AD 13


Rhodesia Ransom





Time & Location:

San Joaquin Pride Center

109 N Sutter St.
Stockton, CA 95202
Cross street: E Weber Ave.
Location Phone: 209-466-7572

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Aaron Edwards   Male   Currently sit as the Vice Chairmen of the Stockton Parks & Recreation Commission, also past chairmen, served as a Stockton Sports Commission 2009-2010. I'v been a high school football coach for 9 years and I'm very active in the community with toy drives, mentoring. Served from 2011-2013 as the Chairmen of H.O.P.E.
John Crouson   Male   My name is John Crouson. I am currently in my second term as an Assembly Delegate for the CDP as well as a representative on my county Central Committee since 2011. I am a proud member of IBEW Local 302 and I strive to make a difference for working families by working hard to represent them within the Party. I have also been active within the CDP's DEM2012 and DEM2014 programs, as well as being active on the DCC's Fundraising and Outreach Committees and I am eager to continue working towards meaningful progress which is why I am seeking this third term and respectfully asking for your vote. Thank you.
Ronald Wilkinson   Male   I'm a member of the working class. I am a retired carpenter and was in the Carpenter's Union for part of my career and completed my apprenticeship in the Union. I feel betrayed by the Democratic party and would like to be part of the reform. The elected officials are beholden to moneyed interests in my view and it's time to take the party away from corporations, banks and the wealthy. Election must be publically funded and all contributions to the party(s) must be above board and accounted for. I believe health care is a right and insurance companies have no business administrating health care. I believe we must have a fair and progressive federal income tax. I believe corporations must pull their weight and run their business in responsible ways that benefits the welfare of all the people. I believe the business community is not doing enough for their communities and is not grateful for the infrastructure the tax payers provide them, particularly big business who collect subsidies for locating their businesses in any community.
Joel Reyna Jr   Male   As a Latino Gay native Stocktonian I am very interested in the progression of democratic and inclusive principles. I am active in democratic causes and have volunteered on various local, state and federal campaigns. It would be an honor to serve as a 2015 Assembly District Delegate.
Max Vargas   Male   I am a lifelong Democrat and an active volunteer in local efforts to register voters, mobilize communities, and elect Democratic candidates. My qualifications include a degree in Political Science, service to the City of Stockton's Charter Review Commission, and years of experience as an Assembly and Senate staffer. I have had the pleasure of working closely with candidates at all levels to ensure representatives are invested in our future and committed to increasing opportunity. It would be an honor to continue this advocacy as an Assembly District 13 delegate and I humbly request your support.
kuljit Nijjar   Male  
Steve Lopez   Male   My name is Steve Lopez, I am a life long Dem and have been an elected member of Democratic Central Committee for the past ten years, current Assembly Delegate, current Planning Commissioner City of Stockton, Vice President San Joaquin County Labor Coalition, 35 year member in Organized Labor 12 years of which were as a Union Representative fighting for rights of working men and woman and democratic core values. If elected I shall continue to do just that, fight for rights of working men and woman and democratic core values. I would be honored to have your support.
STANTON SMITH   Male   As a lifelong Democrat and an active member of C.T.A. for 44 years, I have served in many capacities with my union. From local President, Bargaining Chair, Service Center Chair (servicing 6,000 teachers in San Joaquin County) , and currently a State Council member on the State Legislation Committee. I have participated in numerous Lobby Days with lawmakers in Sacramento. By attending this all-important convention, I feel I can help our party to achieve the goals we set and put into office the candidates we need.
Kenneth Ellis   Male   This would be my first opportunity to make decisions that could affect the future of our party at a time when it faces change. As a delegate I would seek to represent the people of my community and make the best decision possible for the future of our party. It's in all of our best interest to have individuals who have an intense interest and knowledge of the issues that will play a major role in the present and the future so as to ensure the best candidates will represent us and our party when they ultimately make decisions that affect our communities. I feel that I would be capable of doing so as a delegate and look forward to the opportunity to do so.
Candelaria Vargas   Female   Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of serving local Democrats in San Joaquin County and advocating for Democratic principles throughout a number of service organizations. I have served as an Assembly Delegate in the past and have the experience and know what is expected of me in representing our district. I wish to continue this service by running once again to be a delegate at the Assembly District Election Meeting. Treasurer of the Young Democrats of San Joaquin Secretary of Mexican Heritage Center & Gallery Vice President of the Board of Team Charter Editorial Board of Joaquin Magazine BA University of the Pacific MPA California State University Stanislaus-Exp Grad. Spring 2015
Laura Lynne Prater   Female   My name is Laura Lynne Prater and I am currently concluding my second term as an Assembly Delegate to the CDP. I have been extremely active both in my county Central Committe as well the CDP and worked on the DEM2012 Council and the Finance Committee in my first term as well as being honored with the DCC'S 2011 Democrat of the Year Award. In my second term I remained active with the DEM2014 Program. I also served as Outreach Committee Chair and was a member of our DCC's Fundraising Committee during my second term. I am proud to represent the voters in my District and wish to continue working for meaningful change and forward progress within the Party which is why I am seeking this third term as an Assembly Delegate for AD13 and I am respectfully asking for your vote. Thank you.
Maria Patterson   Female   Currently, I serve as the Vice Chair of the San Joaquin County Democratic Central Committee. As a Union member and activist for working families, I undertand the importance of having your voice heard. I would be honored to have your vote and support and to continue representing San Joaquin County Democrats.
Elizabeth Linnerman   Female   Presently, I serve as the Assembly District 13 E-Board representative and as an elected representative to the San Joaquin County Democratic Central Committee for District 2. Senator Cathleen Galgiani has re-appointed me to the DSCC for the term 2015-2017. My education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from CSU Stanislaus and I have a diverse background in business and labor. "Participants who do not wish to attend the full length of the ADEM may receive their ballot by filling the ADEM sign in registration envelope, submit the envelope and receive their ballot, vote and leave. Voting at an ADEM is by secret ballot." Please visit www.cadem.org/adem for more information. The CA Democratic Party will be convening the ADEM 13 election on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 10 am at 109 N. Sutter St. in Stockton. All registered Democrats in Assembly District 13 are eligible to vote. Since being elected, I have been able to attend all the meetings and fulfill the duties of this position. It would be an honor to continue to represent AD 13 for another term. I respectfully ask for your vote and support. Thank You. Elizabeth "Nikki" Linnerman nikki@stclc.org Visit us at www.sjcdems.org
Marcie Bayne   Female   My name is Marcie Bayne and I am a candidate for 13th Assembly District Delegate. I began my service with the Democratic Party as an AD Delegate in 2006 in the then 10th Assembly District. I served as an AD Delegate and EBoard representative in 2008 and 2010. I was elected as the Regional Director in 2010 and served until 2012. I have continued my service as an E Board rep. During my tenure as an Executive Board member, I have served on the Organizational Development Committee. During all of this time, I have only missed one Executive Board meeting or Convention. I am a member of the Labor Caucus, Women's Caucus and Rural Caucus. I believe my experience as an Assembly Delegate, Executive Board member and Regional Director can help guide the 13th Assembly District and San Joaquin County. We have strong Democratic leadership at the top of our county ticket with Jerry McNerney, Susan Eggman and Cathleen Galgiani. I believe we need to do a better job of recruiting and supporting strong democratic candidates at the local level. I would also be interested in serving as the Executive Board delegate. I ask for your support and vote at the ADEM.
Zenet Negron   Female   I have been actively involved with local democratic groups and causes which also includes the LGBT community. I have served and continue to serve on several non profit boards. I am active democrat and have volunteered in several local, state and federal campaigns. My next goal would be to serve as a 2015 Assembly District Delegate. I appreciate the consideration to serve.
LaJuana Bivens   Female   I have a business background of thirty plus years working as an Administrator for both Public and Non-Profit entities. The Democratic Party is really at a cross-road where it needs to make definite pledges to maintain the trust and the confidence placed in it by people of all races and all segments of our community state-wide. I believe in the principle and the ideology of democracy, and I firmly believe that we must have good leadership for the future of country. Yes, this is far more than a Party matter. Every citizen in this country has a stake and we must be the party of choice. I have been a registered voting democrat from the time I was eligible to vote. I have served on a number of boards and commissions, too numerous to mention, including serving as Vice President of the San Joaquin Democratic Women. Friends, I believe that I am the candidate that will provide great leadership for our party; I urge your "yes" vote for LaJuana J Bivens, Delegate.
Kathleen Gapusan   Female   I want to help the Democratic Party to progress. I am interested in public safety, water issues, education, and middle class values. I have leadership abilities and I am a team player. I am willing to help and do whatever I can to help our Party move forward.
Kathleen Chapman   Female   I am running again to support local candidates.
Donna Brown   Female    
Marian Norris   Female   I have been in Stockton since 1973 and a graduate of AA Sragg. I have been involved in local and state politics since 1988. I have chaired a local and State PAC. I have experience in running IEs and issues campaigns. I have a strong believe that a society is only as strong as its weakest link. I make it a point to educate and encourage participation in the political process. Becoming an ADEM it will provide more information & opportunities to expand my personal experience in the process and share the knowledge gained. My motto as a business owner is "Dedicated to Success" this is how I approach any new experience. I ask for you support to represent our party. Marian Norris
Christina Fugazi   Female   I have recently been elected to the Stockton City Council and have 8 years as a planning commissioner and 20 years as an educator. While I haven't been active in the DCC, I have been strong in forwarding and following the principles of the Democratic Party my entire life and have never missed a chance to vote. I believe that ALL people should be given a chance to live out their dreams and achieve to their fullest potential. I believe that no matter your background (religion, race, who you choose to love), you should be able to pursue your goals. We need to end discrimination and have equal rights and opportunities for everyone. I believe in giving everyone the right to pursue higher education, be that college, trade school, apprenticeship program, etc. I believe that there shouldn't be such a HUGE gap between the haves and the have not's. In a healthy community, people must have a livable wage and benefits. We have too many people living in poverty who are working. And as someone who organizes clean ups, conservation, and restoration projects, I absolutely believe that we must protect our environment.