affordability in higher education (including lower tuition and lower student debt), human/civil rights for all, and reducing California's system of mass incarceration.
Justin Morgan   Male   As local physician and community organizer in San Francisco, I'm proud to have served as a delegate to our state's Democratic Party these past two years, and working to help others become more active in our Party. In the 2015-2016 term, I'll be focused mainly on working in my community to get more African Americans like myself, and other young people and communities of color registered as Democrats, voting as Democrats, active as Democrats, and elected as Democrats in California and across our great nation. I look forward to serving as a delegate to our California Democratic Party and counting on your support. Thank you.
Todd David   Male   As the parent of three public school children in San Francisco, I am committed to working on the democratic ideal of a high quality education for all of California's children. I believe that fully funding education has to be a top priority for California's Democratic Party as well as ensuring that educators receive the professional development and support needed to be outstanding teachers. California has abdicated its responsibility to provide the necessary funding, which would ensure that all of the state's children can access the American Dream. As an AD 17 Delegate, I would advocate for fulfilling this broken promise to California's children. I am a lifelong Democrat and active in several local Democratic Clubs.
Tom Temprano   Male    
Thomas Brown   Male   As a DFA grassroots activist and longtime Democratic party delegate, I know what it takes to move the California Democratic Party toward progressive reforms. Most recently as Executive Board representative for AD 17, I helped to promote a new set of "anti-stacking" rules for the election and appointment of delegates. Those changes will make the party more inclusive and democratic when it comes to things we vote on, such as CDP endorsements for local candidates. I am a retired college administrator who serves as a board member for the Noe Valley Democratic Club and San Francisco for Democracy. I am also active with the Save City College Coalition and maintain the YouTube channel "Tomananda44" which features videos of various political and social events within the progressive community. Please vote for me as an AD 17 delegate.
Timothy "Toye" Moses   Male   President and founder of the WillieBKennedy Democratic Club, I am contesting for the AD17 delegate because the Democratic principles and values in which I believe have obliged me to do so. Goals to improve voter registration, particularly among new citizens and under represented, improve voter turnout, foster dialogue between Democratic Party and SF neighborhoods.Strong advocate for ethnic diversity, affordable housing,neighborhood preservation, environment justice and full employment.
Kenneth Tray   Male   A San Francisco public school teacher since 1985, now serving as Political Director of the United Educators of San Francisco, I am dedicated to building a Democratic Party that stands for the interests of working families and our public school students and teachers. It is a scandal that in one of the world's richest cities our schools are revenue short and the city lacks the resources to build affordable housing to keep teachers and working families in the place we love. I pledge to support: progressive candidates for state and local office. reform of Prop 13 making corporate real estate pay it's fair share for schools and essential public services. reform of police practices that put people of color in harm's way. prioritizing work force and low-income housing to stop neighborhood displacement and gentrification. a party dedicated to reversing the growing divide between have and have nots. revisiting California's "master plan" guaranteeing affordable world-class grade school to graduate school education. Also: Executive Board Jobs with Justice San Francisco Labor Council Delegate Mission Promise Neighborhood Advisory Board Thanks I ask for your vote.
Lito Sandoval   Male   My name is Evaristo Lito Sandoval. I currently serve as the VP of Communications for the Latino Democratic Club. I'm also a member of both the Harvey Milk Democratic Club and the Chicano/Latino Democratic Caucus. I am a longtime resident of AD 17 and would be honored to serve as a delegate to advance the Democratic Party platform including but not limited to affordable and accessible health care, affordable housing, a living minimum wage, immigration reform, drug policy and prison policy reform as well as equal rights for all citizens. In the past I have served as co-chair of AGUILAS, a gay Latino organization, where under my tenure we became a 501(c)3 organization as well as began the successful El Ambiente AIDS prevention program. I also was a founding member of the queer Latino comedy trio Latin Hustle. In my professional life, I have been employed by Nasdaq focusing on investor relations communications for over 10 years.
Santiago Lerma   Male   My name is Santiago Lerma, I currently serve as the VP for Political Affairs and Chair of the Political Action Committee for the Latino Democratic Club of San Francisco. I have lived in AD 17 for several years now and have seen many parts of the district under go enormous progress and change. My location at 16th and Mission, the heart of many of these changes experience has allowed me to observe and experience many of the things going right and wrong in our community. My goal in becoming a delegate is to ensure that while the district transforms, that long standing residence and under represented populations have a place and a voice in government. My priorities for District include access to affordable housing, child development and education and the environmental protection of our community. Professionally I received my J.D. in 2012 and began working for a Latino County Supervisor in his legislative office, writing and building support for legislation. I have spent this past year managing David Campos assembly campaign where I was fully engaged in AD 17 and hearing residence's primary concerns
Jason Lee Jones   Male   As a delegate, I will bring an acumen and background unique to the state party. I studied political science in college, including my Graduate studies, and am a long time campaign and cause volunteer. My roots are the rural South, but I've lived in the City for much of my adult life. I am very economically poor, and so with my curious combination of rural and urban living, my poverty, and my education, I feel I can offer a perspective and voice often lacking within the California Democratic Party. I respectfully ask for your consideration. Thank you.
Michael Grafton   Male   Since the 2012 election, I have believed that the California Democratic Party has a role as a vibrant national leader for progressive policy. Luckily, I was appointed to be a proxy at the 2013 and 2014 state Democratic Party conventions. I am seeking election as a 2015 delegate, because I believe that having a vote at the state convention is one way to hold our elected officials --- our own party leaders and representatives --- accountable for state economic and social policy. The past Assembly District 17 representative addressed seemingly intractable issues, such as protecting transgender youth from bullying in public schools, creating a worker bill of rights for domestic workers, and finding alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders. As a delegate, I would ensure that San Francisco retain its historic role in advocating for the economically and socially disenfranchised, and to make sure that our newly elected Assembly District 17 representative continue to "push the envelope" on tough issues until they are successfully adjudicated by the state party and legislative apparatus.
Michael Theriault   Male   I am a lifelong Democrat. I represent a labor organization that has worked vigorously in election after election on behalf of Democratic candidates in San Francisco, sister to other organizations whose efforts have been critical to Democratic success across California. We stand for the Democratic values of support for the common woman and man, for the success of minorities and immigrants, for equality, and for the principle that progress that serves all is the only real progress. Through our close work with the Democratic Party we have brought good lives to the workers we represent in California that are unavailable to the great majority of workers in our industry in other states. We and the California Democratic Party are integral to each other's success.
Brian Webster   Male   I would be honored to serve as an AD 17 Delegate. I am a lifelong Democratic activist and currently the Political Director of the California Network of Brownie Mary Democratic Clubs. I have been active as a professional and civic community organizer in San Francisco for over 30 years. I am an organizing and marketing professional. I work with community, businesses, organized labor, faith based groups, helping them to achieve their goals. I work for UFCW on its national cannabis workers organizing campaign. I helped the CDP adopt its platform policy, "Creating New Jobs and Tax Revenues with a Californian Cannabis and Hemp Industry". I am a member of the CDP's labor, progressive and Internet caucuses. I organize the Instituto Laboral De La Raza's annual National Labor-Community Awards in SF and the Green Labor-Capital Forum. I am part of the affordable housing development team at 1950 Mission Street. I'm for investing in America's infrastructure and clean energy jobs. I support Medicare for all, starting state banks and taxing Wall Street. I am focused on registering new Democratic voters, expanding the California Democratic majority and winning back Congress.
Rick Hauptman   Male   I am a Progressive candidate for Democratic State Central Committee. Working with many California Tenants and Renters groups we have begun the paperwork for a Renter's Caucus at the State Party. As a lifelong Democrat, I would like to continue to serve the party as a delegate. I have been an organizer for San Francisco Democratic, progressive, social justice, environmental justice, and community-based politics, for more than 40 years. I currently Chair the Harvey Milk Education Committee; served on the Board of the National Organization for Women; Chair the Progressive Democrats of San Francisco; and work with a wonderful group of activists and advocates throughout the City, including the Living Wage Coalition, Cesar Chavez Celebration, Community Choice Energy Aggregation, San Francisco Tomorrow. I am a founder of the Progressive Caucus of the CA Democratic Party, whose mission is to bring back the drive, the passion, and the commitment to the issues that originally brought me to the Democratic Party: justice, equity, equality. For more information please see https://www.facebook/rick.hauptman.com and http://rickhauptman.blogspot.com/ I look forward to working with you for many years
John Baldo   Male   Ever since highschool (and even before I could vote!) I have been a passionate member of the Democratic Party. The strong progressive history and 'big tent' philosophy that is the foundation of our party has inspired me to enter into a life of Democratic Party activism. From running Democratic voter registration drives, leaving college early to work on President Obama's campaign in 2007-2008, working at the Democratic National Committee to fight for healthcare reform in 2009, working for the party during the difficult 2010 midterms as a Field Director in multiple states - my passion for furthering the ideals of our party has been a staple of my life for as long as I can remember. Since moving to California in 2011, I have worked on numerous campaigns for Democratic candidates and ballot measures. I sit on the board of the leading LGBT political club in San Francisco, and donate my time to Democratic candidates and officials whenever possible. Simply applying to be a delegate for our State Party is an honor for me, and I hope to contribute my experience working on political campaigns at the local, state, and national level to the California Party. Thank you, John Baldo
Juan Cerda   Male   About Juan Juan Cerda is a longtime gay democratic activist who has worked on a number of progressive political campaigns and issues. In his current capacity he works as a Legislative Aide to San Francisco District 5 Supervisor London Breed. Prior to joining Supervisor Breed's Office, Cerda worked as the Acting Budget Director for the Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District. He is very active in San Francisco politics as Treasurer of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, and a member of the San Francisco Young Democrats. Cerda has volunteered on a number of local political races such as David Chiu for Assembly, Supervisor Scott Wiener, and Supervisor London Breed. Juan Cerda is a graduate of University of San Francisco, where he earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration.
Chris Gembinski   Male   I have been proud to serve as a delegate to our state's Democratic Party the past several years. I currently have been a Board member on the San Francisco Young Democrats for the past seven years where I have worked to get more young people involved in politics, registered to vote and elected to office. I want to continue strengthening the party by working towards electing progressive candidates and advocating for Democratic policies that support working families and vulnerable and underrepresented communities.
Coma Te   Male   My name is Coma Te I am a citizen and City employee here in San Francisco. I am running to become a delegate for this assembly district to further uphold and support the ideals and amazing work of not only the California Democratic Party, but to help ensure those who are not able to speak up have a voice have someone to bring their concerns to the forefront. I am proud to have served and sit on the board of one of the oldest LGBT Democratic clubs in the country for the past four years and hope to further serve the Democratic party in this role going forward.
Joshua Arce   Male   I am a proud lifelong Democrat, raising my family in the Mission District, supporting us as a civil rights attorney, labor union member, and city environment commissioner. In my work, I am honored to be a part of efforts by community members, workers, small businesses, labor leaders, housing advocates, environmentalists, first responders, health care professionals, and everyday San Franciscans working to support one another at this critical moment in which affordability and community sustainability are the most important issues for our city. What we do together makes me certain that these San Francisco values are California Democratic Party values. I seek to bring my experience, expertise, and lessons learned in promoting sustainable communities and shared prosperity to the state party and to make what we do locally a central component of the the California Democratic Party agenda, and I ask for your support to do this together.
Edwin Lindo   Male   I am currently a sitting Commissioner on the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission, a Commission dedicated to making San Francisco more effective and efficient: Through bringing clean power energy to all of San Francisco and providing transparency into municipal governance. I am a native resident of AD17 -- a product of the public schools, board member of a local affordable housing community organization, and continually building community throughout the district. I am a life-long Democrat, currently serving as the Vice President of External Affairs (previously serving as Political Action Committee Chair) and advocating (through my experience in law, policy, and technology) for the values, we as Democrats, hold true: equal rights for minorities, an economically strong middle class, workers rights, and ensuring we provide equal opportunities to those who have historically been disenfranchised. The result of achieving our values is a city, state, and county that will be working for all its residents. It would be an honor to serve as a delegate for the residents of AD17 -- ensuring our vision and values are represented.
Jacquelyn Omotalade   Female   I am running to become a delegate to advance all the positive attributes that San Francisco represents to the Democratic party. I want to make sure the party continues to strongly advance civil rights, women's rights, social and economic justice, diversity, education, and LGBT rights.
Nancy Rock   Female   I am an active Democrat living in San Francisco's Mission District. I represent a vital section of community, women. The people and processes of government guide how we treat our fellow citizens, how we shape our communities, and are the heart of what motivates me. Being a local representative in the women's community I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of our leaders, and gain a wider perspective of the people they represent every day. My experience taught me that a critical driver of good public policy is the information and feedback we give our representatives. That understanding has lead me to represent victims of domestic violence, tend to the homeless through Project Homeless Connect, and work with supervisors and community representatives to actively drive our local political processes and dialog. I voice the perspective of women, with an emphasis on women 50+, victims of domestic violence, the underrepresented, homeless women and women of Latin descent. As a California state delegate representing D17, I can amplify my contribution to my community, and I believe I can extend our important values to the broader interests of San Francisco, and Californ;
Julissa Hernandez   Female   I am a San Francisco native born and raised in the Mission District. A lifelong Democrat and a 15 year labor union member. I have participated in several union campaigns and currently I am a union organizer helping other laborers in San Francisco achieve their goals. I am a strong believer in women's issues/rights. I assist in the outreach of our members making sure they vote on issues and that their voices are heard. I am committed to being a strong candidate and will do my best to join those in my party in solidarity. Thank you.
Gillian Gillett   Female   I am an active Democrat volunteering in nearly every election. I have been involved in California politics for 10 years. I'm usually a field volunteer who uses the walk lists, knocks on doors, reaches out to neighbors and fellow parents, takes copious notes, and gets window signs up. I believe that the Democratic Party is the party dedicated to shared prosperity - proposing smart, effective funding of public infrastructure, and smart, responsive effective rules and oversight of the marketplace to insure businesses and workers have a fair playing field with known rules so they can flourish now and in the future. I am very interested in working on building a sustainable, green economy which includes greatly enhanced public transportation (local, regional and California High Speed Rail), urban infilling, the development of alternate energy sources, preservation of our water resources and a shift from believing that urban sprawl is ok. I will work for you and represent the people of our District. I would be accessible to all constituents and would vote to insure the platform we adopt and the candidates we put forward meet that standard. Please vote for me. Thank you.
Louise Fischer   Female   I am a long-time supporter of Democratic values and have attended the Convention as delegate, proxy or guest since 2008. I would be proud to be elected to represent the 17th Assembly District. I currently serve as the PAC Co-Chair on the Board of Directors of the Alice B. Tolklas LGBT Democratic Club; my former roles in the club included Co-Chair positions on the Field and Finance Committees. I am a proud graduate of the Emerge California Women's Democratic Leadership Program and I have many years of experience in campaigning, community action, organizing, canvassing and GOTV activities. My focus as a delegate would be to work within the party and with campaign organizations to encourage more direct outreach and voter engagement and reduction of "mailbox-fatigue" from the increased volumes of campaign literature during elections.
Gladys Soto   Female   I am running to be reelected as a Assembly Delegate District 17. During my over 20 years of community and political volunteering work, I have been a member of ELAC and School Site At Rooftop Alternative Middle School, the SFUSD Bilingual Committee Council, the SF Library Citizens Advisory Committee, a board member of the Mission YMCA, and the SF Democratic Women in Action. However, it was not until 2010 that my political involvement made a big turn. After working for SEIU 1021 as a community organizer and completing EMERGE, a political leadership training program for democratic women, I decided to run and won one of the six women Assembly Delegates seats. During my two years as a Delegate to the Assembly, I felt for the first time that my voice not only could be heard, but I was part of the decision making at the CA State Democratic Party. In 2012, I run for the SF School Board, and even though I was not elected, it opened my door for other position of leadership. Not only was I the top getter as a reelected Assembly Delegate, I was also elected as one of the SF Latino Democratic Club E-board members. Last Year, as a result of being the SF top caller for the San Diego Mayoral Latin
Jo Elias-Jackson   Female   I am a native San Franciscan, elected delegate of the 2012 Democratic Nationl Convention and a staunch Democrat all of my life. I am committed to human rights and fairness for all as well as collaboration, partnerships and solution-seeking to move this great city, state and country forward, for the betterment of all. I am a community leader and a union officer of my Information Technology chapter of IFPTE21. I serve as the president of the African American Democratic Club, and an alumna of the University of San Francisco with a Masters of Public Administration/Health Services Administration. Please vote for JO ELIAS-JACKSON on January 10, 2015. Thank you.
Mahnani Clay   Female   I believe that the most effective community leaders are those with the strongest roots to the community. Since my arrival in San Francisco four years ago, I have solidly planted myself in the communities I strive to serve. I started out volunteering in direct services supporting formerly incarcerated women. I now hold leadership roles with both the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and the San Francisco Black Leadership Forum. Also, as Director of Administration for Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, I spend my days fighting to empower youth in communities of color and fight the school-to-prison pipeline. As delegate for AD17, I will use my voice to continue to give voice to my community and work collaboratively towards San Francisco that is both accessible and equitable.
Rebecca Miller   Female   I work as the Workforce Development Director for United Healthcare Workers West, SEIU, a statewide healthcare workers organization with 150,000 members in California. I have been a life long union, community and political activist. My husband and I live in Visitacion Valley where we have had our home since 1999. I serve on the Workforce Investment San Francisco (WISF) Board and served as the President of the Board for the Visitacion Valley Community Center. I attended both CCSF, San Francisco State and was a high school student at the Urban School. To me, the Democratic Party best represents a just and equitable California--raising the minimum wage, protecting a woman's right to choose, providing affordable, accessible, quality healthcare and education for all. It would be honor to join the Democratic team in AD 17. I will work diligently to build the Democratic Party and advocate for the values we all share. I humbly ask for your vote.
Susan Solomon   Female   I am a lifelong resident of San Francisco, living most of my life in the Fillmore District. I am a proud product of SF public schools, as are my son and daughter. I have been a teacher in SF since 1990, working primarily with underserved youth in preschool and kindergarten. I currently serve as Executive Vice President of United Educators of San Francisco. I am also an SF Labor Council delegate, and a founding member of the Close the Gap Coalition. Since college, I have actively participated in campaigns for progressive Democratic Party candidates and initiatives. Today's San Francisco is not the city of my youth. While we certainly have seen some positive changes, we have also seen a serious decline in economic diversity and in the African American population, and a huge growth of the wealthy sector. We must remain committed to our work to address the affordability crisis in SF so that working families have a way to stay here. SF voters have been very supportive of our public schools and have pushed CA in the right direction. As CA schools are still woefully underfunded, we need to continue to work to fully fund public education.
Mary Marzotto   Female   Native Californian and lifelong Democratic Party member. Committed to economic and social justice in all communities. Worked in the private and public sector to prevent wage theft by employers. Served as elected SF Vice President of IFPTE Local 21. Please vote for MARY MARZOTTO on January 10, 2015. Thank you.
Rebecca Lee   Female   I currently serve as a senior legislative analyst for the Office of Ratepayer Advocates at the California Public Utilities Commission, where I advocate for affordable utility rates, consistent with safe and reliable services, on behalf of customers of privately owned energy, water, and telecommunications companies throughout California. I previously worked in public transit development in Los Angeles County. I am a lifelong democrat dedicated to public interest. I am an avid volunteer organizer for wildlife conservation campaigns. I co-founded California Women In Energy, a non-profit organization to promote female leadership in traditionally male-dominated energy sectors. I would be honored to serve as a delegate for the 17th Assembly District. I will advocate for environmental sustainability, affordability of public utility services essential to public health and safety, and democratic policies to narrow the gender pay gap.
Veronica Shepard   Female   As a Candidate I know I would truly be committed to be a voice for the constituents I serve. Our community has many disparities and I'm known as a person who attempts to bridge the gaps to health & wellness services for all. I know its important that residents know they have someone who represents their voice and choice for the Democratic Party. It would be an honor and a privilege to represent our collective voice within the California Democratic Party.
Rosario Cervantes   Female   I am a longtime resident of the Excelsior district and both my children attended public schools in San Francisco. I work at the California PUC and I am on the frontline hearing suggestions and complaints from residents all over the state. Because of this, I am a fierce advocate for the average resident of our state. I want to be elected as a delegate to the Democratic Party so that I can push the party forward to create policies to further clean energy and consumer protection as well as advocate for affordable housing, health care and access to quality public education. I am a delegate to the Labor Council and I am currently a member of both the District 11 and the Latino Democratic Clubs. I am president of the board of Coleman Advocates for Youth & Children. I will use my passion for social justice to ensure that the Democratic Party is responsive to the needs of working and middle class people. I would appreciate your vote.
Mahnani Clay   Female   I believe that the most effective community leaders are those with the strongest roots to the community. Since my arrival in San Francisco four years ago, I have solidly planted myself in the communities I strive to serve. I started out volunteering in direct services supporting formerly incarcerated women. I now hold leadership roles with both the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and the San Francisco Black Leadership Forum. Also, as Director of Administration for Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, I spend my days fighting to empower youth in communities of color and fight the school-to-prison pipeline. As delegate for AD17, I will use my voice to continue to give voice to my community and work collaboratively towards San Francisco that is both accessible and equitable.