AD 15


Jamila English





Time & Location:

Albany Community Center

1249 Marin Ave.
Albany, CA 94706
Cross street: Masonic Ave.
Location Phone: 510-524-9283

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 2pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Gerald Richards   Male   For the past 10 years I have been an active senior advocate. In 2010 I was elected to the California Senior Legislature (CSL) as a Senior Assembly Member. I have drafted proposals for the CSL. I walk the halls in the California Capitol visiting legislative offices urging adoption of CSL proposals. I am anxious to help bring the senior perspective to the deliberations of the State Convention. Since the latest recession the service and support for California Seniors have all but disappeared. The Older Americans Act expired in 2011 and Congress has yet to reauthorize it. The funding has continued at the 2010-11 level that was already inadequate. Furthermore, the California Legislature zeroed funding for the Older Californians Act. Affordable, appropriate senior housing is reduced to crises levels and, with the cuts in nutrition funding, large segments of the senior population are going hungry and nutrition programs are closing down statewide. It is clear when I seek support for our CSL proposals that even the Democratic Legislators are generally unaware of the extent of the destruction of the often-cited "safety net" for seniors. With luck we will all age into senior status a
Dan Rush   Male   My Record speaks for itself.
Paul Svec   Male   I am a lifelong Democratic voter and supporter. I come from a family of democratic voters and union organizers. I have an advanced liberal arts degree and have a 40 plus year career in telecommunications. My background includes managing large and small organizations as well as starting and running my own companies. I am currently a founder and CEO of a Bay Area telecommunications company with 13 successful years of providing voice and data services to Bay Area companies and organizations. My interest in politics has increased over time and I would like to devote my expertise to helping grow the Democratic party in my district and our state.
Saleem Gilmore   Male   Now is the time for democratic action! In the wake of the unrest we are seeing across the country, many of us are asking what we can do to make a difference. Becoming active in the California Democratic Party is one answer. I am running to represent the diverse Assembly District 15 and lead others to join the movement. I stand for neighborhood safety, quality education, and worker's rights. I have over 25 years of experience as an educator. I currently work with counties to reduce juvenile detention and make the system more equitable. I chair the Measure G Committee of the Oakland Unified School District. The committee is charged with oversight of over $20 million in parcel taxes collected annually by the District. The skills required in these roles will translate well as Delegate. My family has instilled in me the value of service. I come from a family of active Democrats including my Grandfather, Carter Gilmore, who was elected to the Oakland City Council in 1976. Mentoring to young men is one way I give back, giving what my Grandfather gave to me. I ask for your vote for Delegate, AD 15. I look forward to moving the Platform forward. www.shakir.gilmore4oakland.com
Ty Alper   Male   I am a social justice lawyer, professor, parent of three children in the public schools, and a lifelong progressive Democrat. (My first-ever vote was for Jerry Brown in the 1992 Rhode Island Democratic primary.) As a clinical professor of law at U.C. Berkeley School of Law, I teach, train, and supervise law students in the representation of indigent clients facing the death penalty, in California as well as the Deep South. I have spent my entire legal career representing people who cannot afford lawyers in the criminal justice system, as well as educating the next generation of social justice lawyers. I am passionate about both representing indigent clients mired in a dehumanizing and discriminatory criminal justice system, and about teaching young people how to be effective advocates for the human beings whom much of society has cast off as unredeemable. With the support of both major education unions representing classified and certificated staff in the Berkeley Unified School District, I was recently elected to a four-year term on the Berkeley School Board, securing the most votes in a five-way race. I would be honored to represent AD 15 as an Assembly District Delegate.
Kevin L. Nichols   Male   I have an extensive background as a litigation, diversity, and social media marketing consultant who resides in Assembly District 15. I have worked in multifaceted capacities in some of the most prolific international law firms in the country, such as Morrison & Foerster, Paul Hastings, Heller Ehrman, and Holland & Knight. My social networking prowess and capabilities have been featured on LinkedIn's Hall of Fame, Yahoo's Blog, in the Examiner,CNN Money, MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. I have worked to help elect Democrats on local, state, and federal elections as a campaign manager, field organizer, fundraiser, and social media strategist. My current work is as the Executive Director of the African American Wellness Project in Oakland. I've actively participated to promote progressive democrats such as the League of Women Voters, East Bay Black Dems, Young Dems, El Cerrito Democratic Club, and was named awarded the Main Horse award by BWOPA. Last year, I attended the California Democratic Convention and am prepared to take on more responsibility as an elected delegate.
Brett Badelle   Male   My goal is to be an advocate for the betterment of our community through public service. Born and raised in Oakland, I believe I am a strong role model and example of hope to young people in the city. I am the Sr. Policy Advisor on Public Safety in Oakland mayor's office. This work showed me how policy can translate into helping change and save lives through effective relationships with influential community leaders, law enforcement, and elected officials. I served as campaign manager of Tony Thurmond's run for AD-15. I also served as Asst. Dir. at Men of Valor Academy in Oakland. The Academy, provides formerly incarcerated men with transitional housing, supportive services and assists in their reintegration into the community as productive citizens.  As the Political Dir. and VP of Finance for the Black Young Dem's of the East Bay, East Bay Young Dem's Board Member, and Alt. to the Alameda County Dem. Central Committee, I worked to facilitate groundbreaking community related events. I will use my organizing skills to further the accomplishments of the party.  I am asking for your vote because I have always, and will continue to advocate for what I believe in.
Joesph Knox   Male   As a life-long Richmond resident and proud member of our party in this district, I believe that we are set to progress with meaningful and powerful initiatives while bringing new life to our organization and the democratic process. As a campaign manager in the successful mayoral election of Tom Butt in Richmond, my experience gave me the confidence to push forward with a renewed voice in our government. A voice that affirms the core qualities of grassroots power and Democratic ideals: hope and opportunity. As a young adult, I am especially motivated to represent the youth who are losing interest in the political process at alarming rates. My generation is looking for new energy in the party to rally behind. I believe new democratic leadership will engage us through forward thinking approaches to the environment, reducing poverty, increased access to public education and a progressive perspective on solving social justice issues. If we can continue to innovate we will cultivate a strong group of future leaders. The Democratic Party has to act on this inspirational moment by reviving our base and setting a forward thinking tone that will bring us to a new golden era in our politics.
Charles Davidson   Male   I am a resident of Hercules and an environmental activist. As a founding member of the Sunflower Alliance, a grass roots environmental justice coalition, I helped unite citizens of Bay Area refinery communities against the impact of refining of toxic Tar Sands and the transporting of highly-flammable Bakken ND shale oil though neighborhoods and sensitive areas. Last year, I authored a resolution against the Crude-by-Rail WesPac mega-terminal in Pittsburg, CA, adjacent to a working-class neighborhood, schools and churches. It was adopted by the Contra Costa County Democratic Party, the Pittsburg School Board and the CA Democratic Party Environmental Caucus. As a member of the Sierra Club, 350BayArea and the Sunflower Alliance, I frequently speak to regional Air District members on refinery pollution and climate issues. I strongly advocate for Community Choice Aggregation for acquisition of electricity from solar and wind. As a State Party Delegate, I authored an anti-fracking moratorium plank for the CA Democratic Party's 2014 platform. I am also an active member of the Hercules and West County Democratic Clubs and associate member of the Democratic Party of the CCC.
Alejandro Soto-Vigil   Male   The values of the California Democratic Party were part of my family's dinner conversation when I grew up in Richmond. I am currently an elected Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner. I am the Latino Democratic Club of the East Bay's representative to the Alameda County Central Committee. I have also served on the Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission, Berkeley Public Works Commission and the AC Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee. I have helped elect progressive Democrats in grassroots campaigns for over 20 years. As a delegate, I will bring ideas from the grassroots and advocate a progressive agenda in the Democratic Party. Our Party needs new fresh ideas to move affordable housing, quality schools, economic security, prison reform and a sustainable environment forward for all Californians. Having worked with Dem's locally and around the country, in the Democratic National Headquarters for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Com., for Civil Rights leader member Marion Barry and as the Leg. Aide to Berkeley Councilmember Kriss Worthington, I learned that to make change happen, it was essential for our local Democratic party to be progressive and forward looking.
Scott Kagawa   Male   I'm a progressive, pro-labor, pro-environment Democrat. My family has called the East Bay home for three generations, and I am a proud resident of West CC County. My father's long career in public education led me to begin my career teaching in the public schools south of Chicago, where I experienced the hurdles faced by our students and teachers. We need to prepare our kids for school by focusing on early childhood development and working to eliminate their most harmful hurdle - poverty. I am a strong believer that government can play a positive role in improving the economic health of our communities. As a member of the Economic Development Committee of El Cerrito, I support legislation that will revitalize local economies and further our commitment to a healthy environment. As a technology professional, I see the need for a pragmatic legislative approach to the entrepreneurial spirit of CA. We have created a need for a flexible, efficient legislative process that can respond to innovation in a way that facilitates growth while protecting the safety of our people and the economies in which they are engaged. I look forward to the opportunity to serve my community.
Julian Sanders   Male   I am a young, progressive, active democrat and very interested in assisting our party grow among young voters. As a current Political Science major, politics and the future of our country is very important to me. I would take great honor in being a delegate for my district and for the Democratic party that I love and support fully. My candidacy is based on helping to engage participation among young voters and minorities. I look forward to the knowledge I can gain from this experience and look forward to being able to represent the 15th district.
Igor Tregub   Male   I'm a strong progressive, pro-labor, pro-environment Democrat. As a Delegate and Legislation Committee member, immigrant, and 2012 DNC Delegate for Obama, I commit to bringing new leadership and progressive values into our Party and ensure it is as inclusive and diverse as our great state. As the Membership VP of the California Young Dems, I helped found nearly 30 new chapters, many in AD15. As a County Central Dem Committee alternate, I secured countywide and statewide support for immigrant rights bills like the TRUST Act, housing bills like the Homeowners' Bill of Rights, and bills against fracking and transport of crude oil by rail. I successfully and effectively fight for the environment, housing, labor rights, and equality as a Delegate and through my service as Vice Chair of the Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter, Vice Chair of the Housing Commission, and former elected position on the Berkeley Rent Board. Let's work together to increase participation, improve transparency, and build progressive strength in our Party. Please join CDP Vice Chair Alex Rooker and Secretary Daraka Larimore-Hall and Councilmembers Arreguin, Anderson, and Pilch in supporting me again. www.igortregub.org
George Perezvelez   Male   I am a strong progressive, pro labor, pro environment Democrat and I am running to be an Assembly District Delegate for the great AD 15 district. My belief and commitment to a strong citizen police department oversight, strong labor unions, immigration reform, Veteran's benefits, a woman's right to choose, equal pay for equal work, income equality, environmental stewardship and LGBT equality rights drives my advocacy for inclusiveness and progressive ideals. As a member of the Hispanic, Veteran and LGBT communities as well as a member of a Labor household, I will represent a varied group of our electorate. As a member of the ACLU, The NAACP, The Sierra Club, The Human Rights Campaign, The National Council of la Raza, The Berkeley Democratic Club and the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club as well as a Commissioner on the Berkeley Police Review Commission, The BART Police Department Citizens Review Board and a past member of the Berkeley Commission on Labor my community involvement will serve the district well at the state level.
Nick Pilch   Male   I'm a strong progressive pro-labor, pro-environment Delegate candidate. I'm an Albany City Councilmember, and a former member of Albany Commissions including Planning and Zoning. I co-founded Albany Strollers & Rollers which advocates for the rights of pedestrians and all those using active transportation. I'm an elected Executive Committee Member of the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club and have served as the Chair of the Outreach Committee and the Nominations and Elections Committee. I have also served as the Conservation Chair of the Northern Alameda County Group. I will champion and fight for progressive, environmental causes. Please join Igor Tregub in supporting me as a candidate for Delegate.
Asa Dodsworth   Male   I'm a strong progressive, pro_labor, pro_environment Democrat. I've lobbied Capitol w TenantsTogether.org, ACCE, & LandAction. I worked with EVOLV to successfully get "Close the Prop13 Corp Loop Hole" into the CDP state platform. I stand with labor on the picket lines from UFCWs Nob Hill Strike to Oakland Truckers Port Strike. I successfully defended our last East Bay urban farmland at #OccupyTheFarm. On the Berkeley Rent Board I fight for tenants rights and will work to give the Renters' Caucus official Party recognition. #MikeBrown & #EricGarner's deaths expose how DAs, who work daily w police, can't be tasked to prosecute them, let's lead the nation w 1st local Prosecutors office for police misconduct, #blacklivesmatter! Oakland has a 10+yrs of untested murder & rape evidence, a Bay Area Crime Lab could fill local evidence testing gaps. 40% of Homeless youth are LGBTQ, California must officially recognize this internally displaced refugee community & begin to provide safe shelter & housing. I will be on your side for the progressive causes important to you. Thank you for your support!
Joaquin Murphy   Male   I will do my best to represent the interest of the Dem party in CA
Gregory Lyman   Male   Living in Washington DC taught me the importance of giving back to the community. We moved to California in 1989. I now have over 15 years of service to my community including establishing curriculum and teaching for the West Oakland Regional Technical Training Center. I was president of a local youth sports group for over two years and on their board for over 10 years. I have been an active part in El Cerrito leadership for over 12 years, including time on boards and 6 years as a City Councilmember. I am working to make a better community. I am in my 4th year as El Cerrito Democratic Club vice president with over 8 years experience in mobilizing voters in El Cerrito. I have mobilized campaign walkers since the 2004 campaign, because votes matter. I am a life long democrat with progressive values. I support United for Peace and Justice and treating our wounded veterans properly. I am a father and believe the education we give our youth is the most important legacy of a community. I support progressive democratic ideas and balance development against the health and well being of the community. I look forward to representing AD 15 as a delegate.
Margaret Hanlon-Gradie   Female   West Contra Costa has unique challenges and opportunities that require vibrant Democratic leadership. Saving Doctor's Medical Center, securing a community benefits agreement at the UC/LBNL Global Campus in Richmond, and continuing to improve access to quality education for all will take coalitions that include labor, environmental and faith and other groups. As a member of the County Workforce and Economic Development Commission, the Richmond WIB and Executive Director of he Labor Council, and ADEM incumbent, I can bring unique skills to getting West County registered, running for office and mobilized to vote.
Wendy Bloom   Female   My priority is to push the Party in a progressive direction. I am a reliable, steadfast volunteer that can be counted on when needed. I have worked as an RN at Children's Hospital Oakland for 28 years. I am an active leader in the California Nurses Association. I am also a Delegate to the Alameda Labor Council and the Vice Chair of the Berkeley Commission on Labor. I am a long time member of Wellstone Democratic Club. I have been elected as an AD Delegate 3 times before and attended all Party Conventions during my terms. I am a committed political activist that dedicates a lot of time to bring meaningful changes in our community. Most of my recent focus has been on issues like raising the minimum wage and growing and strengthening the Labor movement. I advocate as a nurse for quality affordable healthcare under a single payer system. As well as working on these issues I have volunteered out of state for John Kerry and Barack Obama. Since last February I worked on the successful grassroots campaign of Tony Thurmond in our AD. I hope to continue with my participation in the Party as an elected delegate from AD 15.
Karen Weinstein   Female   I am honored to be running for delegate to the California Democratic (CDP). Our Party needs to be as strong and as inclusive as it can be. I will work to make sure all groups are represented, particularly young people and communities of color. To elect the strongest Democrats in California, I will endorse those who work to promote economic and social equality and I will advocate for the best education for all our children, gender and racial equality, support of labor and workers rights and the humane treatment of animals and pets. I am Chair Emeritus of the Women's Caucus of the CDP, and started a pilot program mentoring young women. I received awards, such as the Democratic Women Inspire Award, Ca.Woman of the Year (14th AD), Ca. Young Dems Mentor of the Year. I am a hard worker, independent thinker and have the ability to work with individuals who have different views. I am on the Exec Board of the Berkeley Dem Club, member of Wellstone Dem Club, Emerge graduate. I am on the Berkeley Public Schools Fund, and the Berkeley City College Advisory Board. I worked for Kaiser Permanente Richmond in mental health for many years. I am a strong union supporter.
Jessica Dervin-Ackerman   Female   I am the Conservation Manager for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club, where I manage environmental and climate advocacy campaigns in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Marin counties. As a native of the East Bay, I feel proud and humbled to get to organize in my community, first as a founder of 350 Bay Area and now with the Sierra Club. My experience as an advocate for community health and safety and climate leadership across our diverse region has taught me that transparency and community involvement are necessary ingredients for a just, stable, and healthy future. Through my work in the fields of higher education, corporate social responsibility, and now political advocacy, I've learned that we need the political will to work for climate justice and avert climate disruption. I am running to be a delegate because I believe the residents of AD 15 are ready for grassroots leadership for our region and state. As a young woman, I am ready to join a new generation of democratic leadership focused on social, racial, economic, and environmental justice for California.
Sherry (Celia) McCoy   Female   My name is Sherry McCoy and I am seeking to become an Assembly District 15 Delegate. I am a life-long Democrat and am interested in being a delegate as I want to work to ensure Democratic wins in 2016 to protect our middle class, our environment, unions, public education and healthcare. On both the state and federal level, we need to be diligent in protecting and moving forward issues of economic equality, social justice, immigration and voting rights. Our Democratic base needs to energized, engaged and inspired to be more active in the voting process and to VOTE in the upcoming elections. That will require candidates who will address the issues that are of importance to the broad base of Democrats young and old, across economic classes, inclusive of all ethnic and religious groups and to truly listen to each group to ascertain their needs. We need to work together to deal with issues and re-engage all in core Democratic values. I serve as Mayor, City of Hercules and sit on the Finance and Economic Dev Subcommittees; WCCTAC, Hercules Rep; CCTA, alternate; Pinole-Hercules Wastewater, Hercules Rep; League of Cities, Transportation, Communications & Public Works Policy Committee
Rita Xavier   Female   My values are grounded in the Democratic Party. Through my volunteer work with San Pablo, West County, and Contra Costa County boards and commissions, I have demonstrated my leadership by advocating for the needs of the community. This is reflected in my induction into the Contra Costa County Women's Hall of Fame 2014: Women Creating Community, nominated by the San Pablo City Council. Elected officials have recognized me for my leadership and I am asked to participate in projects and events. I am a strong advocate for the needs of our senior citizens, access to healthcare and transit, affordable housing, local job creation, and a healthy environment. My network of contacts in Contra Costa, Alameda, and other Bay Area counties is extensive. As a Boardmember of the LWV WCCC, I've facilitated several candidate forums. I am a proud member of the El Cerrito and West County Democratic Clubs, as well as an associate member of the Democratic Party, CCC. I work to promote Democratic values and volunteer to elect Democrats. As a Proxy at the California State Democratic Party Convention in 2014, I observed the Democratic Party in action. I am prepared to continue in this direction.
Raquel Donoso   Female   I was raised in an immigrant, union home that embodies the Democratic Party's values: expanding opportunities to create stronger and healthier communities. I'm a life-long Democrat, mother of 2 sons and live with my husband in Richmond. My oldest son is a graduate of Berkeley High, and my younger son is an 8th grader in WCCUSD. As a young, single mother, I moved to the Bay Area to find better opportunities for my son and me. I benefited from public programs and personally understand the challenges facing working families in AD 15 and the state. It is because of this experience that I have committed my career to fighting for real change that create opportunities for families in California. This included working for nearly a decade to advance health care, education, and social policies in Sacramento. I ran the Latino Community Foundation, investing $3M in Bay Area communities to increase educational opportunities for families in the region. I now direct the Mission Promise Neighborhood, fashioned after the Harlem Children's Zone, to ensure students graduate high school and enter college or a career track. I would be honored to earn your support and represent our Democratic values.
Kathy Chao Rothberg   Female   I serve as Mayor of the City of San Pablo. As a homeowner, parent-raising two young children with my husband and having lived in the East Bay since 1978, attending public schools and graduating from UC Berkeley, I know first-hand what Democrats must do to provide opportunities to move our community forward. I lead the Lao Family Community Development Corporation as its Executive Director. I am proud of the work I do at this award-winning agency in San Pablo, Oakland, and Sacramento. It serves the most vulnerable in our community: multi-barrier job seekers, at risk youth, seniors seeking health care, crime victims, adults with disabilities, and families seeking a better life. I also serve as a volunteer in leadership roles of local organizations working everyday to improve the lives of AD 15 residents: San Pablo Economic Development Corporation, Richmond and Oakland Youth Councils. My leadership abilities enable me to work towards solutions with my colleagues to move our region to a more prosperous future. I am proud to have been part of a delegate team of community stakeholders for the City of San Pablo that won the National Civic League's All America City 2014 Award.c
Casey Farmer   Female   I've spent my career dedicated to social justice issues that align with our party's values of quality education and economic opportunity for all. I studied Public Service at the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Commongood at the University of San Francisco. Since then, I've worked in education, philanthropy, and on successful political campaigns for a local democrat and parcel tax. I'm a policy analyst for a Oakland City Councilmember, where I follow state legislative issues and have written a number of local policies, specifically around public safety and preventing sex trafficking of minors. As a young person myself, I'm committed to engaging millennial voters and youth in civic issues and voter registration. I'm an active member of League of Women Voters and serve as a volunteer Girl Scout leader for a troop in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood. As a delegate, I will work diligently to ensure that the concerns of AD 15 residents are well understood by state party leaders. I look forward to finding innovative ways to reach voters and ensuring that progressive democrats are elected to the legislature.
Ces Rosales   Female   I am currently a 15th AD delegate, and seeking re-election to continue to serve as your representative in the CDP. I am the Northern CA Vice-Chair of the CDP Women's Caucus where I have stood up to advocate for strong women representation in the political arena. I am passionate about many issues, especially, economic justice, LGBT rights, ERA, single payer health care, environmental protection, voter protection and diverse representation. I bring a lifetime of commitment fighting for social justice issues and progressive ideals into the CDP. An Associate on the Alameda Co. Democratic Central Committee, I am also a member of Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, Berkeley Democratic Club, Stonewall Democratic Club and Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus. I am on the Executive Board of East Bay Women's Political Caucus (formerly NWPC-Alameda North). Also active as: Vice-Chair, LeConte Elementary School Mural Arts Project; Organizer, Berkeley Russell Street/Ellsworth Neighborhood National Night Out and Commissioner, Berkeley Community Health Commission. I have served as board member of Nat'l Center for Lesbian Rights and founder & co-chair of the East Bay No On Prop 8 Campaign.
Vickie Devers   Female   My name is Vickie L. Devers from Richmond, a proud California Democratic activist for over 30 years. I have worked for the Contra Costa Voter Education Project, as a Voter Registrar for Congressman George Miller, a Precinct Coordinator for former State Senator Dan Boatwright, and a Campaign Organizer for former Senator Alan Cranston. In my dedication to promoting effective political representation especially for poor and working class families, I have volunteered on many statewide and local campaigns, most recently for Betty Yee's successful campaign for State Controller. After volunteering for President Obama's historic 2008 presidential campaign, in 2012 I was selected as an Organizing Fellow for President Obama's reelection campaign. Through my involvement with Organizing for America, I was afforded the opportunity to further develop my skills with voter engagement within underrepresented communities and to learn the dynamics of a presidential campaign. It would be an honor to serve as an Assembly District Delegate representing concerns of the poor, working class, women, and constituents of color who are too often not fully engaged in the electoral process.
Jovanka Beckles   Female   I am an African American and Latina immigrant born in Panama City, Panama. My bilingual, multicultural parents taught me the critical values of respect for self and others, along with hard work and integrity. My family moved to the U.S. in 1972 and I moved to the Bay Area in 1989. I have worked as a counselor, youth educator, team builder, crime prevention specialist, housing case manager and mental health specialist for 18 years. I helped guide young people into transforming their lives in ways that have benefited them and the community. As a member of the Richmond City Council, I worked for a healthier environment for all Richmond, especially those neighborhoods suffering the brunt of industrial pollution. I also initiated efforts to raise the minimum wage. As the President of the Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council, I promoted strengthening local livable communities, developing stronger connections and loyalties with businesses in local corridors. I am a member of Concilio Latino, the League of United Latin American Citizens, Public Employee Union Local 1, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the NAACP as well as a Rotarian. I ask for your vote to become a delegate.
Paula Bauer   Female    
Amelia Lopez   Female   In 2009 I started my political involvement as President of the Feminist Democrats of Mills College. Born and raised in the Central Valley, I moved to the Bay Area to attend Mills College where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy in 2011 and a Master's of Public Policy in 2012. After graduating I started my career in public service as a field representative for former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner. One of my primary responsibilities was to organize her annual STEM Women of the Year Awards Dinner honoring women who have made an impact in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I also handled constituent services and was the Albany field rep for the Assemblymember. For more than two years I have served as an executive board member of the East Bay Young Democrats and the newly launched East Bay Women's Political Caucus (formerly known as the National Women's Political Caucus- Alameda North). In July, 2014 I became a Legislative Aide for Berkley Councilmember Laurie Capitelli. I am proud to call the East Bay my home and would be honored to represent the constituents of Assembly District 15 as a delegate.
Dianne Martinez   Female   I am a strong progressive, pro-labor, pro-environment Democrat. I would be honored to represent AD15 as a delegate to the CDP. As a newly elected City Councilmember for Emeryville, I am proud to have garnered the support of my community, and I think it will serve my constituents well to have a voice in regional and state-level conversations.
Lesa McIntosh   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat, as were my parents before me. I was first elected to the Richmond City Council in 1995 and thereafter appointed to the EBMUD board of directors were I have served since 1999. I am seeking to be more useful to the party as a whole.
Julie Waters   Female   It is truly an honor and a privilege to run for delegate in Assembly District 15. I am a lifelong democrat and have served in various roles to advance the democratic party platform. I am an Oakland Native and have managed various community programs in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. In 2012 I served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and have served as an appointed delegate to the party from 2012-2014. Since 2012 I have also served as an alternate member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. I am running to continue my work in the party and advance democratic leadership statewide.
Pamela Mays McDonald   Female   In 2012, I was appointed by State Senator Loni Hancock. And joined the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. I have attended every convention and meeting. I authored and successfully passed 2 key State-level resolutions: Trayvon Martin Resolution (2013) and Ferguson Resolution ("No Taxation Without Representation"(2014). One calls for an end to racial inequities in the criminal justice system and a ban on "Stand Your Ground" Laws and "Stop-and-Frisk" policies. Ferguson calls for targeted outreach to California regions with extremely low voter turnout, with voter registration, voter education, and identification and training of potential candidates for local office. AD15 voters are passionate about these issues, especially with the string of officer-involved fatal shooting of people of color. I need your support to push the Ferguson Resolution to the next level on the Party Platform. I am a communicator and a connector, having worked as a museum director for 20 years, then a Deputy Field Organizer for Obama, then communications coach for candidates and public officials. I serve on the Board of Oakland Art Murmur and I founded Friends of Faith, media women raising funds for
Judy Appel   Female   I am honored to be running for delegate to the California Democratic Party (CDP). I have spent over 30 years working as an activist, advocate and elected official promoting social justice. Over the last decade, I have been a leader in the LGBT movement, serving as the executive director of Our Family Coalition an organization that furthers equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families. Prior to that, I worked as an attorney to defend the rights of homeless people and to address the disparate impact of the War on Drugs. As a delegate, I will endorse those candidates who share my commitment to economic, racial, gender, disability and LGBT equality, and workers and labor rights. I currently serve as the President of the Berkeley Unified School Board, directing the district's focus on ending racial and economic disparities in education and creating positive healthy schools where all students can thrive. I am an associate member of the Alameda County Central Democratic Committee. I am skilled at bringing together diverse communities to further positive change and look forward to serving as a CDP delegate.