AD 04


Ricky Hurtado





Time & Location:

IBEW Local 180

720-B Technology Way
Napa, CA 94558
Cross streets: Between Gateway Rd. & Gateway Dr. West
Location Phone: 707-251-9180

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 2pm  




Bob Schelen





Time & Location:

Odd Fellows Building

415 2nd St.
Davis, CA 95616
Cross street: D St.
Location Phone: 530-758-4466

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 2pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
WANDA HARRIS   Female   I am a life long Democrat and first voted for JFK. I have voted in every election since eligible. I currently serve as Secretary of the State Party Women's Caucus. I have served as the ADEM Delegate and would like to serve in this capacity again. I have served on the Contra Costa & Lake County Central Committees and I am a current member of LCDCC and Lake County and Stonewall Democratic Clubs. I am asking for your vote. Thanks Wanda Harris
Marlene Bell   Female   The success of the Democratic Party begins in California. As an ADem delegate, I'm ready to meet the demands of our Democratic mission over the next two years. I have the knowledge, skill and the time to dedicate to the Party as we work to achieve the mission of the California Democratic Party. I've served as a representative to the Yolo CDP from District 2, for the last 5 years. As a member of the Recruitment and Endorsement Committee, we initiated the early ID of those seeking public office and refined the questionnaire/interview process that culminated in numerous well-articulated and informed endorsements. I've developed numerous local campaigns, helped secure the re-election Congressman John Garamendi and, served on the Yolo County Leadership team to elect Assembly member Bill Dodd. I am African American and the former Assistant Executive Director of the California Teachers Association where I managed the staff and program for the region that included 30 of CA's 58 counties, supporting 65,000 members. I shared a major role in the development of numerous campaigns that included securing the No vote on school vouchers, the State's repayment of $1.8B to Education, and defeated
Brett Risley   Male   I am applying for one of the ADEM District Delegate positions to help Democrats and Organized Labor work together and elect candidates that will help Californians with a path towards the middle class through good Union Jobs and keep California as the leading progressive State in the Nation.
Carol Taylor   Female   I am Sonoma's only elected AD 4 delegate; on the EComm of Sonoma Valley Democrats; and Treasurer of the CADEM Senior Caucus. CADEM needs new strategies for open primaries and voting by mail. This spring the Democratic Party's AD 4 endorsement was made meaningless by the new open primary process. (Glad we got a good person anyway.) Organizing ourselves is imperative - we cannot succeed going along as we have been. This year, along with election work, I became a founding member of Transit Riders United. In our first year we've gained free college student and veteran county bus passes for 2015. A member of Sonoma's Public Authority Advisory Board, I have also been part of the North Bay Jobs with Justice campaign for a Sonoma County Living Wage Ordinance for $15 an hour and campaigned against Gov. Brown's attempt to avoid paying homecare workers overtime with a 40 hour work week cap. It's been a good year but we need to keep going. Thank you for your vote. Past offices: Delegate, North Bay Labor Council; President, Marin Interfaith Worker Justice; Member, Marin Health Council; Ethics Officer, Homecare Division, SEIU-UHW; Secretary, Sonoma Valley Democrats
Elizabeth (Betty) Malmgren   Female   I was honored to serve as an elected delegate to the last National Convention and would appreciate the opportunity to serve as an AD representative. The next year is critical in preparing for the 2016 election. There is much work to do. As other district candidates, I am a life-long Democrat and have worked on campaigns. Volunteering as possible to help the Napa Democratic Club, I am committed to supporting the leadership of the Club and reporting back from AD functions. Immigration reform, education and women's issues are among areas of experience and special concern. Retired from Napa Valley College, I currently publish an educational newspaper for immigrants learning English and adult literacy. I would appreciate your vote.
Jennifer Dawes   Female   I have been active with the Democratic Party for more than a decade. My activities have ranged from clubs, founding a young democratic club, general campaign work. Currently, I am an alternate on the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee. I dislike slates. I am a feminist and will vote progressively with Northern California values with respect to all of California.
Sarah Teves   Female   I am a life long democrat commuted to are shared democratic values of environmental protections and social justice. I have had the pleasure for volunteering for numerous democratic candidates. I am now looking to carry my activism to are state party.
Margarita Orozco   Female   As a life-long resident of Yolo County, I understand the issues that affect our community and have the energy to make positive changes. My priority is public and college education systems in California. The K-12 system is not adequately serving our students, and it is our youth that pay the price, my son included. There needs to be a greater support structure, for both students and teachers, so that a solid foundation can be built for the future, socially and economically. My experience may not be lengthy in years, but where I have helped, I have been passionate and dedicated. I will do the same if elected. Thank you.
Christine Wagaman   Female    
Chelsea Sweeney   Female   Being that I was born, raised, and still reside in Fairfield, I feel that I can represent our community with a strong understanding of what Fairfield stands for. I attended Solano Community College where I then transferred to UC Davis and graduated with an American History degree this year. Prior to my graduation from UC Davis, I felt the many setbacks that I had only read about before in the news about the difficulty college graduates have being able to start their careers. These setbacks led me to become more involved in the political process by becoming an intern, and later a coordinator, for Congressman Garamendi's campaign. I strongly feel that in order to make our country more successful we must refocus on public education and somehow try to create more job opportunities for not only recent college grads, but for all. Furthermore, by participating in the delegation I would always represent women's interests to the best of my abilities.
Donald Winters   Male   I would consider it an honor to represent my assembly district on the state central committee as well as serving as a delegate to the 2015 and 2016 Calif State Democratic Party Conventions. I have been a devoted life-long Democrat since my first campaign for JFK! I was a co-founder of the college Dems during my years at UC Davis. We brought Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy to campus back in the day! I have served on the Yolo Central Committee in various capacities for nearly four decades. I am a retired government teacher from Davis High School, and am currently an adjunct professor in the education division of National University. I would be pleased to have your vote to serve as an AD delegate. Sincerely, Don
Paul Schapiro   Male   Greeting 4th AD Democrats I, once again, seek your support and vote, for AD delegate to the California State Democratic Party. I am still an active participant in the local Democratic party, presiding over the American Canyon Democratic Club and the Treasurer of the Napa County Democratic party. What I have added to my repertoire is, in 2014, I became the Napa County Bike Commuter of The Year, a position offering a platform to advocate for environmental issues and bicyclist rights. If elected, I will support platform positions and candidates friendly to the environment and bicycling right in our state party. Thank you for your consideration!
Michael Tebo   Male   I Michael Tebo,have been a lifelong democrat, since I first registered to vote in 1988. I became a democrat in my high school government class. I am a teacher and work in public education. I deeply committed to principles embodied in our party platform. For the last two years I have served on the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee. I have been active in supporting Sonoma County democratic candidates, in bids for local, state and federal offices. The phrase "a rising tide lifts all boats" sums up the core principles of our party. For serveral years now our party has fought for social justice for workers and people of color, the protection a woman's right to choose, environmental protection and more recently marriage equality. These core values are fundamental, if we are to have a more just and democratic society. I am proud to be a member of the Democratic Party and hope if elected as a 4th Assembly District delegate, I can serve our party in a greater capacity.
Angel Melchor   Male   Dear constituency, It would be an honor to represent you as one of the 2015 Assembly District Delegates. I will put forward all my effort and political acumen towards achieving the goals of the district. Moreover, I will prioritize diplomacy and unity as I work with fellow democrats to build consensus on important issues. I am a young and energized democrat ready to represent you.
G Anthony Phillips   Male    
Eric Knight   Male   I am currently a Napa County, District 3, representative on the Napa County Democratic Central Committee. I chaired the Napa Co Democratic Central Committee from 2004-2006. Please consider my application for an AD delegate.
Jeff Dodd   Male   As an attorney and former political consultant and organizer, I can bring a unique perspective as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC). Currently, I practice law in Napa County where I focus on environmental and water law. These two policy areas will be critical as our population grows and natural resources become more scarce. I hope to use my background as a land use attorney to constructively contribute to policy debates at DSCC and the California Democratic Party's State Convention. Additionally, as a former extern for Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye of the California Supreme Court, I worked on many criminal and capital cases. I believe I can offer a unique perspective on criminal justice issues as well. Before law school, I was a political consultant and organizer helping Democrats get elected at the local, state, and federal levels. I also worked with environmental (League of Conservation Voters), education (California Teachers Association), and labor groups (SEIU) to promote Democratic issues. My familiarity with the national and state political landscape will be beneficial to the DSCC because I understand how to most effectively communicate and organiz
Jim Provenza   Male   I am county supervisor in Yolo County. I also work as legislative counsel to Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey. In the past I served as Chief Counsel to the Assembly Public Safety Committee, under John Burton, and as Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, under Bill Lockyer. I also served 8 years as a director of legal services for the poor in Sacramento and Santa Barbara. I am committed to justice and equal treatment of all citizens and believe it is our obligation as Democrats to fight for the rights of working people and unions. It is also extremely important that we protect our environment and do everything possible to address climate change. I respectfully request you vote to be a delegate to the state party.
Jim Chaaban   Male   I am a military veteran who has spent my entire adult live advancing the democratic party in the north bay and northern California. I am a former central committee member who has worked for local democratic leaders including pat wiggins. I would love to be able to serve the California democratic party and would appreciate your support.
Robert Marr   Male   The success of the Democratic Party nationally begins in California. As an ADem representative for the 4th assembly district we can effect positive change by strengthening the party platform and electing more democrats. I have the experience, skill and dedication to move forward and fulfill the mission of the California Democratic Party. I've served as a representative to the Yolo CDP, for Supervisor Provenza for the last 2 years. Also, as a member of the Recruitment and Endorsement Committee we sought qualified democrats seeking local public office. We refined the interview process to select the best candidates and provided an informed endorsement. I have worked for and supported numerous local campaigns including the re-election Congressman John Garamendi and, the election of Bill Dodd for the Assembly. I am employed by the state board of equalization and run my own small winery. I am on the Board of Directors for the Yolo Land Trust and a member of Congress Garamendi's Agricultural Advisory Committee. In the past I have worked as an environmental consultant for a county health department. I am a current union member and at one point was a labor and strike organizer for Uni
Ruy Laredo   Male   Everyone talks about how the youth will change the future, but I am convinced we can start that now. The youth have always been underrepresented in politics (mainly our own fault) but I want to start changing that. I am a recent graduate from UC Davis who has been heavily involved with local and state politics for the last four years. I have worked on two campaigns on my own accord and several others during my time with the Davis College Democrats and the California College Democrats. I am currently the Secretary of the Yolo County Democratic Party and was just recently hired as a Field Representative for the California State Assembly. If elected, I look forward to seeing what we can do together to keep improving this great state we live in. Thank you for your consideration.
Damien Luzzo   Male   A 4th Assembly District Delegate and an executive board member for the Yolo County Central Committee. Damien Luzzo is a progressive Democrat who is passionate about environmental, social, and economic justice. Damien previously worked as a campaign coordinator for Congressman Garamendi's 2012 congressional race. Since graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 2011, Damien has been focused on fighting climate change, getting dark money out of politics, and holding our elected officials accountable for their actions. We must ensure that elected Democrats are representing the people, not corporate interests. As a delegate, Damien will fight to make this happen.
Joe Romero   Male   Hello, My name is Joe Romero Jr. and I am seeking to become your Assembly District 4 delegate to the California Democratic Party. I currently serve as a Commissioner for the Woodland Parks & Recreation Commission and the Yolo County Central Committee. I was fortunate in winning a delegate position at the last ADEM election and the privilege of representing Assembly District 4 at the State Convention. I am running to be your Delegate as well as the Executive Board Representative. I hope I can count on your vote!
Paul Schapiro   Male   Greeting 4th AD Democrats I, once again, seek your support and vote, for AD delegate to the California State Democratic Party. I am still an active participant in the local Democratic party, presiding over the American Canyon Democratic Club and the Treasurer of the Napa County Democratic party. What I have added to my repertoire is, in 2014, I became the Napa County Bike Commuter of The Year, a position offering a platform to advocate for environmental issues and bicyclist rights. If elected, I will support platform positions and candidates friendly to the environment and bicycling right in our state party. Thank you for your consideration!