AD 10


Bruce Raful





Time & Location:

Pickleweed Community Center

50 Canal St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
Cross street: Bahia Way
Location Phone: 415-485-3077

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12:30pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Ralph Miller   Male   Let's work together to move our Party forward! Recapture Congress and Elect a Democrat President in 2016!
Nicholas Carlin   Male   II am a lawyer and a musician living in Mill Valley with my wife and two daughters. As a lawyer I have always fought for the rights of workers, consumers and the underdog. As a musician I have been the principal cellist for the Mill Valley Philharmonic, the Symphony Parnassus and other regional orchestras. I have been a delegate to the California Democratic Party for six years now as a member of the Progressive slate. I have been a member of the Platform Committee for the past four years. I chaired the National Security plank, where I successfully got very progressive language added including calling for a 25-30% cut in the bloated military budget. I also created and chaired a new Civil Justice plank which now includes very progressive language opposing forced arbitration among other things. The whole platform can be read here: http://www.cadem.org/resources?id=0003. I am proud of these achievements and would like to continue my work. I believe the most important things we as Democrats can do is combat catastrophic climate change, promote a more equitable distribution of income and wealth, and get big money out of politics by overturning Citizens United. Thank you for your support.
Matthew Egan   Male   Hello, my name is Matthew Egan and i would like to take this time to tell you little about myself. I come from a long lineage of proud Union members. I too have followed in those foot steps, and am currently a Representative for the Painters and Allied Trades. One issue that i hold near and dear to me is, a living wage or the preservation of a middle class. As you know, the middle class are the back bone of this great Nation, and I would be honored to be able to join the Democratic Party in the fight of keeping the American Dream alive! Thank you for your consideration.
David Cook   Male   In 2014, I was elected to the Sonoma City Council. This December my colleague's on the Sonoma City Council appointed myself Mayor of Sonoma. Being part of a great institution and dealing with daily affairs that affect all of us at a local level has been a great experience. I look forward to being involved in our democratic process in a larger scale and ask for your vote.
Barry Taranto   Male   As a relative newcomer to central committee proceedings, I am seeking a greater role in state party policy making and endorsements. Much of what occurs in Sacramento has gradually been decided by "corporate Democrats." My candidacy is based on helping to preserve the principles of Democracy by encouraging greater participation from labor, minorities and progressive interests. Top priorities for the CDP over the next two years include campaign finance reform, overturning Citizens United, greater environmental protections, creating a fair "living" wage statewide, improved public transportation and transforming substance abuse into a public health problem. The 10th Assembly District would benefit from my fresh ears and eyes as a voting member at CDP conventions.
Ken Jones   Male   I have been honored to be a delegate for our District in this last term and feel I have done a lot in this role. I want to find new ways to do more. I retired early to devote all of my time to climate activism as I believe that the change we are in the midst of and which threatens the viability of the planet going forward is the single most important problem we must try to solve. The California Democratic Party has a chance to send a message to the country and the world on this issue through aggressive policy measures well beyond what has been done so far in the state. I want to continue my work in the Environmental Caucus to get us to 100% clean, renewable energy for all purposes by at least 2050 and in the Progressive Caucus to make social and environmental justice a key component of everything we do as a Party. In addition, I want to counteract any attempt by corporations and their overbearing use of money to run the show for their short-sighted profits at the expense of our health and the planet's welfare. I am currently one of the four leaders of the Stop Global Warming IOT of Progressive Democrats of America and on the Steering Committees of 350Marin and 350 Bay Area.
David Kunhardt   Male   I respectfully submit myself as a delegate candidate for the CA Democratic Party. I have been a loyal DEM since 1968, when I went door-to-door for Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire. Rather than becoming more conservative with age, I have actually become more progressive. In particular, I would like to see CA adopt a "100% Renewable Energy" platform in 2015, a fracking ban, and more affirmative steps in support of affordable housing development in Marin and CA. I look forward to working for the first woman presidential candidate in 2016. I look forward to helping with Resolutions and policy development on a number of fronts. Thank you for your consideration.
Larry Paul   Male   I've been a lifelong Democrat supporting the party's ideals and principles. I've also served as a member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin for over 20 years and look forward to serving the 10th Assembly District as a Delegate to the party. I represent a balanced approach to developing consensus among a variety of viewpoints to achieve the greater good for all our citizens now and in the future. If you value careful consideration, logic and reasonableness and a willingness to evaluate all sides of an issue and arrive at a compromise that will achieve agreement from all sides, please vote for me.
Omar Medina   Male   I am a proud progressive Democrat that aims to move our party forward by remaining true to our core values. My top priorities are education, the environment and economic justice. I am the son of immigrant parents that struggled working multiple jobs to make it by. I've lived in Northern California most of my life and call it home. Currently I'm employed as an eligibility worker for the County of Sonoma working hard implementing Affordable Care Act. It would be my honor to represent Assembly District 10; I would appreciate your vote.
Blake Hooper   Male   My name is Blake Hooper, I have served as your elected delegate for the last two years and am excited to seek your support for re-election. As President of the Marin County Young Democrats, I have been focused on youth involvement and the expansion of a genuine leadership pipeline in the region. This passion has informed my involvement in other organizations such as the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee; where I have had the honor of serving as a member and have chaired the Candidate Search and Development Committee. These experiences have only reinforced my views on the issues that have arisen over the last two years. I continue to support a ban on fracking, not the moratorium. I have pushed for a living wage and the improvement of higher education, of which I am a product. Representing the 10th AD has allowed me to use my voice and serve the community in a way that I would never have imagined, when I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2012. It would be my privilege to continue to do so as your elected delegate for the next two years. Thank you
Peter Tiernan   Male   I want to represent issues that working families face and to protect the various social justice challenges that are need to be confronted.
Dan Mullen   Male   Here in California, we've had great success promoting a strong Democratic agenda, even as other parts of the country have fallen behind. But we cannot rest on past victories. Leading up to the critical 2016 Presidential election, Americans could face a choice between voting for our first woman President or a Republican from New Jersey, Florida or Texas. California Democrats must once again take the lead for working families, the environment, education, sustainable peace policies and protecting and expanding our civil liberties for all. On these issues being debated, facing a hostile Congress, we need to mobilize Democrats nationwide to vote, up and down the ballot. I've been honored to represent Assembly District 10 as a delegate for the past two years. Active in politics for more than 15 years, as a husband and father of three young girls, I pledge to represent you and our values at the state party. I ask for your vote again.
Scott Alonso   Male   I would be honored to serve as a AD 10 delegate. I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the Democratic Party. I have a long record of activism within the Party locally and at the state level. My past experience includes: President of the Marin County Young Democrats, alternate to the Democratic Central Committee of Marin, and appointed delegate to the State Party. I am a member of the Marin County Young Democrats and Wine Country Young Democrats. I look forward to serving the North Bay as a AD 10 delegate. Please contact me with any questions: 650-399-6692.
Doug Karpa   Male   I represent strong Marin environmental and social values on issues from education, climate change, economic equity and justice and civil rights. As a public interest environmental lawyer and a Ph.D. biologist, I work daily to protect the natural world and would bring a deep expertise in the many scientific issues in policy today. I have also worked for many years to improve educational equity, both as a board member of an education non-profit in the East Bay and as an advocate for strong school funding. I have also worked on issues of election protection and LGBT rights as an attorney and countless efforts as an activist. Although I am strongly focused on holding firm on key principles of equity and justice, I work on a daily basis with people with a wide range of views and interests. This has given me a deep respect for bridge building and developing creative solutions that can get as broad support as possible. Finally, as a Democratic party activist, I have played leadership roles in Congressional and local campaigns as well as performed the bedrock work of phone banking, canvassing and media campaigning. I would be deeply honored to represent my native Marin as a delegate
Lucian Wethington   Male   Hello Democrats! I am Luke Wethington, a recent college graduate running for delegate in AD10. I come from a family of teachers and nurses, and have been active with the Democratic party since 2010. I work as an IT Consultant, but have been deeply involved with the Marin County Young Democrats to expand their outreach. It is my intent to keep young voters involved in the Democratic party and politics as a whole, and to use the new IT tools available today to modernize California for future generations. Utilizing 21st century tools can allow us to do so much more with the progressive services we know and love. Its our responsibility to pass on as much as possible. I hope you share my sentiment, and vote for me as your party delegate for 2015 and 2016.
Todd Mendoza   Male   Todd has a unique perspective for representation, from his work as a local Santa Rosa school district trustee, Roseland School District, to working as a State Director in for CAR Realtors Association, to Sonoma County Latino Leaders "Los Cien", To past president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Board member for Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, Petaluma Day Labor Initiative. Commissioner FOC for Sonoma County AgriculturalPreservation and Open Space District
Edward Vorous   Male   I have been active in the Democratic Central Committee of Marin for the last 5 years and wish to get involved at the State level.I hope to put forward a more progressive platform for the party including getting more women involved in politics.
Mayme Hubert   Female   The California Democratic Party has been very successful electing Democrats statewide thanks to our Central Committees and activists. But the mechanics in the Party have a ways to go before endorsement caucuses are open, honest, and democratic. I ask for your vote for delegate from AD 10 so that I can continue working with other progressives to improve the process. While the California platform is progressive, candidates seeking the Democratic Party endorsement often neither read it, nor refer to it, nor act on the core values it contains. In addition, the process of endorsing candidates unfairly protects incumbents. The caucuses can still be stacked since legislative and Party leadership can appoint delegates in any district in which an incumbent is challenged. Furthermore, a new by-law amendment allows the incumbent to be automatically included in the consent calendar unless 20% of eligible voters sign a petition. These procedures minimize the influence of the platform, diminish the voice of grassroots activists and the most engaged constituents thereby reinforcing the power of incumbency. Endorsement caucuses should function as a district-level marketplace of ideas and
Ruth Carter   Female   As a lifelong Democrat and current AD10 delegate who has been active in the party in many of the last elections as a volunteer, it has been an honor to serve the district and the party in a greater capacity. During the Gore and Kerry campaigns, I was both a neighborhood organizer and phone volunteer. During the 2008 campaign, I organized Marin Seniors for Obama. In the 2012 Democratic Primary, I served as the Solomon for Congress Committee Assistant Treasurer and the headquarters office manager. During the last election, I was one of the managers for the Democratic Headquarters. My passion for progressive causes was instilled in me, a first generation American, by parents who were escapees from the Holocaust. Having been a public school teacher in West Harlem in NYC, I am sensitive to the needs of the diverse population living in AD 10 and as a therapist, I am an effective communicator. I ask for your vote to represent the 10th Assembly District on the Democratic State Central Committee.
Maureen De Nieva   Female   My name is Maureen "Mo" De Nieva and I am a fervent proponent of civic engagement among underrepresented groups and communities. It has been an honor to serve as your elected delegate for the last two years, and I am seeking your support for re-election. As a resident of San Rafael, and one of few Asian American women in civic leadership roles, I have a personal goal of diversifying the leadership landscape of the communities within our AD-10 district. I have 9 years of experience working with nonprofits & government agencies in advocacy, public speaking, social media, youth development, community organizing, and public policy. I am the Secretary of Marin County Young Democrats & Marin Women's Political Action Committee, and an active alternate on the Democratic Central Committee of Marin. In summer 2014, I was unanimously appointed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors to the Marin Women's Commission. All of the groups I am a part of are all tied to my dedication to issues such as establishing a living wage in our local communities and access to affordable higher education for all. Thank you in advance for your support!
Madolyn Agrimonti   Female   I have worked for a U.S. Senator and a California State Senator. Each dedicated to the Democratic principles: Healthcare, the Environment, Affordable Housing, Employment Opportunities, and Infrastructure improvements. I ran for the City Council in Daly City and served as Councilmember and Mayor from 1990 to 2002. As Mayor, I chaired San Mateo County's Cities, County Association of Governments, an organization responsible for allocating over $400 million of federal and state funds for freeways, promote intermodal transportation between BART and the Airport, and support for housing associated with transportation centers. In 2003 I moved to the City of Sonoma and was elected in 2008 to the Sonoma Valley Hospital Healthcare District Board, where I worked to pass a $35 million GO bond to renovate and retrofit the Sonoma Valley Hospital. In 2014 I was elected to the City of Sonoma's City Council and was sworn in on December 1, 2014. As a former delegate, a legislative staff person, an elected official and a person dedicated to our Democratic principles I will work with others to promote an innovative platform in 2015 and 2016. I would appreciate your vote.
Elizabeth Escalante   Female   My name is Elizabeth Escalante, and I am a current graduate student at Dominican University working for a M.S. in Special Education. I have been your delegate for the last two years. Teaching is one of my passions, as well as preserving and improving our public education system. As a Democrat, I also want to focus on issues such as the conservation of our environment, distribution of fair and equal living wages, and the advancement of a genuine leadership pipeline. It has been my pleasure to have represented the Democrats of AD10 the previous two years and I am thrilled to be running again. I work hard for my students every day and always want the best for them, just as I want for the Democrats of AD10.
Caroline Banuelos   Female   My name is Caroline Bañuelos. I am the President of the Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club and I currently chair the Sonoma County Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force which was formed as the result of the police shooting death of Andy Lopez. I have been a member of the State Democratic Party since 1992; most recently serving as the Northern Calif. Vice-Chair of the Progressive Caucus. Having served in a number of capacities for the State Party, I would like to continue to help strengthened the Party by enhancing the Party's commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a community activist, I have focused my work on issues of social and economic justice; for workers and especially under-served populations; as well as engaging Latinos of all generations in the political process. I would like to continue to bring these voices to the State level from an area (AD 10) in which the Latino Community in particular has very little voice. As a Progressive Democrat I am committed to progressive ideals; such as protecting the environment and promoting healthy communities. I hope you will join me in fighting for these issues and humbly ask for your vote.
Magali Limeta   Female  
Donna Norton   Female   I've been a member of the South Sonoma County Democratic Club for many years, the SC Central Committee since 2006, and a Delegate since 2009. I'm currently a voting member of the Arab American, Environmental, Labor, Progressive, and Rural caucuses. AD Delegates are truly the grassroots voice in shaping a progressive platform for the Party. I've consistently worked with other progressives from this District to ensure the strongest expression of our goals and values. But the platform can't be left at the convention hall with the expectation that implementation will come automatically. The very real impacts of climate change and income inequality are taking a tremendous toll on our democratic processes and on civilizations on a global scale. We need to be unequivocal in our language and expectations, and convey to our electeds (and Party leaders) that right now there's an unprecedented urgency to address these issues head-on. I've been honored by your support in the past, and hope you'll consider voting for me again. Thank you.
Esther Wanning   Female   I have worked on many progressive campaigns since first voting long ago, but it was only in 1994 with Prop. 186, which would have established a single-payer system, that I became deeply engaged politically. I founded the Marin chapter of Health Care for All-CA, directed it for 18 years, and garnered widespread support in Marin for single-payer bills. Corporate power sank them. I dream of the day when large campaign chests don't win campaigns and more Bernie Sanderses and Elizabeth Warrens do. I dream that someday Americans will recognize that society must succeed for them to succeed. Now new robber barons lay waste while people are crushed, too many imagining it's their own faults. Climate change overtakes us, but the nightly news doesn't notice. Our criminal justice system is insane, which I observed while working as a psychotherapist in a men's rehab and with "felons." I am a strong advocate for animal rights. I was a delegate once before and was proud to have helped the 2008 convention deny its endorsement to the incumbent in a race later won by Mark Leno. I am running with the progressive slate and would be honored to serve again.
Joan Lubamersky   Female   I want to be a delegate to the Democratic Party because I want to offer my experience, skills and energy to building our party so we can continue to push for policies and practices that reflect our values and priorities. These include but are not limited to education, social and reproductive justice, environment, health care, services to seniors, veterans, woman, children, and those with disabilities as well as transparency in the public process and supporting working people and small business. My service in state, local, county and federal government affords be a deep and broad understanding of the public process. My years as Mayor and City Councilmember of Larkspur gave me an inside view of how government operates. I have phone banked, walked precincts and volunteered in campaign headquarters all my adult life. These are among the vital services the Party provides to the voters. I would like take my background to help build the future of the Democratic Party.
Elberta Eriksson   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat. I have been active in Civil and Human Rights all of my life. As a daughter of a NAACP Attorney and Democrat, I have engaged 3 generations of my family and my extended community in the Democratic Party. We walk precincts; hold rotating home issue discussions, registered voters, phone banking and fundraising for candidates. The Democratic Party provides a forum to address the issues important to me, education, families and children, mental health, culture and diversity. I am proud to have worked in every presidential election since 1944. I have been active in Marin since 1958. I am a former vice chair of the 6th AD and served on the Democratic Central Committee for 20 years. I am a former chair of the Marin County Human Rights Commission and served on the Marin County Women's Commission. My role on the commissions as it is in my social service work and as a democrat to be a voice for and responsible to the community. I will keep you informed and pass on your ideas. I will be honored to have your vote.
Cindy Morris   Female   I have been active in the Democratic party for many years and have volunteered for numerous candidates. I've lived in Marin County for the last 42 years and am eager to help the party both at the local and state level. I would like to help make the Democratic party as strong as possible and am interested in education, the environment, and women issues.
Regina Carey   Female   I am a human rights, grassroots Democrat. I recognize that democracy is an ideal that many of us are striving for. My life is framed understanding who is not at the table and working to ensure that they are included as a prime participant. It is important that there be voices representing the ideal of humanity and faces that do not look like the status quo. Many times when it is necessary to speak and demonstrate we put our livelihood in jeopardy and our lives on the line. The arena we work in must be everywhere and our message must permeate far and wide. That is why I am running - if we are not at the table then our issues are not at the table. I await the fulfillment of equality, justice and peace. I believe it will be attained; we must keep our eye on the prize and keep on pushing. I have worked in every election for the last 40 years. I have served on the Marin County Civil Grand Jury, the DCCM, 6th AD, and the Board of MAWS (Center for Domestic Peace). I humbly ask for your vote.