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Time & Location:

IBEW Local 595

6250 Village Pkwy.
Dublin, CA 94568
Cross street: Past I-680 North onramp
Location Phone: 925-556-0595

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
John Hall   Male   I have actively worked for the Democratic Party and local Democrats in the Lamorinda Area for the last 10 years. I am and officer of the Lamorinda Democratic Club (LDC), San Ramon Valley Democratic Club (SRVDC), Concord Democratic Club (CDC) and the Central Contra Costa Unitd Democratic Campaign (CCCUDC). I have attended the last several conventions and EBoard meeting and will continue to do so in the future at my own expense.
Ellis Goldberg   Male   I am Ellis Goldberg, a leader in the Democratic Party in Contra Costa & the TriValley for the last 10 years. For the last 8 years I have been the President of the TriValley Democratic Club. In Contra Costa I am the editor of THE LOOP the official Democratic Party publication. I am the media coordinator for the MoveOn TriValley & Central Contra Costa Councils. I have volunteered at the Food Bank for the last 13 years helping distribute food at 6 sites each month. I have been a delegate since 2008. I am married, a father, grandfather & marketing guy. Please vote for me.
JEROME C. PANDELL   Male   Danville resident Jerome Pandell serves on the California Democratic Party Finance Committee, as State Senator Mark DeSaulnier's alternate on the Contra Costa County Democratic Party's Central Committee, and as volunteer treasurer of Contra Costa Young Democrats (which he co-founded), California Progress Fund PAC, and Congressman Eric Swalwell's New Energy PAC. In 2012, 11th Congressional District voters elected Jerome to serve as Democratic National Convention Delegate in Charlotte, N.C. Named the Contra Costa County Young Democrat of the Year for 2014, Jerome works tirelessly to elect Democrats at the local, state, and national level. Congressman Eric Swalwell, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, and Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti all endorsed Jerome's 2014 campaign for a seat on the San Ramon Valley School Board. In 2013, Jerome was appointed to serve as a member of the University of California-Hastings College of the Law Board of Governors, demonstrating his deep commitment to public education. Jerome would be honored to receive your vote to serve as a Delegate for Assembly District 16 and help our party win in 2016. Share your ideas with Jerome by visiting www
Jim Donnelly   Male   I currently serve a the E-Board Delegate for AD 16 as well as the Vice Chair of the Contra Costa Democratic Party. As a life long progressive Democrat I want to continue to work toward equality for all. As an Environmental Professional I also want to work to protect our environment. W,e as grass roots Democrats, need to work to ensure that our party continues to represent the grass roots and to not let monied interests co-opt our focus on protecting the middle class and less fortunate members of society.
John Roe   Male   Experience does Matter! Having been your delegate to the State Democratic Party and State Democratic Council, my experience as a Labor and Democratic Party activist insures that your beliefs and values always form the core of my actions. Working to strengthen working and middle class families, increase the minimum wage, health care, working conditions, rights and protections for the disabled, I am your valuable bridge between labor and our Democratic Party. Active membership in the Tri-Valley and San Ramon Valley Democratic Clubs plus membership in the Diablo Valley, Rossmoor and Lamorlinda clubs. Honored as "Political Activist of the Year" by the Contra Costa Labor Council and Building and Construction Trades Council for my efforts in the 2008 election, selected as a Special Guest to the 2012 National Democratic Convention, my background and passion to building a stronger Party can only serve us to win in 2016 and into the future.
Robert Moynihan, Jr.   Male   My name is Bob Moynihan, and I am an active member of the Contra Cost Young Dems, and our party. I went on precinct walks and phone banked, almost every chance I could through this last election, and would like the opportunity to represent my area as a candidate.
Greg Bonato   Male    
Brad Tuvey   Male   I have been serving as Congressmen Eric Swalwell's alternate on the Contra Costa County Democratic Party's Central Committee since 2013. I am an active member of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club and the TriValley Democratic Club. I worked on Jerry McNerney's first successful runs for Congress in 2006 and 2008, and more recently on Eric Swalwell's successful runs. My motivation is focused on getting "Big Money" out of our politics, because I believe this is essential for getting our government back to work for the middle class and ALL Americans again. The influence of Big Money is making it harder to advance the Democratic agenda in almost all issue areas, including the economy, equality, education and the environment. I believe this is a winning issue for Democrats, and I actively encourage Democratic candidates and our elected representatives to take a strong leadership role on this issue. I would be honored to receive your vote.
Don Biddle   Male   Currently serving as Dublin City Councilmember(6 years). Re-elected in 2014. Served on Dublin Planning Commission for 4 years and on Dublin School Boards for 12 years. Member of Tri-Valley Democratic Club. During 2014 election worked with Tri-Valley UDC to support local and state Democratic candidates. Been endorsed by Alameda County Democratic organizations. Worked on Tim Sbranti Assembly campaign, Congressional campaigns for Eric Swalwell and Congressional campaign for Jerry McNerney. Won seat in all 6 elections I have run in.
Greg Gonzalez   Male   My name is Greg Gonzalez and I am running for AD16 delegate. I am a Contra Costa County native and currently live in Danville. I attended De La Salle High School where I was a founding member of the De La Salle Gay-Straight Alliance. I volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008 and I interned for Rep. Jerry McNerney in DC. I am a member of the Contra Costa Young Democrats (CCYD). Most recently, I was the regional field coordinator for Tim Sbranti for State Assembly, focusing on the Tri-Valley area. Although we were unsuccessful, I am now committed to returning this seat Democratic in 2016. The key to future elections and the future of this party will be energizing young and minority voters. We must make sure our ideals are communicated to them. Whether it is our push to raise the minimum wage, our commitment to compassionate immigration reform, or our support for affordable higher education, it is imperative that the constituencies that will benefit from our ideals get out and vote. As a young, Hispanic Democrat, I pledge to support this outreach and grow the party. I would be honored to represent AD16 and I look forward to turning this seat blue in 2016.
Malcolm Brudigam   Male   Malcolm entered the local Democratic scene in 2012 working on Senator Mark DeSaulnier's reelection campaign. Though a fresh face, Malcolm is a life-long Contra Costa resident and grew up in Lafayette. After the 2012 election, Malcolm joined the district office of Senator DeSaulnier where he served as a district representative until the Spring of 2014. During that time Malcolm served as an appointed delegate to the California Democratic Party convention in 2013 and 2014, and co-founded the Contra Costa Young Democrats. Currently, Malcolm serves as Vice President of the Contra Costa Young Democrats and as an alternate on the Contra Costa County Democratic Party's Central Committee. Moreover, Malcolm has significant field organizing experience from working on campaigns the last three election cycles including campaigns for Congresswoman Lois Capps (2010), Senator Mark DeSaulnier (2012), Congressman Eric Swalwell (2014), and Tim Sbranti (2014). As your AD16 delegate Malcolm will work to improve our region's campaign infrastructure, increase participation from young people and underrepresented minorities, and ensure recruitment of candidates who embody core democratic principles. ;
Jeff Bowser   Male   As a lifelong, 4th generation, democrat I would be honored to continue to represent the 16th District as a Delegate to the California Democratic Party. I am committed to the values and ideals of the Democratic Party demonstrated in my campaigning, public statements, and votes on the Pleasanton School Board. I have recently completed my term on the Pleasanton School and Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program Boards. I have been endorsed by the Alameda County Democratic Party in 2010 and 2014, have supported endorsed candidates through fundraising, walking precincts, and phone banking. I am concerned that the political dialog has turned against labor and their right to organize, protect due process, ensure that employees are treated fairly and with dignity. As a advocate for education it is crucial that we fully fund and empower our teachers and our schools to help close the achievement gap so that all students may achieve their full potential. I believe that our diverse workforce brings us our economic vitality and resiliency, allowing us to reshape, reinvent, and evolve our economy. I would be honored with your vote for Re-Election to represent AD16.
Ryan Apperson   Male   My name is Ryan Apperson, and it would be an honor to serve as your delegate for Assembly District 16. I am a resident of Walnut Creek, a lifelong Democrat, and a member of the Contra Costa Young Democrats. This last election I fought hard in AD16 with the Tim Sbranti campaign. Between college and law school I had the life changing experience of helping to organize a union at my workplace. I fought for equitable pay, benefits, and humane workload. The experience proved to be so rewarding, I chose to focus in labor and employment law while earning my juris doctorate. In my professional life I have fought tirelessly for workers. I believe that when workers are paid a living wage the entire economy thrives. I believe that the Democratic Party is the best hope for advancing workers' rights in our state and country. It is this perspective that I offer in my candidacy to be your delegate. While I am passionate about workers' rights, I plan to also fight for a party that stands to protect the environment and promote the equal protection of all civil and fundamental rights. I would truly be honored to serve as your delegate.
Ramsey Ismail   Male   I was raised in AD16, My wife was born and raised in AD16, and our children were born and raised in AD16. As life long Democrats we have a real life 'buy in' to AD16 and the quality of life we enjoy today. As we move forward, we must maintain these qualities through our party influence, and our elected representatives. It will be my commitment to do so. We have witnessed much change, growth, and prosperity over the past 50 years. It is our responsibility to maintain focus and provide influential input on economic development, transportation, education, public safety, and environmental matters that effect AD16 and California. If elected, I will work with the Democratic party to see that we support and elect leaders locally, regionally and nationally that will serve these interests on behalf of our communities in AD16, and elsewhere as applicable. Respectfully Submitted, Ramsey Ismail
Jim Soper   Male   My name is Jim Soper. I am a member of the Lamorinda, Diablo Valley and Wellstone democratic clubs. My political focus for almost 10 years has been to ensure fair and accurate voting systems. I am the author of CountedAsCast.org, and co-chair of the Voting Rights Task Force (VRTF). The VRTF has a record of success in impacting election legislation in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and even Germany. We have been instrumental in blocking dangerous pro-internet voting legislation for 4 years running. In 2013, I was the lead witness for advocate-written AB 813, which passed unanimously. I also worked hard on several primary and general campaigns for Secretary of State. On broader issues, I believe we need to establish fairness in campaigns, the media, the economy and our tax system, keep the planet from melting down, and stop fighting stupid wars. As I have learned, the first rule in lobbying is you have to show up. I will continue to focus on important issues. I intend to show up, and get things done.
Dean Wallace   Male   I have been actively involved in Democratic politics ever since my former teacher Tim Sbranti took me precinct walking in high school. In 2010 I had the privilege of serving as the ED for the Tri-Valley UDC, and saw firsthand the critical role that field played in re-electing Congressman McNerney. In 2012 I joined Eric Swalwell's campaign to serve as his Field Director. That year our team built a field organization from the ground up, and made voter contact a central focus of our campaign. After knocking on the doors of over 100k voters in CA-15, now Congressman Swalwell emerged the victor. This July I took on a new challenge: I moved to New Mexico to run the field efforts for Rocky Lara in her race against Rep Steve Pearce (a tea partier notorious for his anti-women and anti-immigrant rhetoric). Despite our best efforts on the ground, we fell short. I remain, however, firmly committed to the notion that building more rigorous, targeted, and efficient field operations is vital to getting more Democrats elected to office - not just in California - but around the country. I am happy to be back home in the Tri-Valley, and would be honored to serve as a Delegate for AD 16.
Sharon Goldberg   Female   I am Sharon Goldberg a leader in the Democratic Party in Contra Costa & the TriValley. I am Vice President and Hospitality Chair of the TriValley Democratic Club since 2006 playing a planning major role in club events and campaigns. I am a member of the Democratic Party Central Committee in Contra Costa & a delegate to the state convention since 2008. I volunteer at the Food Bank since 2000 & in 2006 was Volunteer of the year. I am married, a mother & grandmother. Please vote for me.
Valerie Arkin   Female   As a lifelong Democrat, 21-year resident of Pleasanton, and active volunteer, I want to represent the values of the Democratic party. I am currently a School Board Trustee and have been for the past 6 years. I have been on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, as an AD 16 member, for the past 4 years. I've been a member of the Tri-Valley Democratic Club for the past 7 years. Education is my top priority, but healthcare and protecting the environment are also priorities. I will advocate for measures and candidates that promote the Democratic party agenda and I look forward to representing my constituents.
Brodie Hilp   Female   I am an active volunteer for the Democratic Party. I serve as President of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club. At our monthly meetings, the goal is that our expert speakers on issues such as Wealth Inequality, Community Choice Energy, Getting Money out of Politics, will educate and motivate our members to get involved and become active Democrats. Spreading enthusiasm about Democratic values is our goal. I also volunteer as Secretary of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County, serving also on the Resolutions Committee. Several of our resolutions on the environment were submitted to the CDP for approval at the convention. I have worked on numerous campaigns for Democratic candidates. I have walked precincts for Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, AD 16 candidate Tim Sbranti, Congressman Jerry McNerney, Congressional candidate Jose Hernandez in Tracy, and President Obama in Reno. I like precinct walking because it provides a chance to speak to people about their lives and how their lives can be improved by candidates with Democratic values. I have been a Delegate to the CDP for four years, and hope to continue as an AD16 delegate.
Tanya Ludden   Female   I am a mother of three, married for 35 years and a 19 year resident of Pleasanton. My daughter a successful teacher in Pleasanton school district, my middle son who serves our country in the US Navy, Special Forces and my youngest son works for Alameda County as a social worker. My children have been my inspiration and proof that working within our local political process and belonging to the Democratic Party can and will allow individuals to make a difference. I would be honored to serve another term as a delegate within the great state of California.
Debbie Look   Female;   I have worked in the California State Assembly for three years, most recently for Assemblymember Joan Buchanan. I currently serve on the Alameda County Central Committee as an alternate and regularly attend and participate in the monthly meetings. As Executive Director of the Tri-Valley United Democratic Campaign (TVUDC) this past election cycle, I worked tirelessly in support of Tim Sbranti, Eric Swalwell, Measure BB and numerous local candidates. In previous elections, I have been active in precinct walking and phone banking for local and State Assembly Democratic candidates. I have attended and actively participated in the two most recent state conventions as an AD 16 delegate since being elected to the position in 2012. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the party and advance our Democratic values, including ensuring that all children receive a high quality education from preschool through higher education; protecting access to high quality healthcare for all; and strengthening our social safety net programs.
Christine McGinnis   Female   I have been a Democratic Party activist since 1994 (the year I got involved in the successful effort to retire Congressman Bill Baker), holding many positions including County Committee Chair/Vice Chair, DSCC Member and E-Board Member, and UDC Co-Chair, and have also been an officer in several Democratic clubs and Committees during that time. Bottom line, all politics is local, and locally we need to strengthen efforts to build a Democratic bench, elect Democrats to local councils and school boards and energize Democratic voters, and when our local Democratic office-holders seek higher office we must redouble our efforts to ensure their success.
Joan Laursen   Female   As a California native, life-long Democrat, twenty year resident of Pleasanton and elected school board member serving my second term, I am most concerned about how our state's commitment to education has eroded over the last thirty years. However, I am also very concerned about the growing income inequality in our society and the disappearance of living wages for workers, as well as the protection of our natural resources. I have been your delegate for two years, and have been very active locally on behalf of Democratic candidates and issues for over ten years. Whether canvassing and phone banking for Democratic candidates like Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, Congressmen Eric Swalwell and Jerry McNerney, Senator Mark DeSaulnier or Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, or on behalf of Measure BB & Proposition 30 and against Proposition 32, or co-chairing the campaign for a local parcel tax election, I put my Democratic values into action. I am a member of the Tri-Valley Democratic Club and I would be honored to continue representing you and the interests of Democrats in the AD16. I would be grateful to have your vote and your support. Thank you.
Cheryl Cook-Kallio   Female   I am a life long Democrat who has participated on many levels, including 8 years as councilmember. I have served as an appointed delegate and most recently as an elected one. I am committed to the values of Democratic party and would be honored to have your support. Thank you.
Susan Piekarski   Female   As a 28-year resident, it would be my pleasure to represent AD16 at the State Democratic Convention. I am the product local schools and have been active in the community since I was a teenager. I have represented you on the Alameda Democratic Central Committee and as Chair of the United Democratic Campaign. I have also been an active volunteer on a number of local, state, and national campaigns. As a local advanced placement government teacher and assistant "We the People" coach, I take pride in engaging young people in the political process. I have maintained a life long commitment to the Democratic Party and would be proud to represent you. Thank you for your support.
Jamie Yee Hintzke   Female   Since 1980 when Reagan beat Jimmy Carter I have always voted the Democratic ticket. I was 19 years old. Throughout my childhood my Dad was very active in his Sheet Metal Union even serving on the executive board. I was raised having a deep understanding of worker's rights and Democratic principles. Currently, I am serving my second 4 year term on the Pleasanton Unified School District Board and just wrapping up my year as Board President. I also served on the Tri Valley Regional Occupational Program (ROP) School Board for 2 years, one year as Board President. Professionally, I work in the public sector serving at-risk, low income youth and families and a member of the SIEU union. Since 2007, I have served on the Board of Managers of the CA State PTA and was appointed Resolutions Chair and currently I am the Diversity and Inclusion Chair. I feel all my experiences enable me to be an excellent choice as a convention delegate. I would be honored to serve ASM D-16 as a convention delegate.
Amy Miller   Female   When I was appointed as a trustee to the Dublin Unified School District Board of Education in 2010, I was naive about the world of politics in which I entered. I applied because of my passion for education (specifically equity for all students) & the strong connection I felt towards my community. What I didn't realize & eventually learned was the significance of being a female Democrat in my new role. As I prepared for my 1st campaign in 2012, I completed the Emerge Program, which marked the beginning of my official "political" education. However, the defining moment came when I read the CADEM Platform and I felt truly aligned with the Democratic Party. I was moved when I recognized so many of the core values I hold dear to my heart throughout the document & felt proud that my work on the school board reflected these values. I have since spent my time supporting & mentoring other Democrats interested in running for office. I also serve on the Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women, Congressman Swalwell's Women's Advisory Committee & was recently elected DUSD Board President. It would be an honor to serve at an even deeper level as your elected delegate for AD16.
Roberta Kreitz   Female   I am seeking re-election as an Assembly Delegate to the State Democratic Convention to continue to build a strong connection between the local school districts, employee groups and the state political representative. The numerous changes in education necessitate a strong collaborative relationship between politicians and the local community is critical. I hope to continue to be part of that collaborative team and represent as a 2015 Assembly Delegate.
Sarah Butler   Female   I have been an elected member of the Democratic Party Central Committee of Contra Costa County (DPCCC) for the past 2 & 1/2 years. I have actively worked to get Democrats elected which is my top priority for the Democratic Party. I have phone banked, walked and campaigned in many ways for both legislative candidates, and our local Democratic Candidates. I also served on the DPCCC Bylaw Committee and the DPCCC Endorsement Committee this year. I have also been a member of the Lamorinda Democratic Club for the past 4 & 1/2 years. Additionally, I am an elected School Board Member on the Orinda School Board for the past 2 years. My top priorities are getting Democrats elected, the environment, education, and jobs. I am a lifelong Democrat, and would appreciate your vote for ADEM 16.
Kathleen Gage   Female   My name is Kathleen Gage and I am a lifelong Democrat. I was a political science major at UC Berkeley, and I consider myself to be a political junkie. I have lived in San Ramon for over 18 years and have voted Democratic in every election. I have participated in campaign activities during my entire adult life, beginning in 1968 when I canvassed for Eugene McCarthy while a student at UC Santa Barbara. I became a more active campaign worker in 2006, when Jerry McNerney ran a write-in campaign to win the Democratic primary and then defeated Richard Pombo for the 11th congressional seat Pombo had held for too many years. That election really energized me. I continued to work on his campaigns, canvassing districts and working the phones. I likewise worked on both of President Obama's election campaigns. In 2011, I started attending San Ramon Valley Democratic Club (SRVDC) meetings and became a member of the Club. I joined the Board of Directors as Secretary on July 1, 2014. About me: I retired from my benefits analyst position in the student health insurance office at UC Berkeley's Tang Center (health center) at the end of January, 2012 (5 year tenure). In this position, I counseled