AD 14


Rebecca Barrett





Time & Location:

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 159 Assembly Hall


1308 Roman Way
Martinez, CA 94553
Cross street: Muir Rd.
Location Phone: 925-229-0400

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 2pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Nadine Peyrucain   Female   Education: Graduate degree in social work (MSW) Employment: Retired from Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services Department Affiliations: Democratic Party of Contra Costa: (ex officio alternate for Senator Lois Wolk) (Chair of county's Resolutions Committee); Democratic Party of California (Environmental, Progressive, Women's and Labor Caucus); CCC & Alameda Dem Clubs (El Cerrito, Hercules, Wellstone, Diablo Valley, San Ramon and Tri Valley); American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (Chapter 57 President, Sub Chapter 142 Vice President, Council 57 PAC member); CLC delegate and an active member of California Alliance of Retired Americans and the Martinez Environmental Group. Interests: Issues and legislation with foci on Environmental, Social and Economic Justice. Recent Campaign: re election of Tom Torlakson, fund education and keep it public. I have the time, energy, passion and resources to serve your interests on this level, please vote for me to be your state party delegate. I am also running for the state party executive board. The last two years I have served by appointment to this board, I would be honored if you elect me to return.
K Patrice Williams J.D.   Female   I feel compelled to utilize my experience and background to affect changes to positively impact our community. May I have your vote as district delegate? With a passion and commitment to both education and economic development, I believe that our community grows stronger through access to higher education and the ability to earn a fair wage for our families while working within 25 miles of our homes. The impact includes an increase the flow of money in our local communities, minimal commute times and allows families to spend more quality time together. Since graduating from Law School, I've immersed myself in the local, national and global development of micro businesses. Some unique highlights in my background was representing minority small-business owners during Small Business Legislative Week in Washington D.C., both at the White House and on Capitol Hill. In addition, last spring, I traveled to both Africa and India on a two-fold mission designed to build trade relationships and to enhance the ability of California's businesses to prosper in East Africa and India. I have a Juris Doctorate, a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Marketing. I would be honored to utilize my passion and energy as a district delegate.
Sue Hamill   Female   I am a life long Democrat who has been active in politics over the last 8 years, running phone banking teams for election cycles since the 2010 midterms. During President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, I was a Regional Field Organizer in East and Central Contra Costa County, organizing hundreds of volunteers. In the 2014 midterms I led a phone bank team in the Keep the Senate Blue phone banking campaign. I have been an elected delegate for the California Democratic Party since 2010. I was an elected delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte in 2012. I have consistently fulfilled the duties associated with being a delegate for both the State and National party. I'd like to continue my involvement with the Democratic party as a California state delegate. I'm asking for your vote and thank you for your support!
Sally Sweetser   Female   On January 11, I am running for a delegate position for the AD 14th district. We have had a successful election at the state level, but unfortunately we cannot rest. The Republican Party has shown us all that conservatives cannot run a government. People who believe government is useless make government useless. We must emphasize over and over again that there is such a thing as the public interest, the public good, in which we all share. I have been active in local Democratic politics for the past several years. For two years I was Chair of the Diablo Valley Democratic Club and then Treasurer. I am now an Alternate to the DPCCC and chair of the By-laws Committee. I want to be able to take the ideas of Democratic voters in the 14th AD and put them into the discussion in both Sacramento and the nation.
Corinne Wilson   Female    
Aida Torres   Female   I, Aida Torres, have been a Duarte and surrounding area resident for over 15 years. I currently work as a Crime Prevention Specialist for the City of Duarte. I have worked as public servant for over 10 years, been a community member, and dedicated my efforts to advocate for at-risk and high risk youth. I want to use my experience to help improve public safety issues. I am interested in prop 47 and want to ensure it will reduce prison spending, dedicate funding to schools, crime prevention, and mental health and drug programs. I believe that being a district delegate will give me the opportunity to better serve my community.
Christina Arrostuto   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat and committed to serving the platform, ideals and values of the Democratic Party. Currently I serve as a member of the Solano County Central Committee and the Planning Committee for Northern Solano Democratic Club's quarterly Democratic Women in Action luncheon meetings. As a delegate for the past two conventions, I subscribe to the Party platform and regularly participate in Central Committee and election activities. I am a member of the Children's Caucus and also attend the Women's Caucus and other committees at Convention. Working alongside fellow Democrats to improve life for children, working people, seniors and other California residents is a source of pride and fulfillment for me. I would be honored to continue to serve as a Delegate and add my voice to the dialogue that helps us develop and carry out our Democratic goals.
Florence Weiss   Female   I have always been an active participant and supporter of local state and national democratic candidates. I would very much like to be part of the selection process
Dana Dean   Female   I believe strongly that we have a responsibility to support each other and that everyone is served when we collectively support the most vulnerable among us. I also believe in the fundamental equality of all persons and all the core values of the California Democratic Party (CDP). Because of these core beliefs, I am proud to have devoted of my time over the last decade to the CDP. I have served for over 12 years as a member of the Solano County Democratic Central Committee, serving 6 years as CDP Executive Board Representative to the CDP. I served for 10 years as an officer of SCDCC, as Vice Chair and Parliamentarian. I have organized our endorsement process, as well as poll observing, fundraising efforts, etc. At the state level, I previously served on the board of the Progressive Caucus. I currently serve as the Co-Chair of the CDP Finance Committee. I am most proud of the my work on the Finance Committee to advance our small donor sustainer program, DEM (Donate Every Month), The funds raised are used to give much needed tools to the grassroots of our organization. I look forward to organizing the rollout of DEM2016 this spring
Belinda Smith   Female   Participation in the election process has always been important to me. From working at the polls, registering voters,or voting I feel privileged to participate in the process.I am a life-long democrat and have not hesitated to share my political affiliation with others. Becoming a delegate would allow me greater participation and involvement in my political party. I've been a Solano County resident for over 30 years and have participated in several local elections. My first introduction to advocacy occurred in high school when I spoke before the local school board on cultural diversity. Professionally, I'm a land use planner and in that capacity I've been able to advocate for affordable housing, environmental protection, and job training programs. I am familiar with the local platform and have particular interest in the Energy and Environment and Children, Young Adult, and their Families platforms. I have worked on several campaigns including precinct walking, phone banking, coffees, fund raising events, and campaign management. I believe I would make a good delegate for Solano County.
Anamarie Avila Farias   Female   I am a life-long Democrat who is a third generation Martinez resident, a parent, and a Martinez City Councilwoman who has contributed over 20 years to the communities of Contra Costa County through my public service, policy work and community leadership. As a City Councilwoman, I have actively encouraged and promoted voter registration and I want to use creative and innovative ways to engage our members, especially younger voters who are the next generation of our Party. I will leverage my deep local and statewide networks to register new voters from across all of California's diverse communities in order for our Party to have a stronghold in 2015 and 2016. I am a member of the League of Cities where I sit on the Housing, Community and Economic Development Policy Committee; a current board member for the Juvenile Hall Auxiliary of Contra Costa County; and a former Planning Commissioner. I am a recent member of the Women's Caucus and Chicano Latino Caucus, who is committed to working in collaborate with all our delegates. I will attend all annual conventions, promote our Party's agenda, as well as endorse and vote for our Party platform. I respectfully ask for your vote.
Brenda McNeill   Female   I am a retired LVN from the State of California with a passion for service. I am running for re-election as a Delegate for Assembly District 14 because it is important to be involved in local and State politics. Also, I was a Delegate at the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. in 2012. My interests are promoting quality public education, and safety for our students, teachers and the rights of Senior Citizens. It is my goal to support the California Democratic Party agenda. I would be honored to serve you as a Delegate for Assembly District 14.
Patrick Von Behren   Male   I want to make a positive impact on the staffing and operations of the California Democratic Party. I support progressive values for the people of my state.
Edi Birsan   Male   A life Long Democrat, I have been a past Assembly District Delegate as well as a current Delegate from the Central Committee. I am an elected City Councilmember in Concord and the Editor of the Concord Democratic News. As a delegate I have been to all the party conventions in the north and south of the state and pledge to continue that. I strongly believe in our values and putting action to them as seen in my numerous community outreach and service efforts. Contact me at EdiBirsan@astound.net or 925-798-3537
Brandon Bjerke   Male   I am running for re-election as an Assembly District Delegate in AD- 14 to help shape the future of California's Democratic Party. I was born and raised in Concord, and have learned from a young age the strong democratic values our greater East Bay community holds. I recently graduated from Saint Mary's College with a degree in Politics and History and I am currently a second year law student at the University of Pacific's McGeorge School of Law where I am the President of the school's young democrats club. I believe the party will benefit from a student's perspective on our Party's platform. I have worked as a field representative for Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla and have interned in the offices of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher. I have also walked precincts and campaigned for Democratic candidates including Assemblywomen Susan Bonilla, Joan Buchanan and Senator Mark DeSaulnier. It would be an honor to serve the California Democratic Party again.
Daniel Jameyson   Male   As we rise from recession and damaged social promises, our new positivism must be founded on a shared prosperity. A vibrant middle class the bedrock of our America depends on encouraging new opportunities, supporting fresh entrepreneurship, and ensuring that these new markets enable hard working American families to fulfill their dreams. Our shared prosperity must be the social promise that truly uplifts us and moves us forward... not just some of us, or a few of us, but all of us. That's why I love public service, became a labor leader, got involved with the Democratic Party, and want to see the Party succeed. I am a nine year veteran in Contra Costa County social services, holding a Masters in Public Administration from CSU East Bay and a B.A. in Economics from U.C. Davis, and I currently serve as Vice President of the SEIU 1021 Contra Costa County Rank and File Chapter representing about 1000 colleagues in social and health services. Contact me at dsjameyson@dan247.com, 925-325-1291.
Jeff Koertzen   Male   2014 was a tough year for Democrats around the country, but California was a bright BLUE shining star. I am proud to have served as an AD14 delegate and the AD14 EBoard rep for the past two years and to have been part of the party organization that helped keep California BLUE. I am seeking re-election as a delegate to represent the district at the annual conventions and as EBoard Rep to continue representing the district on the state party's Executive Board. I currently serve as the Controller for the county party and as an elected member representing Supervisorial District 4. I have also previously served as Bylaws Committee Chair and Endorsement Committee Chair, and this past year founded our first annual Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt Awards Dinner. If re-elected, I would like to see more collaboration among AD delegates, and I would like to see communication after we return from conventions and EBoard meetings. For more information about me and my vision for the party, please see my website at http://www.jeffkoertzen.com. Thank you.
Jon Riley   Male   I am a retired Vallejo Firefighter and part time Executive Director of the Napa-Solano Central Labor Council. I have worked tirelessly to build a working relationship between Labor and the Democratic Party and have been their E-board Rep for the past four years.
Brent Trublood   Male   I am an active member of the Democratic party. I regularly attend the DPCCC meetings, I have helped to form a Concord Democratic Club, and I have worked hard knocking on doors and making phone calls to help elect Democrats. I am applying to be a delegate because I want to be a part of the process for preparing the Democratic Party for the 2016 elections and beyond.
Greg Sanborn   Male   My Fellow Democrats - I am running for Re-election as your Assembly District Delegate to continue my work to expand our party by registering more young people and new citizens. Currently I serve as an Elected Member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County Central Committee for District Four, a member of the CDP Finance Committee as well as being a Member of the Diablo Valley, Concord and 16 other Democratic Clubs. In addition, I fulfilled my major responsibility as your Assembly District Delegate by attending both CDP Conventions during my term as well as many Executive Board Meetings. After many years in Banking and Finance, professionally I am the Managing Principal of The Diablo Group, a campaign finance management firm in Concord, which currently represents 13 Democratic Central Committees as their Treasurer. I WOULD BE HONORED TO RECEIVE YOUR SUPPORT AND VOTE.
Alex Newman   Male   I am a Viet Nam veteran and believe that the Democratic Party has done more for veterans than the Republicans. Every time I hear about a veteran running for office they are running as a Democrat. I want to be a delegate to make sure that veterans have a voice in the 14th AD.
David Specland   Male   I have been a lifelong Democrat. I believe in the principals the party stands for such as a strong middle class, equal pay for women, same sex marriage, early childhood education and easier pay back of college loans.
Satinder Malhi   Male   "Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world's ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation." The late Robert Kennedy uttered these words nearly 40 years ago and yet his words are just as true today as they were then. As the current President of the Contra Costa Young Democrats, I've been driven by an unwavering commitment to the idea that each of us, young and old alike, can work together to combat that which seeks to divide us rather than unites us. I've devoted myself to a life of public service by helping to serve the constituents of this great district in my capacity as a staffer to several of our local officials including Tom Torlakson, Mark DeSaulnier and Susan Bonilla. I'm a first generation Sikh-American and a lifelong Democrat. I currently serve as an elected member of the DPCCC central committee and would be honored to have your vote to become a delegate so that I can continue my advocacy on behalf of the Democratic Party.
James Qualk   Male   I am an advocate for education, equal rights and equal justice under the law. Since moving to California two and half years ago, I have been elected to represent AD14 at the two previous State Party conventions, become an active member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (DPCCC), represented State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson as his alternate to the DPCCC and founded the Concord Democratic Party,. Professionally, I hold a position at a global construction firm. I have lectured about sustainability, energy and the built environment at Vanderbilt University's School of Engineering and as adjunct professor in Lipscomb University's Institute for Sustainable Practice. I write about these subjects regularly for many industry and other publications. I am a New Deal, New Frontier and Great Society Democrat. In a new era for the Democratic Party in California, I am excited to be a part of the progress that California Democrats are making in the face of the Party's challenges in much of the rest of the country. James D. Qualk http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesqualk/
Dominic Aliano   Male   Growing up in a strong union house had fostered my decision to become a Democrat. I am proud to be a Democrat because I have come to understand the struggles that working men and women face and even the struggles that the poor endure. Assembly District 14 is my home because I was born and raised in Concord. I have a strong connection with the community because I attended St. Agnes Catholic School, De La Salle High School, Diablo Valley Junior College and have spent hours volunteering at the Monument Crisis Center. As a delegate I will represent my constituency with great honor and respect because I have a significant understanding and connection with Assembly District 14. In the past I have interned for San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell and the San Francisco Labor Council. Recently I was the volunteer precinct walk and phone bank coordinator and office manager for the Tim Sbranti Campaign for State Assembly District 16. It is important for young men and women to get involved because it is our future and that is why it will be a privilege to represent Assembly District 14 in the California Democratic Party.
Jamario Jackson   Male   I am running for a seat as an Assembly Delegate for the 14th Assembly District. Although I have lived throughout the Bay Area I have received many years of schooling in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Most recently, I graduated with a degree in American Politics from the University of California, Merced. I have returned to my hometown and embraced a state where I have learned the importance of engagement. Notably, the opportunity I have to serve as a delegate would allow me to impact individuals and families by sharing with them information regarding their lives and future generations. Outside of my candidacy, I am a Field Representative for Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla. Serving as your delegate would be a great privilege.