AD 09


Kerri Asbury





Time & Location:

Valley Hi Library

7400 Imagination Pkwy
Sacramento, CA 95823
Landmark: Across from Consumnes Community College
Location Phone: 916-264-2920

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statment
Bobby Thomas   Male   Being a life long democrat I promise I promise to attend the annual convention,network with other democrats represent my constituency,elect party officers promote The California Democratic Party Agenda Endorse Candidates for State Wide offices,vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures,resolutions and Congressional Office. Vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures and Congressional Offices. Vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures. I promise to up hold The Democratic Values and Principals in every way. Respectfully Submitted. Bobby Thomas .
Douglas Gibson Jr   Male   Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee - Served as a representative from the El Cerrito Democratic Club non-voting. - Beginning in May 2004 l became a voting member. - Served as a proxy for the President of this group at the Special Endorsing Caucus held by the California Democratic Party in September 2003. - Served as a proxy to the 2004 State Democratic Party Convention. California State Democratic Party - Served as a volunteer usher at the 2003 State Convention. - Member of the LGBT Caucus. - Worked as a poll monitor in the 2004 general election. California Democratic Council - Served as Region 6 VP - I was responsible for helping new clubs get started and existing clubs to grow and prosper. El Cerrito Democratic Club - Served as a delegate to the California Democratic Council Conventions. - Served as one of 2 representatives on the Board of the California Democratic Council. East Bay 4 Dean - Organized precinct walking for the 7th Congressional District for Dean. - Worked at the Press check-in at the Oakland Rotunda at a Dean Event. - Worked serving tables at a dinner presented by Jerry Brown for Dean. - Worked at SF event where Governor Dean annou
Richard Falcon   Male   I am a community activist/Latino theatre arts executive director. I was President of the Deerfield Mesa Grande Neighborhood association. I have worked on the OFA campaign to help with the election of President Obama during his two terms. I have worked on local campaigns for City Council, State Assembly and County Supervisor. I have walked precincts, and worked community and festivals where my primary focus was encouraging voter registration. As a Latino, getting my people to register to vote and partake in the voting process is of paramount importance to me. I am a follower of Cesar Chavez and a supporter of the United Farm Worker movement. I have learned that my vote counts. This became very clear at the Southern California Democratic Convention last year where as a proxy delegate, my vote made the difference in the decision of a senate race endorsement. Additionally, I have volunteered with La Familia Counseling center and introduced a Service Learning & the Arts program to the Youth Voice program at La Familia Counseling Center.
Mike Whiteside   Male   It has been my honor and privilege to serve as a delegate and the Executive Board member for Assembly District 9. Thank you. The last two years have been an exciting and challenging time to represent AD9. Redistricting and new term limits came into effect altering the political landscape, as did the "top two" primary. Campaign funding has changed radically. And the Party itself has evolved. Some of this has lead to fractures within the Party, even amongst allies and friends. My goal, if re-elected, is to bridge the divides so we can work together. After all, we have much in common, much to achieve, and too much to loose. After a decade of war, our veterans need our support. Our elderly are facing unprecedented challenges. Labor, public education, and pensions are under assault. We're facing a Republican congress... Having worked with the public on massive projects (as a union member), I've learned to listen, cull meaning, establish common goals, and solve problems. I want to continue using these skills to face change, heal fractures, and together address the serious issues ahead. I ask for your vote to represent AD9 as a delegate and Executive Board Member. Thank you.
Daniel Weitzman   Male   Dan Weitzman has been an activist in the California Democratic Party since his days as an undergraduate at Sacramento State. For the past twenty-five years, his energy and enthusiasm have been focused on political fundraising, event planning and neighborhood activism. Dan currently serves as Finance Director for Speaker of the California State Assembly Toni G. Atkins and Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon. He is also Principal and Owner of Daniel C. Weitzman Consulting, a firm which specializes in electing Democrats across the state. Dan has been instrumental in assisting former Assembly Speakers John A. Perez, Karen Bass, Fabian Nunez and Robert Hertzberg as well as Former Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer, Senate President pro Tempore-Emeritus Darrell Steinberg, and numerous other elected officials in the California State Legislature with their fundraising and political leadership efforts.
AMAR SHERGILL   Male   I am committed to building a Democratic party that honors the plight of the poor and protects the middle class. As the child of a working-class immigrant mother raising two children after the death of her husband, I understand that public education, quality healthcare and equal rights are the cornerstones of a just society. In my role as a board member of the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association, I work to ensure that we all have an equal opportunity to fight against the powerful interests intent on benefitting at our expense. My leadership role in civic activism began after the shooting deaths of two Sikh grandfathers in Elk Grove. As a Sikh, I was touched by the outpouring of support from diverse religious, ethnic and political organizations in the region. I committed myself to helping the Sikh community find a voice in civic affairs and supporting other organizations that believe in strength through diversity. Through my work as a board member of the largest Sikh temple in the region, I have built strong relationships with leading Sacramento-area Democrats. If elected as a delegate, I will be diligent and faithful in serving the best interests of our community and the party.
Harkirat Singh   Male   Hello. My name is Harkirat Singh. I am registered democrat in California. I am grass root volunteer for democrat candidates in Sikh Community in Sacramento. I have been involved with promoting democrat policies for middle class in my community. I want to put people first before politics and thats what democrat candidates do.
Iqbal Badwalz   Male   I am a registered democrat and a community organizer for the Sikh community. I have been a delegate to the Democratic National Conference 2012 for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and have supported Congressman Ami Bera in his past three election campaigns. By getting elected, I plan on bringing diversity to the California Democratic Party, and continue to make the Democratic party strong at grass roots level.
Miguel Cordova   Male   I have lived in Sacramento since 1994 and have been active on many fronts. I have volunteered for many election campaigns, currently serve as President of the Sacramento Latino Democratic Club and am very involved in various community issues through my involvement as a member-leader for SEIU Local 1000. Originally from Salinas, CA and from an immigrant family who earned their living working in the fields and packing companies in the Salinas Valley, I have strong interests in helping out the workers, middle class, immigrants, and people who are fighting for equity and against injustice. I also serve as an Executive Director for an organization that raises scholarships funds for undocumented students. As a delegate, I hope to continue my work in representing the communities and their issues that are often not heard. I believe that the role of a delegate is to ensure that all voices are heard at Democratic Party meetings and, if elected, that will be the role I hope to provide.
Deep Kamal Bajwa   Male   I am a Small Business owner who hires only local workers so I can help provide jobs to our local community. I have been a registered Democrat Since the age of 18. If elected I will put time and effort into the party. I will attend all party conventions and help make our party stronger than ever. I have good networking skills which will allow me to get connected to other party members. I will help elect party officers that will lead us in making the Democrat party better.
Richard Guerrero   Male   Proven leader for Environmental Sustainably, a New Green Economy and Environmental/Social Justice. I will join other California Democrats in creating a party focused on building the power necessary to give all Californians the opportunity of a good life, live in a sustainable planet and communities and enjoy social, economic and environmental justice. - Current Vice Chair CDP Environmental Caucus: pushed for state-wide forums to replace California's current dirty energy based economy to a Next Green Economy - Current President of the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS): Led efforts for better community sustainability and a healthy environment in the region - As Chair of SEIU Local 1000 Environmental Committee pushed for CalPERS to replace investments in dirty energy with green energy - Current board Sacramento Sierra Club: leader in regional campaign against clearcutting. - Previous Voter Registration Chair for CDP Chicano/Latino Caucus and Sacramento Democratic Party. Currently on boards of Sacramento Democratic Veterans Club and Latino Democratic Club. I commit to leading the California Democratic Party into being the major contributor to a Greener and Just future for al
Mikey Hothi   Male   I am running for re-election as a delegate to continue fighting to get strong candidates elected to public office. As a board member with the Sacramento County Young Democrats, I've organized phone banks, precinct walks, and fundraisers to help local candidates get elected to public office. As President of the API Young Democrats, I fought for more diversity in public office. As a Sikh community activist, I've led voter registration efforts, and fought to ensure that our community has better representation. I hope that you will consider supporting my candidacy.
Chuck Walker Sr   Male   It has been my privilege to represent Supervisorial District 4 on the San Joaquin Democratic Central Committee since being appointed in 2013. I am currently serving as the Corresponding Secretary and Chair of the Communications Committee. I am also a member of the Greater Lodi Area Democratic Club and will be serving as it's Treasurer beginning in January 2015. Being from the southern most region of Assembly District 9 I believe it is important to serve as an ADEM 9 delegate to bring our local issues to the delegation and I would be honored to serve as your delegate.
Noah Painter   Male    
Steve Ly   Male   Inclusion and engagement of those that are disenfranchised has always been the premise of all of my campaigns. These are key component of my lifelong Democratic values as a private citizen and currently an elected City Councilman. I have helped Democrats get elected and was the key person responsible for turning the Elk Grove School Board and the Elk Grove City Council blue. I personally have raised money for Democrats and the Democrat Party and I will continue to do such. As an incumbent ADEM delegate I ask for your vote to return so I may continue my work. Thank you for your consideration and if you have any questions or concern call me on my cellphone at 916-717-3827 or email me at stevely@comcast.net.
Mary Barbara Falcon   Female   After retiring from UC Davis School of Medicine as an event planner and training coordinator, I became aware that my neighborhood had taken a very serious downturn and was fast becoming a gang and drug infested area. Together with my neighbors and the Sacramento Police Department we learned to take back our streets including becoming Volunteers in Police Services (VIPs). During this time, I participated in the City Management Academy and the DA's Citizen's Academy. I organized "Neighborhoods United" to recruit others to begin neighborhood watch groups in my area. I was asked to come to the department as a volunteer to begin a Neighborhood Watch once again. I began writing curriculum and creating trainings for many people at a time. I also did some trainings at homes, schools, churches, etc; wherever I was invited to come. Chief Sam Somers asked me to come to work in the Office of the Chief to work with his amazing team. I volunteered for OFA during the last presidential campaign. If I am elected, this will be my second term. I learned so much last term and I look forward to working on behalf of CA Dems.
Irene Capps   Female   I am a lifelong democrat. I have in voted in every election for the past 30 years of my life. I am a former program manager/Election Specialist for the California Secretary of State's office, Elections Division. I retired in 2008. I have a bachelor's degree in government from the California State University, Sacramento. I have worked on numerous campaigns for candidates and issues in a volunteer capacity. I believe I would serve well as a delegate. I would love to serve as a delegate.
Bindy Grewal   Female   I have been employed in the field of education for 24 years as a teacher, Vice Principal, Principal and currently as the Director for Human Resources. As a result, I have firsthand knowledge of the needs of our children from Kindergarten through 12th grade to supplement my doctorate in education. Providing the best possible education to all children must always be a priority of our community. As a lifelong Democrat, my focus will be to represent my constituency, promote the California Democratic Party ideals, endorse candidates for statewide offices, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures. My goal has always been to work collaboratively to encourage diversity appreciation, promote safety for all, and provide quality education. As a daughter of an immigrant father that came to the United States with a few dollars in his pocket and lived the "American Dream", I know that a strong work ethic and determination makes anything possible. Together, we can ensure that our children also have the opportunity to pursue this dream.
Anna Molander   Female   It's time to get secret MONEY out of politics. Hidden money pours in to California and into campaign coffers up and down the state. We must do better. It's not enough that Democrats hold all the statewide offices - we have to use that mandate to clean up politics and make sure voters know who is paying to elect their representatives. The Democratic Party must step up and demand change from our majority in both houses of the Legislature. It's time. California deserves better. And as your delegate for a fourth term, I will continue to be a vocal champion for this and other progressive causes.
Teresa Rodriguez   Female    
cynthia harris   Female    
Jacqueline Serna Anguiano   Female   I am a lifelong progressive democrat who moved to Sacramento 4 years ago because I wanted to get involved in policy making. Today, I am a proud Sacramentan and homeowner and feel invested in seeing my community succeed. As a Latina lawyer I understand the importance of higher education as a means of advancement for underrepresented communities throughout the state. My community and volunteer efforts are focused on advancing the community I now call home and supporting progressive organizations and efforts.
Debra Ladwig   Female   I am a passionate political advocate. I have worked in education for over 15 years and try to remember everday that we are here to serve the children! I have been involved in local Dem clubs in South Sacramento County / San Joaquin County. I will work tirelessly to serve the current and future Democrats of AD 9!