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Are you an elected or appointed member of the DSCC Delegation? This is the place to pay your annual DSCC Dues, apply for a Standing Committees, complete the Affirmative Action Survey and other seasonal submissions pertaining to DSCC business like Resolutions.

To pay your annual Delegate Dues, choose from the following options AND please be sure to use the same Email and Username to log in that matches your DSCC Delegate record that the CDP has on file. If you are unsure of the Email or the Username the CDP has on file in your DSCC record, please contact The Member Services Department at 916-503-7302 or emma@cadem.org or call the main line at 916-442-5707 to update or retrieve your DSCC Delegate log in information:


Individual Form

Individual Form: If you are using a personal credit card, please use the Individual form. 

State Committee/PAC/Organization Form

State Committee/PAC/Organization Form: If payment is to be made with a credit card of a corporation or FPPC State Committee, or if you will be reimbursed by your employer or a FPPC State Committee, please use the State form. 

Affirmative Action Survey

The information you provide is strictly confidential.  Other than gender, we will not release information on a particular delegate.  We need this information to be able to track the Party’s performance in terms of our Affirmative Action goals.  As Democrats, we strive to be inclusive and reflective of our society. With accurate information from these forms, we can track our progress in this area.  Thank you.

Standing Committee Application

The DEADLINE for initial appointments to Standing Committees for the 2017-19 DSCC is April 30, 2017

Current DSCC members may request a Standing Committee appointment at any time. Should there be a vacancy within a Standing Committee, any DSCC members who have filled out an online request form for that committee will be considered.

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