AD 15


Jamila English





Time & Location:

Albany Community Center

1249 Marin Ave.
Albany, CA 94706
Cross street: Masonic Ave.
Location Phone: 510-524-9283

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 2pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Gerald Richards   Male   For the past 10 years I have been an active senior advocate. In 2010 I was elected to the California Senior Legislature (CSL) as a Senior Assembly Member. I have drafted proposals for the CSL. I walk the halls in the California Capitol visiting legislative offices urging adoption of CSL proposals. I am anxious to help bring the senior perspective to the deliberations of the State Convention. Since the latest recession the service and support for California Seniors have all but disappeared. The Older Americans Act expired in 2011 and Congress has yet to reauthorize it. The funding has continued at the 2010-11 level that was already inadequate. Furthermore, the California Legislature zeroed funding for the Older Californians Act. Affordable, appropriate senior housing is reduced to crises levels and, with the cuts in nutrition funding, large segments of the senior population are going hungry and nutrition programs are closing down statewide. It is clear when I seek support for our CSL proposals that even the Democratic Legislators are generally unaware of the extent of the destruction of the often-cited "safety net" for seniors. With luck we will all age into senior status a