AD 08


Rick Parrott





Time & Location:

Fair Oaks Library

11601 Fair Oaks Blvd
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Cross street: Madison Ave.
Location Phone: N/A

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 2:30pm




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Marcia Blount   Female   I am the founder and current President of the Brownie Mary Democratic Club of Sacramento County. I am also a member of Women Dems, JFK Dems, Latino Dems, Wellstone Dems, and an Affiliate Member of DPSC. I am a life-long Liberal/Progressive Democrat who truly believes in Health Care for All, Progressive Taxation, Good and Affordable Public Education, a Woman's Right to Choose, Marriage Equality, Workers' Rights and Unions, ending the Militarization of the Police and Police Brutality, ending the "War on Drugs", and other Progressive values. I have attended the CADem Convention for the last six years, and would love to continue doing so.
Joyce Childs   Female   I am running for a position as ADem 8 because I believe that we must represent the Democratic Party with the views of the everyday citizen. As a teacher I believe that I see many of the issues that face our state daily while working with the neediest population. I would appreciate your vote.
Rebecca LeDoux   Female   I am asking for your vote to represent AD8. I feel passionately about equity for all and the importance of defending our rights. I would be honored to represent the citizens of AD8 and be a strong advocate for their democratic rights.
Noralee Bauthues Stewart   Female   I'm a past elected delegate to the California Democratic Convention and proud life-long Sacramento Democrat. I was active in both Barack Obama campaigns (2008 as volunteer and 2012 as Regional Field Organizer for NorCal & Central Valley). After OFA I was State Lead for the 2012-13 Presidential Inaugural Committee, and most recently, 2013-14, I was campaign manager/consultant for a state senate campaign, performed work for a city council campaign, volunteered for Bera for Congress campaign, and performed work for MiFamilia Vota. Prior, I was OFA Regional Field Organizer for the Greater Sacramento Area, 2009-11; and, Field Director for Sacramento and Placer regions (focus: Brown-Boxer-Bera elections; ACA), and Nevada Caucus Chair for 2010. I have a BA in Journalism/Communications and an MA in Organizational Leadership. I'm proud being an active Liberal and working together for the betterment of society as a whole: healthcare for all, Immigration reform, livable wages, public education, labor, equality, and more. I would be honored to have your vote and to serve AD8 to the best of my ability. Being an AD Delegate is not a spectator sport and I plan to forever remain an activist.
Karen Hansen   Female   Karen Hansen MS earth and environmental sciences is a board member of the state environmental caucus and has been a green democrat since 2009. She has taught over 200 classrooms in the subject, worked at 3 engineering firms, and been an environmental examiner at examiner.com since 2010. Recently Karen has written about the next economy as a let's get to work reporter for CBS local Sacramento. Karen's activism springs forth from the progressive radio movement aimed at knocking right wing radio off its trajectory, and an active voice over social media that has rivaled both of the aforementioned media in societal influence. Karen is known as primary author of the transformation to a 100% clean energy resolution into which she assured protections for labor, social justice, and additional environmental protections for building large scale solar plants in the desert. When a 10th county sought to pass a decoy resolution that stripped these protections, Karen sought refuge for it into the hands of the state labor caucus to shield them. This is testimony to the fact that Karen is a fighter, and not a passive voice. You can trust Karen to be brave enough to call out values run off cou
Valeria Hernandez   Female   As the president of the California College Democrats I hope to continue representing the youth vote to the CDP. I ask for your support.
Fawzia Keval   Female   I represent minorities, women, and immigrants. I would like to encourage as many people as I possibly can influence to become politically engaged in order to get their voice heard. I am also passionate about equity and access in education for ALL students. I have been an educator for thirty years, twenty of which have been in California. I want to focus on creating citizenship and reducing crime.
Tristan Brown   Male   Greetings fellow democrats! I've been a life-long democrat who moved to Sacramento in 2009 to continue my work for an in-home caregiver union while obtaining a law degree at night. I spent a year with a democratic political law firm and now am with the CA School Employees Association representing out classified school employees! The democratic mission is what gets me out of bed each morning and keeps me from it each night. I would be honored to represent Sacramento County Democrats and make sure our platform stays true, our endorsements be progressive, and our mission be to better the lives of Californians through cooperation, education, and opportunity.
Ricardo (Ricky-Ric) Barreto   Male   Greetings & salutations to one & all. I'm a lifelong liberal/progressive Democrat from an FDR family. I am an activist from the grassroots fighting the good fight to include protesting in front of the White House with ACT-UP while Reagan was prez risking arrest. I am a veteran. I am active in local politics both through my union as acting Legislative Dir. and as a member in many political clubs to include immediate past vp of JFK. I take our Democratic message everywhere I go to include speaking with Republicans & conservatives. My values encompass Social Justice/Prison Reform, Public Education, Veterans Concerns, Labor, GLBTQ? & Diversity/Inclusion, Protecting the Environment,
Hasnain Zaidi   Male   I am Democratic for many many years.i am also founder and President of Sacramento taxi cab union.I am also Delegate of Democratic party serving since 2013.I am also community member of Islamic council of Sacramento.Hope fully if i am re-elected i will promise i will do my best to serve my community.
Del Surette   Male   "Guilty of Civic Participation" is what I stand for and practice. My views and beliefs are Progressive. I am a USMC veteran 1970-74. A retired Operating Engineer. I have been my unions 'District 80 Volunteer of the Year' several times. I am a member of JFK Democratic Club, and a past president. I am also a member of the Wellstone Democratic Club, and Sacramento Green Democratic Club. DPSC "Volunteer of the year-2012". CADEM "Volunteer of the Year Region 3- 2013". DPSC Campaign Services committee and have worked on the candidate endorsement interview panels. Sacramento Central Labor Council COPE candidate interview panels and attend ROC and Neighbor Labor meetings. I have helped at DPSC informational and voter registration booths at community events, with my favorite being the New Citizens Voter Events. I have attended 4 conventions, one as an alternate, and 3 as an elected delegate. I am or have been a member of the Progressive, Labor and Arab-American caucus. Worked for many Democratic candidates, and advocated for those ballot props. and measures that were progressive. I also worked against those that weren't. Yes I am "Guilty of Civic Participation". Thank you, Del.
Heladio Saldivar II   Male   I am the Political director for the Communication Workers Of America Local 9421. My experience began in grassroots politics running a voter registration drive for CWA at AT&T . I have progressed through the ranks of union activist to the present Position of Political Director of my local. I have had the opportunity to run phone banks precinct walks and even entire Campaigns for propositions , City Council Races, Assembly & Senate as well as Congressional races for the AFL-CIO. Having these opportunities to engage in the political process has encouraged me to continue to work in the political arena. I enjoy engaging individual or groups about any issue knowing that if i can raise awareness and hopefully encourage political activism we only grow stronger.
Mark Turner   Male   The results of the last election have reaffirmed my commitment to participating in the political system. I am running for CA Dem delegate to help keep the party progressive, and representative of the people.
Paul Woods   Male   As a life-long Democrat, a progressive and a veteran, I would be honored to serve as an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party. I was raised in a liberal household that instilled in me the importance of service. That bedrock philosophy led me to join the U.S. Navy and later pursue a career in politics and public service. As a father I want to ensure that all Californians have access to quality public education and a safe community to raise their children. I want to ensure that our state enjoys clean air and water. As a Californian who has been through the experience of living without healthcare, I want all Californians to enjoy universal access to care; as a Democrat I reject the injustice of a system that lets the insurance industry place profits before people. As a husband I support marriage equality. I believe in economic justice and reject policies that contribute to the widening chasm between haves and have not's. I support strong unions, both public and private, as a check against the avarice of Corporate America. As a veteran I want to fight to ensure military retirees have access to services they have earned and rightly deserve. And as a veteran I want to see o
Gary Cooper   Male    
Thomas White   Male    
Donald Terry   Male   I have served the 8th AD as a school board member for four years and I just completed my second year as a City Council Member. I would like to once again serve my community as a delegate for the Democratic party and continue to up hold the values we all share.
Brian Ricks   Male   My name is Brian Ricks. I have worked for the State Assembly for the last two years, and I'd like to get more involved.
Edwin Kirby   Male