AD 12


Thomas Aja





Time & Location:

McHenry Bowl

3700 McHenry Ave.
Modesto, CA 95356
Cross street: North of Sylvan Ave.
Location Phone: 209-571-2695

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Michael Barkley   Male   I have been a Candidate for Congress for CD-10 in the last two primaries and will be again in 2016. I am a progressive Democrat, my platform is at http://www.mjbarkl.com/run.htm . My platform should remind you that we have many challenges facing us locally and nationally, challenges that aren't being met which is why I'm running for Congress as well as for Assembly Delegate. Unlike many other candidates, I insist on being approachable if you wish to chat, my home address is 167 N. Sheridan Ave. in Manteca, home phone 209/823-4817, email mjbarkl@inreach.com , facebook.com/mjbarkl . Thank you, --mike
Tim Robertson   Male   It would be an honor to represent Assembly District 12 to the Democratic Party Convention. I am a lifelong Democrat and, as an organizer for the North Valley Labor Federation, a representative of the labor movement. If elected, I'd seek greater cooperation between the party and area unions on mutual interests.
Brian Maben   Male   I have been a resident of Stanislaus County and a Democrat for my entire adult life therefore I would be a good representative for the area.
Kevin Pledger   Male   I am concerned about the present and future of my district, my county, and my state. I am running to make sure that a voice in the interest of all of these things is heard.
Dale Parkinson   Male   I ask for your vote for ADEM Delegate. I want to continue my service to the CA Democratic Party. Currently I am an ADEM Delegate, my service also includes two years as President of the Turlock Democratic Club, creator and current manager of the Web sites and Facebook Pages for the Turlock Club and the SCDCC, past MOE Administrator for the SCDCC and current SCDCC member for Dist. 2. I look forward to helping to build a strong Democratic organization in Stanislaus County to ELECT DEMOCRATS.
Ken Johnson   Male   I've served as a delegate for the past two years. I currently am President of the Manteca Teachers as well. I serve on the SARB board at the California Department of Education to represent all of California's teachers to develop policies on school attendance and discipline. I have had experience running local political campaigns including school board elections and school bond campaigns as well as participating in congressional elections.
Paul Akinjo   Male   I have been representing my district since 2008 and had dutifully supported our grassroots organization both at the local level and at the National level. Our ideals and values was challenged by the other side this past Election Circle and it was painful to see the distracting lies and untruths about President Obama and the Democratic Party as a whole. We indeed lost focus due to our relentless fundraising and forgot to engage the people on time. My districts relies on grassroots campaign to get the message through. Please join with me and Vote for me to continue the campaign of gender equality, Women rights, Job creation, Education, workers rights and revamped our immigration policies and Law and safety including community Policing. And Health care for all. Thank you for your Vote.
Harinder Grewal   Male   I am a AD 12 delegate, and running for reelection. I was the Candidate for AD 12, endorsed by California Demecratic Party and California Labor Federation. I am a hardcore loyal union member and democrat. Visit my website: harindergrewalforassembly 2014, feel free to ask any questions. Please vote to re-elect me as a AD-12 delegate. Thanks and God bless. Dr. Harinder Grewal
Arjunpreet Grewal   Male    
Anthony Rojas   Male   I have served previously in both the 26th and 12th Assembly Districts as your CDP Executive Board Member. I seek to serve again, to continue helping develop, elect, and hold accountable, Democratic candidates with Democratic values.
stephen smith   Male   Longtime registered democrat.. enjoyed past years as a delegate.
Virginia Madueno   Female   I respectfully request to be considered as a 2015 Assembly District Candidate. I have a strong background in civic and community engagement both as former elected official and active community leader. As a former Mayor and Councilmember for the City of Riverbank I promised to focus on two priorities: 1) reducing our unemployment rate, and 2) restoring trust and respect back to the City Council. With my leadership we added 21 new businesses located at the former Army Ammo Plant, over 200 new jobs -- and for the first time in over six years the City Council had a balanced budget. That was a good beginning, and there's still much more to do not only in Riverbank but throughout our SJ Valley Region. I am honored to ask for your trust, partnership and support to consider my candidacy as an Assembly District Delegate. My priorities remain the same: improve our economy and build stronger trust between our government and our communities. My job is to be a constant and effective champion. Together we can strengthen our economy and affirm the SJ Valley as a great place to raise a family, start a business, create sustainable environments where we call thrive and create more equitable commun
Lynda Maben   Female   As a long standing Democrat and Stanislaus. County, I would represent the good representative and a valuable member of the delegation
Christina Carrillo   Female   I am wanting to run for this position to voice my concerns for our state.
Brenda Smith   Female   I would be honored to be an Assembly Delegate for the next two years. I have been an active member of the Turlock Democratic Club for many years. I am currently the Past President of that Club and a member of its Executive Committee. I am the Membership Chairperson for the Democratic Women's Club of Stanislaus County. I am interested in continuing to be active in the Democratic Party and my community.
Kori Vargas   Female   My name is Kori Vargas. I am a lifelong Democrat and have been a regular volunteer for Democratic candidates and clubs alike. This includes organizing events and outreach efforts for the Lathrop Democratic Club and the Young Democrats of San Joaquin. In addition, I have volunteered for Congressman Dennis Cardoza's office as a district intern and have assisted Congressman Jerry Mcnerney's campaign during GOTV. I would like to extend my involvement and provide my experience and other skills to help mobilize and elect more Democratic candidates. I would appreciate your support, it would be an honor to serve as an Assembly District Delegate.
Baljeet Grewal   Female   I am a lifelong democrat and union member. I am running to be a AD12 delegate to help my party to elect the most qualified candidate for AD 12.
Lovepreet Grewal   Female