AD 11


Carolina Salazar





Time & Location:

Green Valley Middle School

1350 Gold Hill Rd.
Fairfield, CA 94534
Cross street: Stonewood Dr.
Location Phone: 707-646-7000

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Joseph Summers   Male   I am a lifelong resident of Fairfield, CA and long time activist. As Political Science student at UC Davis, I was involved in some student advocacy. Immediately after graduation, I was hired to be Congressman Garamendi's field organizer in Solano County. It was a great experience and it introduced me to real political organizing. After the campaign, I became a founding member of Solano County Young Democrats, as well as an executive board member of the broader Solano County Democratic Party. I recently ended a 6 month campaign working to support some of the area's closest campaign for the Contra Costa Labor Council. As a 25 year-old person, I am deeply concerned with youth issues, especially regarding employment opportunities. Seeing the area's youth consistently under employed is troubling and I am very concerned with the creation of new, fulfilling opportunities for youth to succeed. This is why I am running for reelection to the ADEM. I will continue to get youth interested in politics, and advocate for all Democratic principles.
Glenn Loveall   Male   As a native to Solano County and an active member of the community, I fully intend to represent this district within the California Democratic Party. I was born and raised in Fairfield and went on to attend and graduate from both UC Davis and UC Riverside. After obtaining my Master's degree, I became an officer of the Solano County Young Democrats and volunteered for several campaigns. Most recently, I worked as a Campaign Coordinator for the Solano County branch of a Democratic Congressional campaign, which granted me insights into the basics of community mobilization. I became involved in politics because I directly observed the plight of this recession on my community. As a younger person and a Democrat, I refuse to accept a status quo in which so many of the nation's youth are simultaneously denied an affordable education and a proper supply of career-worthy jobs. As a delegate, I will consistently vote for a platform that advocates the preservation/expansion of quality and accessible education, the restoration of an economy that truly works for the middle and working classes, the active protection of the environment, and the advancement of all other Democratic principles.
David Harrison   Male   As a current Assembly District delegate, I have been able to represent the democrats in my district at each and every convention. When elected, I will continue to do the same and uphold the strong democratic values of working class people and the democratic party.
Edward (Ted) Vaill   Male   I have been a CADEM delegate for the past six years, and wish to continue for two more years. I am also Vice President of the Malibu Democratic Club, on the Board of the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, and active in the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains. I have also written over 30 articles for LAProgressive.com, including one on Rick Perry, entitled "Bush Without the Brains". My latest: "The GOP Has Already Lost the 2016 Election".
Lamar Thorpe   Male   My name is Lamar Thorpe and I am running to seek another term as your Assembly District-11 Delegate. I'm my roll I have been involved in getting local Democratic candidates elected to office. Currently, I am also a member of Contra Costa County Young Democrats and an active volunteer for the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee. The last two years I have happily participated in CADEM annual convention. I humbly ask for your vote to continue supporting good quality Democratic candidates get elected to state and local government. -Lamar Thorpe
Richard Mossman   Male   I have been a resident of Contra Costa County for 31 years. Before that, I lived in Oklahoma; a decidedly "Red state" where the political process (for a Democrat) is a real challenge. I have been a member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County central committee for over 10 years. At my first state convention, I joined the new Progressive Caucus and was on the committee that wrote the original "Get Out of Iraq" resolution. I've been the President of the Antioch Democratic Club and worked with the campaigns for most of the candidates from Contra Costa County. I am also on the Board of Directors and Treasurer for a non-profit educational organization teaching history in 7th grade classes in Northern California. Now, I'd like to be more involved in the party at the state level through election from my Assembly District. In addition to representing the voters of my area and working with members of the various caucuses, my goal is to be selected for one of the standing committees of the state party. I want to do more than just attend conventions for the sake of attending or to meet the great people in our party.
Ravinder S Batth   Male   Want to be a part of the process where I can contribute to the system that can make a positive difference to the people's lives.
Kyle Borras   Male   I am a 28 year old political science student currently attending Solano Community College and looking to attend UC Davis. I have lived all over the state and as far as Florida, originally from Nevada County I landed in Solano County 2 years ago for a variety of reasons. Among those things are the people, the weather, access to surrounding areas, the diversity and the potential. I interned in the office of a State Assemblyman where I got to work with and for the people of the district, hearing the issues they worry most about and help with the problems they face. I also worked as a Campaign Coordinator for the Solano County branch of a Congressional Campaign which bolstered communication, organization/planning and community outreach skills. As a delegate I would consistently vote for the candidates and issues that promote equality in all things at all levels; in education access and finances, workplace, health and social arenas and from women to minorities to the LGBT community. I fell for the area for its diversity, potential and the beauty of the environment and would like to represent the area to help attain and protect these things while advocating all other Democratic values.
Brigette Hunley   Female   It has been an honor to serve as the most recent Chair of the Solano County Democratic Party, as well as Chair of the CDP Computer & Internet Caucus. In that time, I have worked to elect Democrats to local, state and federal office. We have made statewide gains in online voter registration, and had Democratic wins in every statewide office. I ask for your vote for Delegate and E-Board Rep, so I can represent AD 11 on the State Central Committee, and work to strengthen our Democratic base locally and statewide. Let us continue forward together!
Moinca Wilson   Female   I have been a resident of Antioch for the past 8 years and have actively served as a delegate for the past six years in Assembly District (AD) 11 and seeking re-election. In 2012 I was elected to the Antioch City Council. I have contributed to congressional, assembly, and state senate campaigns by assisting with phone banking and canvassing. As an AD delegate from 2009 2015 and Executive Board Representative from 2011 2013, I have attended state conventions and Executive Board meetings representing my district. I am a graduate of the Emerge Women's Leadership program class of 2011. Currently, I am the Policy Issues Chair for the CA Democratic Party Women's Caucus. While on the Women's Caucus I served on the mentorship committee and coordinated a virtual phone bank weekend for Kamala Harris's campaign for CA Attorney General. I am also a member of the CA Democratic Party African American Caucus. I am asking to serve once again as a delegate for Assembly District 11 and will continue to work hard for my district.
Maria Geluz   Female   I am a member of the Solano County Democratic Committee and the secretary for the CDP Computer and Internet Caucus and Business and Professional Caucus. I believe in equal rights, education, health care, and clean energy. I enjoy working at the local level to ensure these values and hope to help out at the State level as a delegate.
Pam Bertani   Female   Together, we can make Solano County a thriving community with great jobs, safe neighborhoods and the best schools in the Nation. I will work to: (1) eliminate wasteful spending and unnecessary perks for elected officials and top managers and invest that money back into our community; (2) combat youth violence and homelessness; (3) create new job and business opportunities to grow our local economy; (4) protect Travis Air Force Base; and (5) make Solano County a place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. As a Fairfield City Council Member, I have worked hard to be accountable to Solano County residents by conducting Town Hall Meetings and resolving community concerns; joined forces with faith community partners, public safety leaders and school district members to clean up our neighborhoods and create mentoring programs for our youth; and worked strategically to grow our local economy, continue Downtown revitalization and preserve vital public services in Solano County. I have been and will remain committed to making this community better, stronger and safer. Together, we can get Solano County back on track.