AD 07


Kerri Asbury





Time & Location:

Califronia Teachers Association Region II Office

4100 Truxel Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95834
Cross street: Prosper Rd.
Location Phone: 916-288-4900

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 10am




Name   Gender   Candidate Statment
Tamie Dramer   Female   As a life-long community advocate and active California and Sacramento County Democrat, I would like to continue my service as an elected Delegate to the California Democratic Party. Since my first term as a CA Dem delegate in 2009, I have enjoyed and attended every convention and several eboard meetings. I participate in many State Party caucuses, am active in my local County Party, and have organized a couple of local CA Dem Platform Workshops here in Sacramento. I hope to continue the good work of the CA Democratic Party here in Northern California, and would very much appreciate your vote.
Sandra Smith   Female   I would like to get involved as a delegate to make a difference in my community and my state. I am a lifelong Democrat who strongly supports equal rights and choice. As a parent, I am very interested in education. I am informed and involved. I am a working mother of 4 boys, ranging from 7 to 18 years old. I am lucky to have a husband who is a great father and stays home so I can succeed in my career and be involved in the community. I have worked for private, public, nonprofit and government contractor employers, so I am familiar with how businesses run in many environments. Part of my work has been to become familiar with many aspects of the Affordable Care Act and provide training to HR Managers on implementation and effects. I am proficient at reading legal documents. The fine print is important and not only do I read it, I research associated implications of legislation. This would make me an informed asset, able to contribute to collaborative conversations as we discuss current issues. I hope to gain your vote.
Norma Alcala   Female   I am a grassroots Democratic Party activist in the Latino community. I know that there are many issues that are common to all Democrats such as minimum wage. We need to work together promoting an agenda of Democratic values. I work well with everyone and am eager to listen to others. I was recently elected to the school board in West Sacramento where I won by a 2 to 1 margin. I am on the Voter Services Committee of the California Democratic Party. I am President of the River City Democrats, and I am the Secretary of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party. I know these are only titles, but I believe that they also reflect my commitment to insure everyone is treated fairly and justly. I keep informed on current issues and I will stand up for fairness and justice. You can be sure that I place fairness and justice before political expediency, just as we grassroots Democrats always try to do. I identify with the grassroots because that is who we are. That is what makes us the Party of the 99%.
Rosalyn VanBuren   Female   I have a lifetime of experience improving communities, helping low-income children, families and diverse organizations enjoy success. I serve as Vice President for the Harold Washington Democratic Club of Sacramento, represent District 3 on the City of Sacramento Community Racial Profiling Commission and UC Davis Health Systems Community Advisory Board. I live in Assembly District 7, have worked as a volunteer for previous Democratic Conventions, voter registration and many campaigns for Democratic Candidates. Born and raised in Sacramento, California. As the only child of a nurse and social worker, I grew up volunteering with my parents and local charities to fight hunger and poverty. As a young girl, working every summer on my grandparents' farm, helped me developed a strong work ethic and the importance of caring for the land. My grandfather, Jose Soto, was one of the first Mexican-American farmer in the Sacramento County and an early pioneer of the use of organic methods to grow his crops. As a student at University of the Pacific, I established a nonprofit organization to help survivors from the Cleveland Elementary School massacre in Stockton, where five children were ki
Samantha Farmer   Female   As a progressive, young democratic activist who is a native Sacramenten, I look forward to the opportunity to represent you on behalf of AD7 to the CADEM Party.
Karen Burney   Female   Hello my name is Karen Burney and I have been a resident of the State of California for over 50 years and the City of Sacramento for over 40 years. I am a former 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate who has been politically active for many years. If elected, I would proudly represent my constituency by helping to elect party leaders who support the issues that impact the members of my District such as healthcare coverage, quality education, immigration and equality. I would promote these and other Democratic Party agenda as well as endorse candidates at the statewide, legislative and Congressional level who have the welfare of citizens of my District in mind. In addition, I would conscientiously vote for and endorse resolutions and ballot measures that are in the best interest of the District that I hope to represent. I would greatly welcome the opportunity to be your voice in matters that impact your family and therefore respectfully ask that you cast your vote for me for Assembly District Delegate.
Jann Dorothy   Female   I represent the LGBT community of greater Sacramento. I'm a strong contributor to the Democratic Party, am Vice President of the LGBT Stonewall Democratic Club, and an officer of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County. I'm also the Campaign Manager who defeated Measure L in the Stop The Power Grab Campaign. I'm a member of the Women Dems, Fem Dems, and Green Dems and also a member of the CA Dems' Labor, Latino, LGBT and Women's Caucuses. I ask for your vote to continue my service as an A-Dem. I've been an active A-Dem the past two years having earned your vote and I ask that you vote to return me to service in this election so I can continue to represent you and represent the LGBT community in greater Sacramento. Thank you.
Athena Gliddon   Female   As long-standing Democrat who has spent most of her life in California, I can think of no better way to give back to the party that has represented my interests than to stand as a delegate. I remember my mother taking me door to door campaigning for McGovern back in the 70s, which taught me that political participation is key to a functioning government. If chosen, I will serve my party faithfully and diligently. Thank you for your time.
Lorraine DeWitt   Female   Hello, my name is Lorraine DeWitt, I would like for you to re-elect me for the next 2 years as a delegate. I have been a delegate prior to this election where I learned allot and I am wanted to serve you again. If elected I will support and serve the people of Sacto/CA. I will give my best and my all in all for us to have the best state in the US. Please VOTE for Lorraine DeWitt of election day! Sincerely,
Sarah Kerber   Female   I am an active member in our local community and would be honored to represent the citizens of AD 07 and be a strong advocate for their democratic rights. I am proud to work for the California School Employees Association (CSEA), the largest classified school employees labor union in the United States. I currently sit on the executive board of the Feminist Democrats of Sacramento County as the Communications Director, where I have increased our visibility and have worked diligently to build partnerships with other community organizations. Additionally, I am an active member of the Sacramento County Young Democrats and routinely volunteer for Democratic candidates throughout California. I believe in making a difference in our community and being a voice for progressive ideas and candidates within our party. I hope to continue to promote social, political, and economic equality and opportunity within the CADEM Party as an Assembly District Delegate.
Raquel Andrade   Female   My name is Raquel Andrade Torrico and I am a candidate for ADEM. I have been involved with Democratic and grassroots politics for the past 15 years. I have volunteered on the campaigns, and helped elect, school board members, city council members, and state legislators. I am currently a member of the Chicano/Latino executive board, responsible for the recruitment of Latina candidates for elected office throughout California. I believe it is imperative that elected officials throughout California, whether at the local, state or federal levels, better reflect California's growing diversity, and that more women serve in elective office. I am running for delegate in order to continue my advocacy on behalf of women, people of color and working families. The fight to end poverty and create living wages for all Californians must be our core mission. Democrats must lead the fight for a quality education for all of our children. And, as Democrats, we must find a better way to balance the need to grow our economy and protect our environment and scarce resources. I would be honored to serve as your delegate. Thank you for your consideration.
Diana Vazquez   Female   As a first generation Mexican- American woman, I have learned the importance of being civically engaged as a way to be able to speak our truths and realities within our government structures. As a resident of the AD 07, I have seen the rich diversity of our district and the possibilities of engaging the unengaged and transforming them into catalyst of social change. I have taken an active role in doing so through my personal and professional career, I have been involved in multiple progressive and community-based organizations (Association of Raza Educators, New Leaders Council, Puente Program in Sacramento City College & Consumer River College, Women Policy Summit- Mentorship Initiative, Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association, and California Capitol Latino Association)as a board member or member in the Sacramento region to involved individuals who traditionally do not get involved in their communities. Through my involvement, I have learned the importance of empowering, educating and activating individuals to be their own advocates in their respective communities. Therefore, I will welcome the opportunity to be your representative in the California Democratic Party as your Ass
Michelle Pariset   Female   I am a professional community organizer and run a non-profit that works for social justice. I am a life-long progressive Democrat. During the last election cycle, I walked for the Bera campaign (through the CLC), did GOTV in four Oak Park precincts, and phone banked for No on L. I am active in the Fight for $15 and took arrest with my brothers and sisters at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. I am deeply committed to equity, organized labor, and economic and social justice. I want to contribute my experience and effort to the CA Democratic Party and I hope you'll help me do that with your vote.
Chalon Rogers   Female   I am a native Californian and am currently living in West Sacramento, CA. I am interested in being a delegate because I have a vested interest in this State and in this region. I have witnessed the explosion of growth in this West Sacramento over the past 14 years, following massive residential development; I have benefitted from the progress in seeing the "how a city grows." It is a young city that is thriving for its people, bringing commercial and industrial development for sustenance, putting a small river city on "the map". I am a State of California employee performing analysis on contracts of goods and services purchased by the state. For the last seven years I have too seen the impact of growth, in good times and in times of cutbacks. I believe my continuing interests to making personal contributions to this state through my professional capacity and personal involvements in the city and state make me a better, engaged citizen; an informed local resource for my community, small and large, and a future catalyst to create opportunities that can only derive from the development of the city and state in which I live. I take on the responsibility.
Linda Tuttle   Female   I am a lifelong Democrat/activist. I've worked on campaigns at every level including the Elizabeth Warren for US Senate race in MA. Please vote for me to be a delegate at the Dem. State Convention.
Walter Kawamoto   Male   I am an Adjunct Professor at American River College (with a special interest in ethnic minority children and families, family policy, and education), the PAC Chair of the Los Rios College Federation of Teachers / AFT 2279, and Area Three Trustee for Twin Rivers Unified School District (Del Paso to North Highlands). I was endorsed by the Green and Wellstone clubs in the 2010 ADEM elections, and was eventually appointed to be a delegate. In 2012, I was endorsed by the Unity Labor Slate (Latino Democratic Club and OFA/Latinos For Obama) and Green Dems, and was elected to be an ADEM delegate. I have been an active member of the party in a variety of ways all my life, from helping my father campaign for his friend for Lt Gov. in Hawaii when I was 10 years old, to actively helping Jesse Jackson run twice, to numerous local races including Kevin McCarty and No On L. I am an active member of numerous clubs, including Stonewall, Women Dems, Green Dems, Wellstone, API Dems, and Latino Dems. My values include Labor Solidarity, Social Justice, Public Education, Environmental Responsibility, and Diversity/Inclusion. facebook.com/walter.kawamoto. I ask for your vote for ADEM delegate.
Dean Murakami   Male   I am an incumbent delegate for AD 7, President of the Los Rios College Federation of Teachers, Vice President of the Sacramento Central labor Council, Vice President of the California Federation of Teachers, Chair the CFT Civil, Human, & Women's Rights Committee, and member of the Truman Club. We have been losing a generation of Californians because of the State's divestment in education, social services & infrastructure, and many Californians are disillusioned. With Prop 30 and the recovering economy we need to rebuild a government that works for all Californians and have progressive taxation to restore the people's faith in California's future. To address these issues, I Chaired the CFT Task Force that created the March for California's Future that emphasized budget cuts to education & social services. In addition, we introduced Prop 25, the majority vote budget, in 2010, and I chaired the CFT Committee that developed the Millionaire's Tax Initiative which was merged to create Prop 30 that increased taxes on the rich to support education and social services. I believe that the AD 7 has been a strong voice for progressive values in California and I would be proud to repre
Derek Cressman   Male   Addressing climate change. Reducing the inequality in concentration of wealth. Overturning Citizens United. These are critical issues of our time and Democrats are taking the lead in solving them. I'd like to help be a part of that solution. As a recent candidate for Secretary of State, I got to know many delegates across the state and was impressed by the grassroots infrastructure of the California Democratic Party. As a delegate, I'd like to keep building the party's grassroots capacity and progressive vision for tomorrow.
Jeffrey Otter   Male   I am committed to building a party that fights on behalf of poor and middle class families. For me, this means working for policies that create opportunities for and reduce barriers to financial success and well-being for all of California's residents. I have worked to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform, reduced tuition at state colleges and universities, increased access to child care for working families, and many campaigns to win better rights and benefits for workers. I am a member of the School Site Council at my child's school in order to help build programs that build the skills of students who are facing unprecedented 21st Century challenges, while ensuring that those programs also respect the interests and professionalism of teachers. I am also working on ways to encourage students to realize that, despite difficult circumstances, college can be a reality for them. My career is devoted to advocating for the rights of working people, helping folks to have a voice in their workplace, in the community, and in the halls of power. As a delegate to the state Party I will continue my efforts to improve life for vulnerable residents, support the middle class, and work for pe
Donald Stauffer   Male   As a teacher, I have a vested interest in insuring that California's children receive the best education possible. I have watched as the educational system I grew up with (which was once considered the best in the nation) has been systematically degraded, especially in the last few years. As a delegate, I will work to reverse this sad state of affairs, with the goal of once again making our schools great. The same forces that are destroying the public education system are behind the obscene increase in income inequality. The rich are getting richer, while everyone else is either just getting by or is losing ground. If we, as a country, are to truly enjoy prosperity for everyone, then we need to support policies that are fair, promote personal initiative, and provide opportunities for all. Of equal concern is climate change and its effects on earth's living systems. In order to leave a habitable and verdant planet to our children, it is essential that we deal with the causes of climate change head-on. Foremost, we need to implement an energy policy with the specific goal of becoming carbon-free. I humbly ask for your support as a candidate for AD 7 delegate.
Chris Smith   Male   Young Democrats are the future of our party. As a member of Sacramento County Young Democrats, I have actively worked to get Democrats elected to Federal, State and local positions as well as engage the next generation of leaders. I will continue to get more young people involved and I hope that you will join me in making sure that our party's best days are ahead of us.
Clifton Roberts   Male   My name is Clifton Roberts and I am a lifelong resident of Sacramento, California. I am a motivated, energetic attorney seeking to leverage my legal education and professional experience to be a prolific community contributor. I have worked for the County of Sacramento since July 2005 and have learned how to be an effective public servant: with initiative and drive, I've taken multiple leadership positions on various projects and maneuvered around red tape. Working with different perspectives in committee, I achieve results ahead of schedule and exceeding expectations. I am currently the Secretary/Treasurer for Sacramento Stonewall Democrats. I am also a proud member of the NAACP and Greater Sacramento Urban League Young Professionals. If elected to be a delegate for California, I look forward to being an effective member the Democratic Party in California and be a force for positive change. A vote for Clifton is a vote for a better tomorrow.
Paramo Hernandez   Male   Advocate for the rights of the under-represented, proud member of the under represented community myself, have little room for pragmatism. I belief basic rights are not negotiable. I understand that in politics this position does not go too far, but I am not in this for personal reasons; I am here because the rights of the more vulnerable are worth fighting for.
Mario Guerrero   Male   I believe in the values of the Democratic Party and have done my part to make these values come to life. I have worked on a number of issues, including income inequality, labor, health, education, LGBT civil rights, cleaning the environment and many other issues that impact people's lives. I currently hold the office of Controller for the Democratic Party of Sacramento County and I am President of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento. Through these posts, I have worked hard to support and elect good Democrats to public office and worked on issues such as school bullying, LGBT civil rights, and registering people to vote. As an Assembly District Delegate, I will continue to work on issues important to me and to our party. I want to do my part to help make our party and our government responsive to its people.
Carlos Rico   Male   Public education was first conceived as the basis for good citizenship and democratic participation. Our founders knew that participatory governance would only work with an educated and empowered citizenry. I truly believe that all students, regardless of background, deserve a great education. This has led me to be a strong advocate for my students, their families, and public education. Since politics is now involved in decision making in the classroom, classroom teachers need to be involved in politics, so here I am. I am an active member in my unions: Sacramento City Teachers Association, California Teachers Association, and National Education Association. In SCTA, I served as a School Site Rep., Minority Director, Elementary Director, and twice as First Vice President. I was the SCTA campaign coordinator for the Yes on 30 and No on 32 Campaign and PIC chair. In CTA I am a member of CTA/ABC committee (CTA's state PAC), CTA Education State Council, Political Involvement Committee (PIC) and the Northern Vice-Chair of the CTA Democratic Caucus. Nationally, for the past 9 years, I have been elected to the NEA Representative Assembly.
Cole Smith-Crowley   Male   I want the party to accurately represent the needs and dreams of the people of California, and for the Democratic Party to be a force for change to the benefit of those who most need it. I want to see civil liberties and the environment preserved, promote equal access to quality healthcare and education, and overall promote a strong and healthy state.
Corin Choppin   Male   President, Sacramento Green Democrats
David Mandel   Male   I have been a longtime newspaper editor and writer, then a legal aid attorney, and always a political activist, on the side of the underrepresented, exploited and oppressed -- in this country and in Israel-Palestine, where I lived from 1974 to 1985, when I came to Sacramento. The first election campaign I joined was Gene McCarthy's presidential run in 1968. I've been involved for several years with the Wellstone Progressive Democratic Club and have now been elected its vice-president for national/international affairs, I am eager to work with a broad coalition to make the California Democratic Party more representative, democratic, vibrant and progressive -- a vehicle for comprehensive social transformation to an anti-racist, post-carbon, post-capitalist and peaceful world. I'm proud to join others on the progressive slate, with the endorsement of many Democratic Party, labor and activist leaders.
Murad "Moe" Sarama   Male   As the California Democratic Party acts to elect Party leaders in the near future, Progressives will be on the forefront of exerting influence which will lead to important reforms and future victories for our endorsed candidates. My main objective: Renewed progress for our State and communities at all levels. I have been involved in community organizing and activism for Human and Civil Rights, Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Justice. I am an elected Board Director for the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS). In local Democratic Party politics, I am the President of the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento, as well as an active member of both the Green Democrats of Sacramento and the JFK Democratic Club. I am proud to be endorsed by Environmental, Progressive, Women and Labor leaders of Sacramento to be your delegate for the 2015 and 2016 California Democratic Party Conventions. #VoteForMoe
Nathanial Pelczar   Male   Nathanial Pelczar is a lifelong community activist and advocate for equality, equity, and education. Nathanial has a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan and graduated from Indiana University with a Master of Public Affairs degree. Currently serving on the Natomas Unified Public School District's Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, an active member of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento, and advisor to SAC2050, Nathanial would be honored and privileged to serve as your assembly district delegate.
Aaron Skaggs   Male    
Douglas Watkins   Male   Adaptable, culturally sensitive, strategic thinker who understands collaboration. What's going to happen? No one can say with certainty. And it's not breaking news that the current congress is the worst in (recent) history. The Democratic Party had great turnout, especially with younger voters in 2008 and 2012, however we need to remain relevant and maintain sustained voter interest and support. I'll continue to facilitate innovative communication the methods in doing so are equally as important as the message. And as we enter in what many are calling the post-Barack Obama politics for the Democratic Party let's understand the sharpest tech shift in history is around the corner and we need to support the elected leaders who handle the complexity and change as society builds on innovative research, understands different markets, cultures, systems, and processes. Let us all do our part to keep up with the multiple trends and be ready to grow the future not just the next election and not just reacting to changes of the past decade. With our collective skills, capabilities, and attitudes, we can do it. I look forward to sharing my skills and advocating for and with you.