AD 06


CJ Jawahar





Time & Location:

Granite Bay Library

6475 Douglas Blvd.
Granite Bay, CA 95746
Landmark: Lutheran Church
Location Phone: 916-791-5590

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12pm  



Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Linda Duran   Female   I am looking forward to taking my political activities to the next level. I have worked on the last two campaigns for the successful reelection of Ami Bera. I was a release staff assigned to work on his campaign through the labor to labor campaign of the Sacramento Labor Council. I have phone banked and precinct walked for Congressman Bera. I have recruited others to do the same thing. I have always been a Democrat and believe in the Democratic principles. I look forward to serving the Democratic party as an Asssembly District Delegate.
Barbara Leary   Female   As a lifelong Democrat I have actively participated in electing Democrats in many local, state and national elections, most recently for the last 3 Ami Bera campaigns. I have hosted fundraisers, phone banks and walked precincts, all of which gave me the opportunity to reach out to Democratic voters in a "red" area of our State. In 2012 I co-founded a new Democratic club to bring more Democrats to the table, providing a support network and educational program on the various issues that are important to Democrats. As an assembly district delegate 2012-2014 I attended the conventions, participated in several caucuses and wrote what became a successful change to the environmental section in the CADEM platform. I believe grass roots activism is important for successful change and keeping our state "blue". I am committed to continuing to work for changes that will support environmental, health, social and economic justice.
Wendy Gallimore   Female   Thank you in advance for your support for a position as an ADEM Delegate. I have been honored to serve on the Democratic Central Committee for Sacramento County as the Chair of the Campaign Services Committee. I will be happy to represent Assembly District 6 at the Democratic Convention.
Sharon McGraw   Female   I am a retired civil servant. I worked at the courts and for Health Services. My specialty is IT and finance. I am a progressive democrat and routinely support progressive causes and candidates all over the State and nation. I raised 5 children and help with grandchildren. I graduated from UCR with a degree in math. I would be honored to serve. Thanks.
Kate Scott   Female   Democrats in AD06 need a strong voice and passionate representation. I have been proud to be involved with fellow Dems as an activist at the local level by holding many leadership positions in the Lincoln Democratic Club, including President, and currently the Communications Chair. I have participated and served as a volunteer with the Placer County Central Committee in the critical task of fundraising. As a volunteer Regional Field Organizer with Organizing for America (2009-2012) I met and organized extraordinary Democrats from the borders of Sacramento to the northern border with Oregon and east to the border of Nevada. My turf as a volunteer leader covered 9 CA counties and it was truly my pleasure to travel around this large turf meeting and organizing teams of excited and committed fellow activists. In 2012 I was hired by the Obama campaign as a Deputy Regional Field Director and saw campaigning and politics from a different perspective. I was an AD06 delegate in the last election process and would value your support again. I strongly believe that we need grass roots participation now more so than ever if we are to move our nation forward. We, as Democrats, reflect t
Phyllis Kalbach   Female   I look forward to representing Placer County Democrats and voting on issues that will affect us all. I am a life long democrat who is passionate about our democracy. I believe that it is a necessary duty for citizens to participate in our government.
Ruth ann walker   Female   I wish to be a candidate as a delegate for the state convention. I feel I am qualified due to the facts that I was an activate member of the Fremont unified teachers Union and help organize 2 teacher's strikes. Since retiring and living in Roseville, I am a Senior Commissioner for the city of Roseville, a neighborhood watch coordinator, ran for Roseville City elementary school board, and belong to 3 democratic clubs. I am also promoting CCL and will be involved in the Blue Values organization. I am energized about turning Placer County blue, and feel this will be another excellent tool.
Deanna Minasian   Female   As a Freshman in College I became interested in politics, especially political activism. I have attended conventions as a College Democrat, a Young Democrat, and as a Proxy Delegate. The idea that one person can greatly impact the outcome of our political system and better our community drives me to be involved both locally and statewide. I hope to be elected as a Delegate for Assembly District 6 because I truly appreciate the process and hope to make a difference.
Beverley Newman   Female   I am a committed progressive Democrat who is passionate about gender equality and environmental protection. My career has been dedicated to progressive causes, including environmental policy, international development, and global health. My current work focuses on ensuring that women in California and around the world have access to safe, affordable sexual and reproductive health care and technologies. I want to bring my passion and knowledge for these and other progressive causes to the DSCC.
Kayla Prusia   Female   As a student and activist, I believe it is important to bring new perspectives in order to successfully promote the ideals of the Democratic Party. My recent involvement with Roger Dickinson's SD 6 campaign and the Placer County Young Democrats has not only given me a well rounded experience, but solidified that it is essential to commit to a unified front to ensure our message is valued across the state. Through being a delegate, I hope to implement democratic values through grassroots activism, and provide a strong voice for Placer County constituents. I am passionate about representing and serving our community, and would appreciate the opportunity to represent AD 6.
Maureen Valli   Female   I am a transplant to Placer County. I was extremely surprised that only 27% of the registered voters are Democrats, while 45% are Republicans. I would like to make a difference here by expanding our voter base. In addition, being a delegate would give me the opportunity to embrace politics on a community, as well as a state level.
John Shaban   Male   Democrats standing together to make California safe for kids, and working families to prosper. We will continue to lead the way for the rest of the country by blazing a progressive path for others to follow.
William White   Male   As a student activist and former Executive Director for College Democrats at Sacramento State I had the honor of being appointed to serve as a delegate for AD7 in 2013 and serving our region during a contentious 2014 endorsement cycle. During this time I drew on academic experience gained through a graduate degree in government and politics, and practical experience working on campaigns and legislative advocacy of a diverse character. Since moving to Rocklin, I have become an active member of the Placer Democratic Party as a member of our central committee, a 2014 candidate for school board, and President of the newly reorganized Placer County Young Democrats. I hope to continue to serve the region and represent well the interests of my new home, ensuring that the voice of Placer Democrats holds the weight it deserves throughout our state. I look forward to this chance to serve and ask for your support.
Michael Burckhard   Male   As a young professional who has worked exclusively for progressive organizations and campaigns, I know what it means to be a California Democrat. Our state party has led the way when it comes to fighting for workers' rights, quality education, robust social services, and social equality on all fronts. Having served as an ADEM for the 6th Assembly District for the last two years, I'm extremely proud to have played an active role in the party. If given the opportunity, I would be honored to continue fighting and organizing for progressive issues through the DSCC.
Joe Mlakar   Male   My qualifications include: Current member of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee Member of both Roseville Junction and Westpark Democratic Clubs. Past member of the Progressive Democrats of South Placer County, 4th Assembly District Committee, 62nd Assembly District Committee and the Fontana Democratic Club. Chairperson/Vice Chair/Treasurer/Secretary Spearheaded and organized election headquarters campaign activities and performed administrative functions in support of political candidates. 2000 Democratic National Convention volunteer Elected to the San Bernardino County Central Committee Served on past and present California State Central Committees. Elected as a delegate to the 2004 Democratic National convention. Chaired meetings, oversaw committee finances, prepared agendas. Participated in numerous voter registration and GOTV drive efforts in both San Bernardino and Placer Counties
Gregory Harnage   Male   The 2008 Presidential Election was the first election I was able to vote in. I can remember the excitement and buzz swirling around because real change was going to be coming to our country. Ever since that election I have been a proud Democrat. I have held numerous leadership roles in the last few years. I was the Treasurer of the Associated Students of Sierra College from 2013-2014. I was the President of the Political Science Club (2012-2013) and coordinated our group's efforts to attend the Inauguration of President Obama in January 2013. Since this summer I have been working with other local youth leaders to start the Placer County Young Democrats as the Vice President of Finance. In November 2014 I was appointed to the Placer County Democratic Central Committee where I have taken a very active role in our communications committee as the Vice Chair. Although I may not have as much experience with the Party overall as compared to some of the other candidates, I do have the passion and drive to do what is best for Assembly District 6 and the State of California. Thank you for your consideration in electing me as one of the District Delegates.
Rene Aguilera   Male   As a lifetime Chicano Democrat activist, I am asking for your vote. I have lived in Placer County and serve as an elected High School Board Trustee. I am also an elected Placer County Democratic Central Commitee and a Vice Chair of Region 2 of the CA Democratic Party Chicano Latino Caucus. I also coordinate the Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference at UC Davis for 2,000 youth, parents and community and I am a member of the Placer County Latino Democratic Club. I ask for your vote!
Robert Golling Jr.   Male   As a past delagate, I am interested in becoming part of the CADEM 2015-2016 campaign success.
Harjot Virk   Male   I have been a loyal member of the democratic party since the time I received the right to vote. I was elected as a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte. This gave me the opportunity to mingle with the party activists and leaders and further reinforced my resolve to work for the party and to promote the party agenda.Looking forward to the meeting,
Maheep Virk   Male   Last year was my very first opportunity to become eligible to vote. I had the proud privilege to be elected as the youngest delegate from district 4 and accompany other delegates to the National democratic Convention in Charlotte. Being at the convention was a very politically enriching experience as I had the opportunity to mingle with party leaders, know their ideology and learn about party agenda . This experience has encouraged me to become a party activist and hence my desire to be at the convention.
Rolando Diaz   Male   As a college student passionate about advancing the progressive cause, I believe contributing to the Democratic Party's fundamental ideals would be a great benefit to AD06. I had the unique opportunity of working for the Roger Dickinson for State Senate campaign this year--it was a great joy to work to get a true, solid and loyal progressive to the state legislature. I have also received the great opportunity of contributing to the Placer County Young Democrats. These experiences have given me great insight and exposure into the California Democratic Party and how grassroots activism and organizing works. I would be more than happy to represent AD06 at the convention in order to reflect the progressive and diverse demographics of our community. We are leading the country in many ways, and we can continue to lead together.
Bill Bandes   Male   Why do this at age 83? I'd go to the state convention, and the national convention, as "uncommitted" - we need to have some people there to make a last-minute choice depending on what's going on AT THAT TIME. WE MUST WIN to maintain control of the Supreme Court. If they run Jeb Bush, likely Hillary would be our best nominee. If the R's put up a tea-party type, maybe Elizabeth Warren, Jim Webb, etc. could do the job for us. There may be committed single-candidate delegates there. But we need flexibility depending on the circumstances "on the ground." Experience: Plaque signed by George McGovern, thanking me for my help in his 1972 campaign. 1974, San Diego - I won the Democratic primary and was our candidate for Congress in 1974. Since, active in every election cycle. 2008, living in Nevada (a caucus state), chaired my precinct's caucus. My wife and I, delegates at the Nevada State Democratic Convention pledged to Barack Obama, helped determine whether it would be us or John McCain. Here since 2010, still active.
Brandon Rose   Male   I am a long time resident of Fair Oaks and a young elected official currently serving a second term as the Chairman of the Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District. In addition, I am elected as the Special District Representative and Chairman of the Sacramento County Treasury Oversight Committee. Besides my elected duties, I am active in the democratic community, including the Sacramento County Young Democrats and Feminist Democrats of Sacramento. I am a member of the Young Elected Officials Network as well as my union, Professional Engineers in California Government. As my volunteer work, I serve as co-chair of Organization Development for the Environment Council of Sacramento. My academic background is in environmental policy and planning with a specialization in city and regional planning from UC Davis. I would be proud to have your support and look forward to further involvement as a delegate.