AD 03


Richard Cray





Time & Location:

New Earth Market - Harvest Room

1475 Tharp Road
Yuba City, CA 95993
Cross street: Butte House Road
Location Phone: 530-673-9355

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 12pm  




Name   Gender   Candidate Statement
Krista Gramps   Female   I look forward and it would be greatly appreciative to be able to help serve the Democratic Party. I feel like I have a lot to offer in the way of being a young female single mother that really believes in the Democratic points of views I want to reach out to other people like me and help them become involved in productive and grow the Democratic Party after all that is who we as Democrats strive everyday to bring a better way of life opportunity justice and the pursuit of happiness.
Jenita Johnson Rodriguez   Female   It is a strong desire to be a Delegate to the California Democratic convention and it is goal to represent my district I currently serve on the Butte County Central Committee where we align the clubs in our District. I want to participate in the convention and contribute while learning and understanding how and why and how a decision or direction is taken by the California Democratic Party.
Susanne Gallagher   Female   I have served as an AD delegatefrom Tehama County for 8 years and as a DCC delegate and eBoard member for 2 years as Chair of the Tehama Co DCC. I would be honored to serve again. Our rural northern county DCCs have been working to reach out across counties to support each other's events and activities. We have had Dems from 5 Counties attend our annual dinners in Tehama Co. As an AD delegate I look forward to extending those relationships and making more connections to rural Democrats. Thank you.
Mamie Dinani   Female   There are many issues under discussion in our wonderful community, city, county, state, region, and country, which need a democratic voice that looks forward to progress for everyone. Some of the many issues are climate change, water usage, fracking of our natural resources, medical care and genetic modification of our food. The delegate has an important job to the people they represent. I would like to stand as a delegate representing several groups within my community of the CADEM Region One and after the decision making on the various issues, is complete, then vote in the best interest of those who depend on me to uphold their voice.
Kathleen Kaiser   Female   I am a registered Democrat and have been all my adult life. I am a retired public employee and a member of a labor union.
Laurel Heath   Female   Have worked in Democratic politics for over 30 years at the local level. Am a board member for the Chico Democratic Club and a board member for the Chico Democratic Action Club. This year I was the office manager for the Chico Democratic Headquarters. Have also attended the State Democratic Convention in the past as a delegate and as an alternate and was a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Am also a co-chair for the Yahi Group of the Sierra Club in Chico. My primary concerns are the environment, especially global climate change, health care, the growing gap in income between the 99% and the 1% and women's issues such as the need to be able to deduct all of child care expenses off of federal income taxes.
Jane Martin   Female   After attending our 2014 State Convention as a proxy delegate I was excited to be back to the process! I had recently moved back to Chico after 14 years. I was a member of the state party from this area during the early 1980's through the 1990's. I was also honored to represent our CD/AD as a Jerry Brown Delegate to the national convention in 1992 and again as a Bill Clinton delegate in 1996. A progressive stance and grassroots approach are in my blood. I try to stay informed about state and national politics and make a concerted effort to spread the word. As times change, we have to find a way to get out the vote!
Michael Worley   Male   I am running for delegate to the 2015 & 16 Democratic convention. I am also running for re-election as 3RD AD Eboard rep. Representation for the 3RD District is important so attendance is crucial. In the last year we have divided the 1st Region to improve representation & increased the # of delegates to 14 to better represent our area. Please support me in this struggle
Nelson Anthoine   Male   Hello Democrats, I learned about this opportunity to be a local delegate the afternoon applications were due. I write this with little time before getting back to work. I passed out leaflets with Antonio Olivieri in Harlem, NY at age 10 in 1968; my first political acts assisted his election. 46 years later, I want to assist youthful candidates like Tony. We must energize young voters. In approaching and handling nearly all issues, we must seek, like Tony, the best policies and practices to make our society, environments and communities more equitably sustainable, safe, sound and joyful. I will advocate for revision of Proposition 13, especially for commercial and/or rental property, as CA's property tax system is very inequitable and deters property improvements. (e.g., Park Ave. in Chico.) I will learn about the leadership of the CA Democratic Party and report back to Butte County residents on where we stand and are heading, and share your, my and others' good ideas at party functions. If elected, I will participate in study groups to devise best ways to handle difficult issues and meet vital needs. Thank You for considering my candidacy to be your delegate.
David Welch   Male   I'm a lifelong Democrat and a leftist/progressive going back to draft resistance almost 50 years ago. For the last 15 years, the primary focus of my activism has been through my union, - the California Nurses Association - the most progressive, aggressive and fastest growing union in America today. I oppose aggressive war and support progressive taxation, public education, single payer universal health care and workers' rights.